new galactusGalactus is classified villain in the Marvel Universe. This is because countless planets were destroyed from consumption, in order to replenish his energy. Consuming planets for energy is considered natural for Galactus, but in the eyes of some heroes such as the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, this is perceived an evil act. As Galactus consumes these countless worlds, intelligent life perish in the process. Are we as humans villains to planet Earth? We create and consume genetically modified plants and animals for food and clothing. We deplete resources and create global warming, all in efforts to find efficient ways of energy to sustain the population. Are we harming our planet more than helping it?gglGalactus and his Heralds are similar to Apocalyspe and his Horsemen.  Galactus creates Heralds to find worlds to be devoured. Apocalypse uses his horsemen to help conquer Earth and transform the population to become mutant dominant. Both Galactus and Apocalypse made changes within their guardsmen. This is either the followers siding with heroes against their creator or they were completely destroyed in battle. Galactus is on a universal scale than Apocalypse, who’s focus mainly dwells on Earth.galactus g4From the comic book, Galactus appeared in television shows and video games. The idea of Galactus has reached the movie screen but why so vague?  The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer film featured the idea of Galactus but not much of an image fans recognize. Could the movie have been much better if an image of Galactus in Ultimate Alliance was used? Will Galactus be apart of the upcoming Infinity War movies like his involvement in the comic book?new galactus 14Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Galactus goes to deviantArt artist, codename: Baldasseroni. Excellent work!

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