Independence Day: Resurgence

independence day

Movie Review!!

Independence Day: Resurgence is the anticipated sequel to Independence Day. Resurgence brought in 143.7 million dollars opening weekend, much lower than the first film which was a blockbuster hit in 1996. The first film was released on July 2 coinciding with it’s film’s events, unlike Resurgence which was prematurely released from that date. In Resurgence, it took 20 years for the aliens to return to Earth which ran parallel in taking 20 years to make a sequel to the first film. Resurgence received much negative reviews than positive. What was your take on the film?

independence day 5

Twenty years ago Earth was invaded by hostile aliens, which in fact had Earth on it’s sights since 1947. On July 2, 1996, the invading alien forces came to Earth to conquer it, but on July 4th, the aliens were defeated by small collective of survivors before being brought down worldwide. Defeated, the hostiles sent a distress call back to their home world before being captured as prisoners or destroyed. During the 20 year span, Earth was rebuilt and improved by the salvaged alien technology from the two day war in 1996. Earth has accomplish what they always wanted: a space defense against future threats and the means to expand their space exploration within the solar system.

alien independence day

According to the first film, when the alien pilot invaded President Whitmore’s mind, it was revealed that the aliens move to different planets like locust, consuming the planet’s resources which results in the destruction of the planet. In Resurgence, it was explained when the aliens consume planets, they would drill down to a planet’s core to harvest it. Once harvested, the core is used to power all of the alien ships and weapons. The harvested energy is also used to sustain a planetary ecosystem on board of the mega mothership. This way of planetary consumption is very similar to how Galactus replenishes his cosmic power in the Marvel Universe.


Much of the cast returned to the film for the exception of Will Smith, who had the role of US Fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller. Because of his commitment with Suicide Squad, his character Captain Hiller was killed off in Resurgence, with only portrait and photos cameos left of him. Within the 20 years between the two Independence Day films, Will has starred in many blockbuster sci-fi films. Could his developed experience in such a film category been a great influence on Resurgence, thus making it a huge blockbuster like the first film?

independence day 4

The return of Dr. Brackish Okun portrayed by famous Brent Spiner was the most confusing spin of the movie. In the first Independence Day, his character was actually killed after he was used as a voice puppet for the captured alien, brought to Area 51 by Captain Hiller. Resurgence changed Okun apparent death to a 20 year old coma which was uplifted when the alien reinforcements arrived. Not only was Okun able to connect with the aliens, the doctor made a friendly alliance with another extraterrestrial that arrived to Earth to help against the invasion. This alien technology also offered to level up the Earth’s advanced technology even further. The alien tech also set plans to level up Earth’s advanced space travel to interstellar traveling, all in hopes to invade the alien’s home world and end the alien’s reign of the universe. Do you think Independence Day was perfect the first time around without this sequel and the rumored third film, or should the story continue?

The Joker

the joker

The Joker is ranked among the top comic book villains of all time. The Joker was first depicted in DC Comics as a comedic style criminal of Gotham City and a nuisance to its society with his prankster antics. The Joker was later created as a dark villain: a homicidal, psychopathic terrorist who kills mercilessly for amusement. The Joker’s appearance and ruthless personality, brings fear in any organization within the criminal underworld.

joker vs batman

The Joker became twisted with evil from the lost of his wife and child, then becoming physically deformed in a confrontational accident with the Dark Knight. The Joker believes Batman created him to be the negative side the hero couldn’t become: a killer. The Joker operates out of  many hideouts when running the streets of Gotham or is held in his public domain Arkham Asylum. The Joker outfits himself in bright colors like that of a clown or jester, thus receiving the title Clown Prince of Crime.  In Gotham City, The Joker represents complete chaos while Batman represents dominant order.

new joker

On film, The Joker’s character profile is parallel with the comic book version. In the 1989 Batman, Jack Nicholson played the theatrical criminal with a spontaneous sense of crude humor, with mild violence suitable for most audiences. Heath Ledger shed more light to The Joker’s dark and ruthless nature in The Dark Knight, much approved by comic fans worldwide. In the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, The Joker will be portrayed by Jared Leto. Since the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, comic fans feel Ben Affleck surpassed Christian Bale‘s popularity as Batman. Will Jared Leto become the top Joker to match the new and improved Batman? Or has the Clown Prince of Crime reached his cinematic limit?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of The Joker goes to DeviantArt artist: jossielara

joker fan art


Dr. Manhattan

dr. manhattan

There many god-like beings within the comic universes. Some of these beings are either a helpful guide or a destroyer for both heroes and villains. Some gods are observers like the Watcher and/or on rare occasions engage in battle like The Celestials vs Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet series. With the way Dr. Manhattan was designed as a character, could he be the physical embodiment of the bio-electrical energy that powers our human body?

Dr. Manhattan was a human being before the accident that turned him into the luminous god like being. This what makes Dr. Manhattan unique and separates him from other cosmic entities. Dr. Manhattan is similar to the stories of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man and Nathaniel Adam aka Captain Atom. Each of their origins started from scientific experiments gone wrong resulting a being with cosmic powers.

Dr. Manhattan is a member of the superhero team called The Watchmen. This graphic novel transformed into The movie displays to comic fans that if such power like Dr. Manhattan is created here on Earth, such power who be taken advantage of for negative purposes. Dr. Manhattan was used as a military tool to bring fear to other nations. His mentality evolved where he soon realized his place was no longer on Earth but in the cosmos creating. Do you think The Watchmen film was a great adaptation of the comic book or could it have been better?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Dr. Manhattan goes to the DeviantArt artist; codename: IRLGZZ. Excellent Work!

dr. manhattan d






new batman

Batman, also known as The Dark Knight, is a crime fighter of Gotham City. Despite being known as a hero, Batman is viewed as a vigilante and even a criminal in the eyes of law enforcement. Batman public persona Bruce Wayne, is a multi billionaire and polymath.  Using his resources, Bruce Wayne can successfully manage being a crime fighter with use of special made gadgets, vehicles and costumes, much like Iron Man.


Batman is one of many heroes with no superpowers. But what if he did? What if Batman was a daywalker vampire like Blade (to maintain his public persona Bruce Wayne) and the supernatural powers of Dracula by night. This could magnify the fearful image of Batman a thousand fold. Would comics fans accept a new and improved Batman? Just imagine the Dark Knight with powers of Dracula, as shown in the film Dracula Untold….

Becoming strong-willed and fearless warrior makes Batman one of the greatest heroes to enter in the world of crime fighting. Dedicating his life to fight injustice, Batman uses his resources to help form and support the Justice League. As second in command, Batman can be at odds with Superman at times,  the clash of ideals between heroes create popular battles to the enjoyment of comic fans.

batman ff

Batman has become a master of his mind, body and emotions. Such control over the emotions of fear and willpower allows Batman to become recruited the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps. Even though believed to have perished,  dead, the false Batman was recruited to the Black Lantern Corps and then  The White Lantern Corps. Which Lantern Corps do you think best suits Batman?

sinestro corp batman

What makes Batman a fan favorite is the thought that a normal human has courage to battle forces as evil as Darkseid and on some occasions, Superman. Even though Batman has no superpowers, he still has his greatest asset: his mind. Because of this, you would find Batman in crossover battles such as vs Spawn, vs Superman and vs Iron Man among many others. Is Batman really the greatest crime fighter throughout all comics?


Like many characters, Batman has evolved from the comic book to movie screen.  Which was your favorite Batman film? Do you think Ben Affleck will become the best Batman we have had thus far? Stay tuned into the new version of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Batman goes to DeviantART artist Dave-Wilkins. Check out Dave-Wilkins complete portfolio!



The Avengers

the avengers

The Avengers is one of Marvel Comics prominent teams which have governmental support: S.H.E.I.L.D agency. The Avengers purpose is to defend the world against treats that could destroy it. Much like a superhero police force similar to the Green Lantern Corps and the superhero force Lex Luthor created while acting as President in Public Enemies. The Justice League is different because they work outside government control, which makes them a constant target on a global scale….

Even though The Avengers is a team of heroes, they can find themselves at war with other super teams such as The X-Men, or battle within themselves in the Civil War Series. Do you think The Avengers is the ultimate super team of Marvel Comics?


The Avenger’s popularity has grown from the comics to television with Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, then has moved to the big screen with the smash hit 2012 The Avengers. and Age of Ultron. Even though the team has gone through many changes within the roster; Thor, Captain America and Iron Man has remained the team’s main characters. Since the film and TV show, the team roster consists of  Black Widow, Hawkeye, and The Hulk.

After knowing the complete list of heroes that was or is now part of the Avengers, which hero would you have loved to see in the movie as part of the team or a cameo? How about Spiderman or Wolverine? The Avengers has many more movies in store for the future so will get many more surprises from Marvel Comics.

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork goes to DeviantART artists, codenames: logicfun and ratkins. Excellent work!



Spawn vs Ghost Rider


Spawn and Ghost Rider is among many popular crossover topics within the comic community because of their similarities. Both characters wield supernatural powers originating from Hell, which can only be weakened or destroyed with a weapon of Heaven. They originated as agents of evil through a pact with the Devil(Mephisto/ Malebolgia), then later breaking the hellish influence and using Hell’s power against itself to free their souls. They have major differences that determine the outcome of such a battle. Who do you favor?

spawn vs ghost rider 1

Al Simmons was recruited to become the general of Hell’s Army. As general, his power would come second to his master Malebolgia. Spawn is among the comic characters whose powers stems from a symbiotic armor. The armor is a living organism which is infused in Al Simmons’s nervous system, allowing him to control the symbiotic armor with his thoughts, conscious or unconscious. The armor is filled with necroplasm, which has a functioning concept like Green Power Ring. The armor responds and morphs to the will and imagination of Al Simmons. On Earth, Spawn’s magical powers are in limited supply, so his symbiotic armor feeds off evil or dark energy.The bigger the source, the more power it can consume and use without depleting its own power reserves. Battling Ghost Rider would be perfect for Spawn because Ghost Rider’s powers and abilities are supernatural and evil in origin. This battle would keep Spawn fully powered enough to use his magical abilities at maximum potential.
spawn vs ghost rider 2

Johnny Blaze was destined by Mephisto to become his servant of evil as the Ghost Rider, the collector of souls. His existence comes from the union between Johnny Blaze and  Zarathos. Zarathos is a demonic being in servitude to Mephisto as Violator is with Malebogia. This union between Johnny and Zarathos is similar to the Phoenix Force bonding with Jean Grey thus creating Phoenix and Dark Phoenix. Johnny Blaze can revert back and forth as the Ghost Rider at will, when before it was in the presence of evil. With demonic power at his disposal, Ghost Rider can control the mystical fire of Hell, which he channels through weapons or vehicles, making them supernaturally more powerful than before. Seemingly with no limit to his power, Ghost Rider is considered one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, with powers to be described as god like.

spawn vs ghost rider 3

Ultimately this battle comes down to the men behind the power, Al Simmons and Johnny Blaze. The potential in power of a Hellspawn and a Ghost Rider depends on the host. Al Simmons’s training and service to his country made him a excellent killer and warrior. Johnny Blaze is a stunt performer, where his mental focus is on surviving death defying feats than any physical combat training. Spawn has evolved to his higher form, Omega Spawn. This results in unlimited power on both the mortal and immortal planes, making himself third in power next to the power of Heaven and Hell. Ghost Rider is considered one of most powerful in his universe, but his god like potential is not fully realize because of the combat mentality of his mortal host. Would Ghost Rider stand a better chance against Omega Spawn when united with the Venom symbiote and the Red Hulk, or will he fall just as hard under the might of Omega Spawn??

spawn vs ghost rider5

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Spawn and Ghost Rider goes to DeviantArt artist Jimbo02Salgado. Excellent Artwork!

spawn ghost rider original

Which DeviantArt Colorist do you think brought  Jimbo02Salgado drawing of Gunslinger Spawn and Ghost Rider out the best?

Is it Vic55b:

spawn ghost rider1

Do you choose tas1138:

spawn ghost rider 2

Or will it be nahp75.

spawn ghostrider 3

Wonder Woman 2017

DC Comics is at a good pace creating feature films for their iconic characters. This 2017 feature of Wonder Woman will be the first major female role in the comic universe and she will be the second member of the Justice League to bring a new visual of her history on-screen. The costume design and visual effects created for Woman Woman will bring this character to life, really portraying to the audience how she is a valuable hero and how she measures equally with her male companions.  From the preview we see how the Amazons are separated from the world conflicts on the secret island of Themiscyra.  In the Justice League trailer , the Amazon warriors are at battle with what could be Darkseid’s legion of Parademons. Will these two movies tie in with one another in some way? Are the Amazons, one of the sole keepers of a Mother Box? Just like in her comic book history, Diana will choose to enter man’s world, putting her training to use fighting for,, well on June 2nd, we will see the details of the conflict!

Justice League

justice league

In the DC Universe The Justice League is a super hero team similar to The Avengers, protect Earth and its citizens from domestic and universal threats while representing peace. Like the Avengers, the Justice League has a huge roster of heroes that makes up its organization. Its founding members start with the three iconic members: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Then followed by The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter which now is replaced by Cyborg.

justice league2

The Justice League headquarters is a satellite space station that orbits around Earth, keeping the planet under constant surveillance. Equipped with starships and transporters, the Justice League can face threats with immediate response. These technologies are supplied by Batman, which he stands as the tech genius of the team next to Cyborg. How is it that Batman created  technology similarly related to the Star Trek Universe?


DC Entertainment has produced multiple animated films and video games of the Justice League. The upcoming Wonder Woman film, Man of Steel , and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are huge movies for DC Entertainment, but can these heroes surpass the success of The Avengers?? The Justice League released their featured trailer. How do you think this will turn out?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite Artwork of The Justice League goes to DeviantART artist JPRart. Excellent Work! Definitely reminds fans of the Jim Lee version of the X-MEN.

justice league fan art


Dr. Doom

dr.doom 1Dr. Doom, like many villains or some heroes, started with tragic beginnings. Doom lost his mother from a dealing gone wrong with the devil Mephisto and his father was lost in a grieving attempt to save his mother. Because the tragedy stemming from supernatural forces, Doom heavily indulged in learning science and magic in attempts to save his mother’s soul. Dr. Doom’s desire to gain more knowledge and power consumed him to the point where his actions took a villainous side than heroic. Because of this, Dr. Doom had many run ins with super teams such as The Fantastic Four and the Avengers, stopping his plans of domination.

dr doom 2Dr. Doom’s intellect level is in comparison with Lex Luthor, Reed Richards, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark and even Dr. Strange in various degrees. Dr. Doom has many accomplishments and failures in his conquest of rulership. He has even been able to have the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession. Thanos also felt he was worthy of the Infinity Gauntlet as well, even though he failed its power.

dr.doom 2Dr. Doom has made his appearance on-screen with The Fantastic Four , Rise of the Silver Surfer and the 2015 Fantastic Four. Dr. Doom appeared to be the main villain for each of the Fantastic Four movies. Each film showed small portions of Dr. Doom’s potential as a menacing super villain. With the 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom took on a different origin in power. He also took on different look and array of powers, completely erasing any signs of humanity. With these big changes to the character and storyline, the film took a big lost to its ratings and loyalty to comic fans. Are the current adaptions of Dr. Doom the last of his on screen appearances or can movie producer revive and correct his character development?

new doomComic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Dr. Doom goes to DeviantArt artist TylerWalpole. Excellent Work!!

dr. doom fan art


Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

171183Hal Jordan is the first human to become apart of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan then became one of the greatest Green Lanterns next to Sinestro, who later became his biggest rival. Hal Jordan is also a member of the famous super team Justice League of America. The Green Lantern Corps is very similar to the Nova Corps of Marvel Comics. They both are a police force type militia created to protect life in the universe. Which Corps do you think is greater between the two?..

green lantern 6Hal Jordan was worthy of the Green Lantern ring because of his willpower and fearlessness. These qualities also helped him overcome his father’s death, then later becoming an excellent pilot in the Air Force. Fighter Pilots in today’s world would also need willpower to overcome fear in combat situations. The fear of heights, high speeds, missiles and even the high possibility of death during missions.

green lantern 1Those who experience success in any field can be compared to the concept of a Green Lantern officer. Willing a dream into existence takes concentrated focus and overcoming the fear of failure. Look around in our daily lives. Everything is a idea ranging from one individual to several. For instance, a vehicle, bridge, or whichever device used to read THIS blog post, is a physical construct of a designer’s imagination. His or her willpower is needed to take action to make the idea come to fruition. The officer of the Green Lantern Corps must keep his or her concentration at peak performance so that the energy constructs of the power ring will remain strong and unbreakable…

green lantern 9The Green Lantern transitioned from the comic books to different forms of entertainment. This includes the crossover video game: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe,  the cartoon : Green Lantern the Animated Series, and animated movie: Green Lantern First Flight. Do you think the live action movie was a success? The film gave comic fans fantastic CG visuals of the character and powers at play, but was the actor Ryan Reynolds a good choice? Let’s consider Ryan has played in three Marvel Comic films: X-MEN Origins Wolverine,  Blade Trinity, Deadpool. Will Ryan’s comedic style fit in with the newly established dark theme DC Comics has brought to the movie screen?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite crossover artwork of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern goes to the DeviantArt artist: PatC-14.

green lantern favorite artwork


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