Dr. Manhattan

dr. manhattan

There many god-like beings within the comic universes. Some of these beings are either a helpful guide or a destroyer for both heroes and villains. Some gods are observers like the Watcher and/or on rare occasions engage in battle like The Celestials vs Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet series. With the way Dr. Manhattan was designed as a character, could he be the physical embodiment of the bio-electrical energy that powers our human body?

Dr. Manhattan was a human being before the accident that turned him into the luminous god like being. This what makes Dr. Manhattan unique and separates him from other cosmic entities. Dr. Manhattan is similar to the stories of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man and Nathaniel Adam aka Captain Atom. Each of their origins started from scientific experiments gone wrong resulting a being with cosmic powers.

Dr. Manhattan is a member of the superhero team called The Watchmen. This graphic novel transformed into The movie displays to comic fans that if such power like Dr. Manhattan is created here on Earth, such power who be taken advantage of for negative purposes. Dr. Manhattan was used as a military tool to bring fear to other nations. His mentality evolved where he soon realized his place was no longer on Earth but in the cosmos creating. Do you think The Watchmen film was a great adaptation of the comic book or could it have been better?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Dr. Manhattan goes to the DeviantArt artist; codename: IRLGZZ. Excellent Work!

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new batman

Batman, also known as The Dark Knight, is a crime fighter of Gotham City. Despite being known as a hero, Batman is viewed as a vigilante and even a criminal in the eyes of law enforcement. Batman public persona Bruce Wayne, is a multi billionaire and polymath.  Using his resources, Bruce Wayne can successfully manage being a crime fighter with use of special made gadgets, vehicles and costumes, much like Iron Man.


Batman is one of many heroes with no superpowers. But what if he did? What if Batman was a daywalker vampire like Blade (to maintain his public persona Bruce Wayne) and the supernatural powers of Dracula by night. This could magnify the fearful image of Batman a thousand fold. Would comics fans accept a new and improved Batman? Just imagine the Dark Knight with powers of Dracula, as shown in the film Dracula Untold….

Becoming strong-willed and fearless warrior makes Batman one of the greatest heroes to enter in the world of crime fighting. Dedicating his life to fight injustice, Batman uses his resources to help form and support the Justice League. As second in command, Batman can be at odds with Superman at times,  the clash of ideals between heroes create popular battles to the enjoyment of comic fans.

batman ff

Batman has become a master of his mind, body and emotions. Such control over the emotions of fear and willpower allows Batman to become recruited the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps. Even though believed to have perished,  dead, the false Batman was recruited to the Black Lantern Corps and then  The White Lantern Corps. Which Lantern Corps do you think best suits Batman?

sinestro corp batman

What makes Batman a fan favorite is the thought that a normal human has courage to battle forces as evil as Darkseid and on some occasions, Superman. Even though Batman has no superpowers, he still has his greatest asset: his mind. Because of this, you would find Batman in crossover battles such as vs Spawn, vs Superman and vs Iron Man among many others. Is Batman really the greatest crime fighter throughout all comics?


Like many characters, Batman has evolved from the comic book to movie screen.  Which was your favorite Batman film? Do you think Ben Affleck will become the best Batman we have had thus far? Stay tuned into the new version of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Batman goes to DeviantART artist Dave-Wilkins. Check out Dave-Wilkins complete portfolio!



The Avengers

the avengers

The Avengers is one of Marvel Comics prominent teams which have governmental support: S.H.E.I.L.D agency. The Avengers purpose is to defend the world against treats that could destroy it. Much like a superhero police force similar to the Green Lantern Corps and the superhero force Lex Luthor created while acting as President in Public Enemies. The Justice League is different because they work outside government control, which makes them a constant target on a global scale….

Even though The Avengers is a team of heroes, they can find themselves at war with other super teams such as The X-Men, or battle within themselves in the Civil War Series. Do you think The Avengers is the ultimate super team of Marvel Comics?


The Avenger’s popularity has grown from the comics to television with Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, then has moved to the big screen with the smash hit 2012 The Avengers. and Age of Ultron. Even though the team has gone through many changes within the roster; Thor, Captain America and Iron Man has remained the team’s main characters. Since the film and TV show, the team roster consists of  Black Widow, Hawkeye, and The Hulk.

After knowing the complete list of heroes that was or is now part of the Avengers, which hero would you have loved to see in the movie as part of the team or a cameo? How about Spiderman or Wolverine? The Avengers has many more movies in store for the future so will get many more surprises from Marvel Comics.

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork goes to DeviantART artists, codenames: logicfun and ratkins. Excellent work!



Justice League

justice league

In the DC Universe The Justice League is a super hero team similar to The Avengers, protect Earth and its citizens from domestic and universal threats while representing peace. Like the Avengers, the Justice League has a huge roster of heroes that makes up its organization. Its founding members start with the three iconic members: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Then followed by The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter which now is replaced by Cyborg.

justice league2

The Justice League headquarters is a satellite space station that orbits around Earth, keeping the planet under constant surveillance. Equipped with starships and transporters, the Justice League can face threats with immediate response. These technologies are supplied by Batman, which he stands as the tech genius of the team next to Cyborg. How is it that Batman created  technology similarly related to the Star Trek Universe?


DC Entertainment has produced multiple animated films and video games of the Justice League. The upcoming Wonder Woman film, Man of Steel , and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are huge movies for DC Entertainment, but can these heroes surpass the success of The Avengers?? The Justice League released their featured trailer. How do you think this will turn out?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite Artwork of The Justice League goes to DeviantART artist JPRart. Excellent Work! Definitely reminds fans of the Jim Lee version of the X-MEN.

justice league fan art


Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

171183Hal Jordan is the first human to become apart of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan then became one of the greatest Green Lanterns next to Sinestro, who later became his biggest rival. Hal Jordan is also a member of the famous super team Justice League of America. The Green Lantern Corps is very similar to the Nova Corps of Marvel Comics. They both are a police force type militia created to protect life in the universe. Which Corps do you think is greater between the two?..

green lantern 6Hal Jordan was worthy of the Green Lantern ring because of his willpower and fearlessness. These qualities also helped him overcome his father’s death, then later becoming an excellent pilot in the Air Force. Fighter Pilots in today’s world would also need willpower to overcome fear in combat situations. The fear of heights, high speeds, missiles and even the high possibility of death during missions.

green lantern 1Those who experience success in any field can be compared to the concept of a Green Lantern officer. Willing a dream into existence takes concentrated focus and overcoming the fear of failure. Look around in our daily lives. Everything is a idea ranging from one individual to several. For instance, a vehicle, bridge, or whichever device used to read THIS blog post, is a physical construct of a designer’s imagination. His or her willpower is needed to take action to make the idea come to fruition. The officer of the Green Lantern Corps must keep his or her concentration at peak performance so that the energy constructs of the power ring will remain strong and unbreakable…

green lantern 9The Green Lantern transitioned from the comic books to different forms of entertainment. This includes the crossover video game: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe,  the cartoon : Green Lantern the Animated Series, and animated movie: Green Lantern First Flight. Do you think the live action movie was a success? The film gave comic fans fantastic CG visuals of the character and powers at play, but was the actor Ryan Reynolds a good choice? Let’s consider Ryan has played in three Marvel Comic films: X-MEN Origins Wolverine,  Blade Trinity, Deadpool. Will Ryan’s comedic style fit in with the newly established dark theme DC Comics has brought to the movie screen?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite crossover artwork of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern goes to the DeviantArt artist: PatC-14.

green lantern favorite artwork


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Wonder Woman

new wonder womanWonder Woman is among the strongest heroines in the DC Universe. Her powers were granted to her from the Gods of Olympus, which resulted in Woman Woman becoming a form of demigod. Wonder Woman is very similar to Thor; for the reason both characters stem from mythology. Their home worlds in seclusion away from human contact. They also use their godly powers to help humanity as heroes of a super team…wonder woman thorOne major difference is that Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira is dominated by only women. This could be the major reason why Wonder Woman hasn’t had a solid relationship with men like Superman and Batman.  Wonder Woman finds Superman to be a match for her based on leadership and  superpowers similar to her own. This also creates a level of conflict when both characters have a strong sense of dominance in battle..wonder woman 1.5Wonder Women finds interest in a lone warrior like Batman, so dark and mysterious which becomes intriguing. Not only that, Wonder Woman would give a man much respect for his battle prowess against foes 10 times stronger than himself, without the use of any superpowers. A man dedicated to putting his life on the line for the people of Earth, could build enormous amounts of love and compassion in the heart of the Amazon warrior. This type of love is more than enough to have the Star Sapphire Ring summoned to her every call.wonder woman 3.5Wonder Woman has made her way from the comic book to the cartoon series Justice League. She has now made it to the big screen featuring in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, portrayed by Gal Gadot. Will we expect to see the same Wonder Woman as shown in the comics? A fierce female warrior as well as showing interests with Batman and Superman??wonder woman nwComic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Wonder Woman goes to deviantart artist; codename: artgerm. Excellent work!wwfa


Black Panther

Black Panther is described as the true “Batman/ Bruce Wayne” of Marvel Comics. There was the belief that Tony Stark was the wealthiest in the Marvel Universe, comic fans even matched Tony’s heroism against Bruce in many crossover battles. Black Panther would be a more fitting opponent or maybe prove to be very difficult for the Dark Knight in combat.  Wakanda kings are bred to be warriors, trained in all forms of combat to one day take on the mantle of The Black Panther.

Black Panther’s abilities are similar to Wolverine‘s. Both characters have enhanced hearing, smell, healing and natural night vision. Captain America was given superhuman abilities with the help of the Super Soldier Serum, just as Black Panther was given his powers from a herb which was mutated from Vibranium. Black Panther can best both Wolverine and Captain America in single combat.  Wolverine would be the only character between the three that was born with his superhuman abilities. The costume of Black Panther is made with the Vibranium material as Captain America’s shield. The costume protects the Panther’s complete body making him nearly impenetrable. Adamantium which laces Wolverine’s bones, is stronger than Vibranium. Vibranium is much more valuable because of its extraterrestrial origins whereas Adamantium is man-made. Vibranium is the source of the wealth in Wakanda and is secretly secluded from the rest of the world, much like Themyscira.

Black Panther’s next level of power is considered supernatural. The Black Panther is also known as King of the Dead. The Goddess Bast allows the Panther to control the undead, similar to the Scorpion King controlling Anubis army in the Mummy Returns. Its great speculation if Black Panther could command certain undead figures like Dracula or even have a degree of influence over Spawn. Let’s cross into the DC Universe, could Black Panther potentially become a greater leader than Black Hand? What separates Black Panther’s ability over the undead than the mentioned characters is that his powers was bestowed by a Goddess to protect his people as King. Dracula and Spawn acquired their power from the Devil, which in turn is to be used in service of him. Also with his supernatural ability, Black Panther can receive guidance from the Panther spirits of the past, much like Luke Skywalker learning from his deceased mentors of the Jedi.

In the early 90s, Wesley Snipes began the idea of bringing the Black Panther to life. Complications brought the project to a halt, instead Blade was the start of Marvel Cinematics and with huge success. Captain America: Civil War was the film that introduced Black Panther to cinematic while in the comics, his origins began with the Fantastic Four.  After Civil War Black Panther’s solo release became highly anticipated for 2018 along with Infinity War. How long will fans expect to see Black Panther on-screen? Will he become a major character in Marvel’s cinematic universe or will the Black Panther become short lived?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Black Panther goes to the DeviantArt Artist: MarkHRoberts! Excellent Work!!



Emma Frost


Emma Frost is one of many mutants who has used their powers for personal gain in the world.  Emma Frost used her powers to make herself wealthy and successful in every area she found interest. Now just think, how many people in the world would do the same as Emma Frost? What would you do?


Her beauty and abilities attracted the attention of the X-Men and the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Emma was invited to the X-Men to help understand her power and to protect humans and mutants as a hero. As a member of the Inner Circle, Emma’s powers are utilized as instruments to influence the higher society that controls the world. This is the reason why there is debate that Emma is a hero or villain.emma frost 3 Emma Frost underwent a second mutation, her diamond form. In this form, Emma can only be destroyed with a diamond bullet. When not in diamond form, Emma is a powerful telepath on par with Xavier and Jean Grey. Emma and Jean Grey have tension with each other because both are Omega Level telepaths that fell in love with Cyclops. Not only that both females became worthy hosts to the Phoenix Force.emma frost 4 Emma Frost has come to the movie screen in the movies X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men First Class. Even though her abilities and powers were displayed with unique style and imagery, her timeline was far off. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Emma was a young teenager escaping  Stryker’s island with an older Professor Xavier (not to mention Xavier is not disabled). In The First Class, Emma was an older woman, battling younger Charles Xavier and younger Eric Lehnsherr. Did movie producers not realize the mistake in Emma Frost movie timeline?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Emma Frost goes to DeviantArt artist; codename: arabbit13. Excellent Work!

emma frost fan art


The Uncanny X-Men


The X-Men is a super team in the Marvel Universe, the sector of the Marvel Universe where humans are born with a gene mutation that causes supernatural powers. These supernatural powers creates fear throughout the world, but for good reason. Mutants such as Magneto feel mutants should be in control of the Earth because of mutant superiority. The X-Men are protectors of the innocent (human and mutants) against the villainous mutants and the government.

the xmen

The X-Men was formed by Professor Xavier, who had a dream to help and protect mutants from the world. After years of study, Professor X turned his home into a school where he could teach mutants to control their powers. His combat team is led by Cyclops and Storm, even though Wolverine is usually found in the forefront of them both for his combat experience exceeds them both. Jean Grey is the Professor’s right hand for the fact both are omega level telepaths and in the event the Professor is incapable to use his powers at hand, Jean is his backup. Over the years, the X-Men ranks have changed many times like the Avengers, either through new recruits or old members become solo heroes.

xmen film

The X-Men has accumulated a film series that outranks all comic movies. In this film series fans can see origins of the team and even individual film stories of Wolverine and Deapdool. Bryan Singer is the director responsible for the majority of the films in the series. Even though the X-Men became very popular on screen, many fans feel that a lot of the cinematic timeline of the series was incorrect and not completely congruent with the blueprints of the comic books. Do you think the X-Men movies need a complete reboot or will a reboot taint the established legacy of characters and the actors that play them like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

imageComic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of the X-Men goes to the Deviantart Artist: Pant and David-Ocampo



Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd comes from a future world of devastation, a result of World War III. Majority of the planet is a radioactive wasteland while the remaining human population resides in Mega Cities. Lack of resources creates desperation which ultimately leads to increasing crime and civil war. With this increase, Earth governments deploy Street Judges to enforce the law, even granting the power to convict or even execute offenders at the scene of crime.

judge dredd2

Do you believe that our police force could one day gain governmental powers similar to Street Judges? We have lived in the days of terrorism, cities under martial law and even been through two World Wars. Over the years police used excessive force to show dominance of the law to citizens whether innocent or not. Would our world change for the better with Street Judges or will the public feel a sense of oppression and lash out in a rebellious nature?

dreddComic fans love crossovers and battles! The three characters that fans who love to see against Judge Dredd is Batman, RoboCop and The Punisher. Each character operating within or outside the law to bring justice for the innocent, mainly for the reason for having a corrupt judicial or executive system. Do you think Judge Dredd can take down each of these characters one on one? Or would it be a better that these characters band together, defeat The Predator on a game reserve planet or stop a infestation of Xenomorphs from plaguing Earth, as suggested through many crossovers?

pred alien

Judge Dredd has made his way from the comic book to movie screen like many comic characters with the 1995 Judge Dredd and Dredd of 2012. Which do you think was the better version of Judge Dredd and will there ever be a sequel?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Judge Dredd goes to the DeviantArt artist StuartHughe. Excellent Artwork!! fan artwork judge dredd