Apocalypse is the most powerful mutant and first known mutant on Earth. His origins date back to Egyptian times when the people believed highly in the gods of the universe. His physical appearance alone led his loved ones and society to reject him. His power and strength spread fear throughout the world, making the fearful worship him like a god. Immortality allowed Apocalypse to live through the ages, gain knowledge, battle dark forces like Dracula and even his own kind: The X-Men.


Apocalypse believed only the strongest will survive. After learning of the Mutant X gene from Nathaniel Essex, Apocalypse plans to have mutants replace humankind. Magneto also enforces the idea of mutant superiority, but hates the idea of mutant experimentation. Because of his past, Magneto believes experimentation on mutants only leads to slavery or death. Magneto believes that it should be a Brotherhood of Mutants instead of servitude to Apocalypse.


When merging with Celestial technology, Apocalypse far surpasses all mutants. With these tools, Apocalypse believed he was the chosen one to shape civilization. This is similar in the film Stargate. A celestial being merging with a human and attempting to rule over humanity as a God. Apocalypse even created his version of the biblical four horsemen, expanding his godlike disposition over humans and mutants. Were there such celestial beings that existed in ancient history that is responsible for shaping humanity as it is today? Was ancient Egypt the landing site for such beings?


Apocalypse is featured in TVs series such as X-Men and X-Men Evolution. He has also made a small cameo at the end of X-Men Days of Future Past. Apocalypse will make a full appearance in the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse. Will this film be the best out of the series?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Apocalypse goes to the DeviantArt artist: Curtis-Hunt.





The Riddler


  The Riddler is among a list of villains who has experienced abuse as a child, especially from their fathers.( The Red Skull, Sabretooth , Deadshot….) This atmosphere has created a future of people who used their powers and abilities in negative ways. Despite him choosing a life of crime, The Riddler is similar to Bruce Wayne/Batman to some degree. Both characters are wealthy men, genius intellect and even have great detective skills. In various degrees, The Riddler is a worthy foe to Batman. But to Batman, The Riddler is nothing more than a mental challenge to his crime fighting career.

riddler 3

The Riddler has made his way from the comic pages to Batman’s animated series, then unto the movie screen. The Riddler was introduced in main stream films with Batman Forever. This character was portrayed by Jim Carrey. Comic fans can agree that this Riddler is the reigning champion with live appearances. A new version of The Riddler is found in the TV show Gotham, portrayed by Cory Michael Smith. Will a new actor take the role of this mysterious villain, or will this villain ever make it back to the big screen for a second time?

riddler 4

Could there be truth to The Riddler’s 3D Box, which was shown in the Batman Forever? What if,..the purpose of the box was no different from the purpose of our own televisions and cable boxes…! The purpose to is to capture our mentality. For example, when you watch a thriller movie, certain scenes are equipped with music of suspense, capturing your emotion and mental state of the scene. It feels as if you are the character in danger when in reality,  you’re the one watching a movie!! Now that we have 3D movies and 3D televisions, are our IQs really decreasing while spending more time in front of the television?!

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of The Riddler goes to DeviantART artist TLishman. Excellent artwork!

riddler fan art





Megatron is the leader of the Decepticon Army and uprising on Cybertron. Megatron was created by the Quintessons. His purpose for creation was a tool for war, being that most of his transformation represents military weapons and vehicles. As a gladiator champion,  Megatron gained the respect and influential voice from the population on Cybertron. The name Megatron is short from his chosen gladiator name Megatronus.  This political gain of power is similar to the gladiators of Rome, gaining respect of the people through undefeated battles.


Optimus Prime was a pupil to Megatron, believing in helping end the corruption in the governing body on Cybertron. The influence and power Megatron gained began to corrupt him. Megatron believed that not only Cybertron should be reshaped into a new order, he believed the universe should be reshaped as well, all in his image. Optimus believed all beings in the universe have the right for freedom than be ruled by a tyrant. The war on Cybertron began from the difference in ideals of a mentor and pupil.


Megatron appeared on television in the 1980’s in his original form, exactly as depicted in the comics. Megatron then became two versions of the T-Rex in Beast Wars series. The Beast Wars series is of a different timeline than the original Transformers. These different timelines later crossed paths when Megatron combined his spark with the original Megatron resulting in his dragon form.  Megatron’s next animated form was in Transformers Prime, as a cybertronian space fighter, which was similarly used in his live action movie appearance Transformers 1 and 2. In the film Transformers 4 , Megatron was reformed as Galvatron, a creation made by human hands than that of Unicron. Did movie producers preserve the vision of Megatron on film or has the various changes cripple the Emperor of Destruction?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Megatron goes to the DeviantArt artist PriscillaTR. Take a look at her amazing gallery!




imageSinestro was known as one of the greatest Green Lanterns in the Corps. With his own sense of power and control, Sinestro began to believe he could rule in his own egotistical way. Sinestro developed a desire to use fear to preserve order. His actions led him to the dark side of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. Once there, Sinestro became creator and leader of the Sinestro Corps, using fear to dominate his sector of the universe.

Would you agree Sinestro and Anakin Skywalker are similar, regarding their paths going from light to dark? Despite his rule, Sinestro joined with his rivals to fight the darkest side of the spectrum, The Black lantern Corps. During this battle, Sinestro bonded with the white entity of life becoming the first White Lantern Corps officer. Similarly enough, after Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side of the Force, he sided with his son to bring the Sith to an end thus bringing balance back to the Force.

With the release of the 2011 Green Lantern film, Sinestro has made his appearance to the big screen. Who would Green Lantern: Hal Jordan be without Sinestro right? In the post credits of the film, Sinestro is displayed exchanging his green power ring for the newly made yellow power ring, hinting the beginning of the Sinestro Corps. Since the lead role of Hal Jordan is Ryan Reynolds, who is now the lead dominate actor for Deadpool, a reboot film is a must for the future Justice League movies. Will Sinestro still exist in the cinematic universe or was this film the beginning and end for him??

  Do you think Sinestro is capable of wielding the Infinity Gems?! With the Infinity Gems, Sinestro would even rival the cosmic bodies that power each lantern. He would even have the power to rival the guardians and gods of the universe. How would this power effect him? Would Sinestro become an agent for good or evil? 

infinity gems sinestroComic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Sinestro goes to deviantArt artist, codename: felipemassafera.





Mystique is a master of disguise because her mutant ability allows her to morph into any human or mutant at will. Mystique often mimics human forms in public because her blue skin stands out to public ridicule and torment. In addition to her morphing power, Mystique’s level as an expert hand to hand combant and covert operative rivals Black Widow, Domino and even Solid Snake in the world of espionage. Mystique can also be found fighting against the X-Men on many occasions, along with her Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto.


In the beginning, Mystique used her power to blend into society. While living lives of various people, Mystique spawned two children. Her first child was Graydon Creed, a result of her fling with Sabretooth. Graydon was born a normal human who later became part of the political parties wanting to eradicate mutants. Mystique’s next child was Nightcrawler, a result of her secret affair with Azazel. Nightcrawler was also rejected by humans because of his physical appearance.  Mystique later adopted Rogue as her own child when Rogue ran away from home at a early age. Rogue and Nightcrawler later grew up to be apart of the X-Men, battling their own mother in different events…

mystique 5

Mystique was featured in X-Men 1, 2, 3, First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. The design created for Mystique has changed from the comic book when introduced to the big screen. The smooth blue skinned, white appareled female was replaced with a naked reptilian skinned mutant. This gave Mystique a more abnormal look, putting more emphasis on her mutation. Did the change hurt Mystique’s character profile or did movie producers make an excellent choice?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Mystique goes to the DeviantArt artist: JamieFayx.

mystique fan art


broly 1

Saiyans are known as the warrior race with an appetite for battle and power. Broly is the deadliest and most powerful saiyan known to history and is also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly’s power level was so enormous at birth, it put fear in King Vegeta. Broly’s power level matched the King’s and it was predicted Broly will eventually surpass the royal bloodline. King Vegeta ordered Broly to be killed. Even though the attempt was fatal, Broly survived. As a result, Broly’s power doubled and at that point in time, he the strongest saiyan alive. The increase in power allowed infant Broly to shield himself and his father from the explosion of Planet Vegeta. Broly grew to become an uncontrolled superpower capable of destroying planets, solar systems and galaxies, all to feed his desire for destruction.

broly vs goku

Lower class saiyan babies are jettisoned into the universe, to selected planets to be conquered. It seems odd to DBZ fans on why Broly was created with a subconscious annoyance with Goku, simply because of his constant crying as an infant. This hatred for Goku remained with Broly into adulthood which is also confusing to readers to how Broly would recognize Goku in adult form. Goku was destined to purge life on Earth and Broly set to be executed. Through many unforeseen circumstances, their destinies changed, Broly turned out to be the destroyer of the universe while Goku became the protector. In all respects, Broly and Goku is the representation of the light and darkness of the saiyan race.


Comic fans often wonder how Broly would fair against the Z fighters’ most difficult opponents: Kid Buu and Omega Shenron. In the DBZ anime, all the Z fighters including Goku eventually tires out in battle. Replenishment of power comes from available senzu beans or borrowed energy, tactics Broly doesn’t need since he wields the legendary form. Broly’s power would increase dramatically during the intense battle and its even possible that in either battle, Broly could jump through the different levels of super saiyan. Kid Buu would need to absorb Omega Shenron to gain an advantage on Broly. Comic fans even discussed fantasy crossover battles between Broly, Superman and the Hulk. Superman and the Hulk have a lack of knowledge on ki manipulation, so how would they able to withstand Broly’s sheer force? Since Broly appeared to be defeated prematurely in the animated movies, DBZ fans refuse to let the idea of Broly die. Broly’s life is extended in the DBZ universe through video game storylines. Will we get a new set of movies welcoming the return of Broly?!..

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Broly goes to DeviantArt artist Wizyakuza. Check out his gallery!

broly fan art



venom 4

Venom is apart of an alien race of symbiotes, when bonded with a host, becomes a powerful warrior taking on the personality and physical attributes of its host. What makes these symbiotes seem villainous is when they bond with a host, the symbiote would feed off the chemicals released from the host’s body, chemicals which are released when emotions like anger is triggered. Adrenaline is the chemical symbiotes primarily feed on. If the adrenaline isn’t released in a desired amount for consumption, the symbiote would find another host or dominate the mind and body of its current host( which is usually a superhuman) causing them to engage in extreme activities that would increase the adrenaline levels, eventually leaving the host depleted. Only way to rid oneself of these parasitic symbiotes is by high pitch sound waves or intense flame.

venom 7Spiderman was a perfect bond for the symbiote because as a hero with superpowers, daily crime fighting keeps his adrenaline levels at a high rate and for extended periods of time. Since Spiderman was Venom’s first host, every host after was able to have the powers of Spiderman. Venom became a nemesis to Spiderman after bonding with its next host Eddie Brock. Eddie had a deep hatred toward Spiderman, a hatred in which the symbiote fed on and acted upon as its own.

IMG_20150114_064904The Venom symbiote also has the ability to reproduce. Its offspring bonded with a serial killer becoming the villainous Carnage. Carnage in turn had an offspring called Toxin, which Carnage despised because it believed Toxin would be more powerful than itself and Venom. Eddie Brock eventually rid himself of the Venom symbiote, but small remnants of the symbiote bonded with Brock’s white blood cells creating the symbiote Anti-Venom. The Anti-Venom symbiote does not dominate its host like other symbiotes but does become active and protects its host when Venom or other symbiotes are present. The Anti-Venom symbiote operates similar to white bloods in the human body which help defend and cure the body of viruses and infections.

movie venomVenom was featured in the live action film Spiderman 3, much to the disapproval of comic fans. Most comic fans expected a bulky powerful Venom as seen in cartoon and comic book, but instead received a smaller grade Venom who wasn’t as threatening as comic fans were raised to believe. The Spiderman franchise was rebooted in 2012 with better graphics and story line. Will Venom also get a recreated look? A look that comic fans would love and recognize as the true Venom?….


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Venom goes to DeviantArt artist Scundo. What type of power would Venom have if it did bond with the Spawn armor?







Atrocitus made his introduction to the comic world in the Blackest Night comic series. The Red Lantern Corps is the third strongest corps next to the White and Black Lantern Corps. After losing his family to the Manhunters, Atrocitus was consumed by anger and rage, which fueled his revenge against the Guardians of the Universe. As leader of the Red Lantern Corps, recruiting soldiers wouldn’t be difficult. Many characters  throughout all comic universes has gone through intense states of rage

After the Blackest Night introduction, Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps made a quick transition to television in the Green Lantern Animated Series Cartoon. This is the third Lantern Corps that has made a live appearance along with the Blue Lantern Corps. Will Atrocitus ever make it to the movie screen or was the animated cartoon series the first and last time comic fans will see the Leader and Master of rage?..

What if….. Atrocitus went too far to make sure his Corps was the most dominant among them all. What if Atrocitus recruited powerful Sith Lords and even Dark Phoenix herself? Can Atrocitus and his fantasy members be stopped?! To Be Continued….

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Atrocitus goes to DevianArt artists, codenames: vassdeviant and xXNightblade08Xx .




Unlike the heroics of his mutant healing factor kin Wolverine, Sabretooth‘s thirst for blood is that of a wild savage beast. His mutation altered his physical appearance, giving him features of a carnivorous animal. Out of fear from his unstable parents, Sabretooth suffered a cruel and abusive childhood. Because of this, Sabretooth became a mentally unstable, feral beast that kills mercilessly and brutally for personal satisfaction. His acts of serial killings categorized him as one of Marvel Comics most dangerous villains.


Because of his mutation, Sabretooth is an excellent survivalist. His mutant abilities are similar to the predatory animals of the forest. He can survive in subzero temperatures, track down prey items via super enhanced senses: scent and night vision. Just imagine if humans had these animalistic abilities. We could live efficiently in the wilderness without the common worries like lack of fire materials to cook meat, heating, light, sense of direction or location. Let’s not forget, the healing factor would protect against all potential threats against the body internally or externally, giving humans extended lifespans….

sabertooth king

Sabretooth made his live appearances in X-Men and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Many comics fans would agree that Tyler Mane‘s portrayal of Sabretooth was a better choice than Liev Schreiber, mainly due to physical appearance. Sabretooth is known to be physically superior to Wolverine as shown throughout the comics and in the 2000 X-Men film. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Sabretooth was overpowered by the adamantium enhanced Wolverine, which brought confusion among comic fans. Who do you think was the better Sabretooth?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Sabretooth goes to DeviantArt artist: allengeneta. Check out more of his artwork!




Lady Deathstrike

lady deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike is a combination of adamantium and futuristic robotic cybernetics infused into a trained Japanese assassin. Her father Lord Dark Wind is a brilliant scientist/crime lord responsible for discovering the process of bonding adamantium to human bones. Yuriko’s loyalty to her father is similar to the relationship between Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia. She serves her father or battles against him as she sees fit, eventually taking over the father’s vision of domination.

thalia and ra's

Wolverine became a primary enemy to Lady Deathstrike because of his adamantium skeleton. The blueprints for fusing adamantium to bone was stolen from Lord Dark Wind in earlier years,  then later used on Wolverine in the Weapon X Program. His healing factor was the key to the survival of the procedure, resulting in an indestructible super soldier. This creation Deathstrike felt belonged her family and will kill Wolverine to get that honor back even though she fails many times. Despite the tension between the two characters, it was once believed Yuriko and Wolverine was once in a romantic relationship and even married, but this was merely confused with his relationship with Mariko.

lady deathstrike vs wolverine

Lady Deathstrike is among Marvel’s least popular villains but was able to make a live action appearance in X2: X-men United. She is a bodyguard assassin to William Stryker, the sergeant responsible for the Weapon X program. Do you think Deathstrike was portrayed well in that film or could she had a better role in either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or The Wolverine?

lady deathnn

Comic fans suggest that Warblade could be more than a match for Lady Deathstrike. They have many concept similarities that make them an interesting battle. But if you compare these characters to the T-1000 vs T-800 bout in Terminator 2, liquid metal is a more powerful killing machine than robotics.

lady deathstrike warblade

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Lady Deathstrike goes to DeViantArt artist CrimsonArtz.