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Spawn is an anti-hero in the Image Comics universe. Spawn is an anti-hero because of his violent and dark methods of bringing criminals to justice. Before becoming Spawn, Al Simmons was a highly respected government assassin. He later began questioning his purpose and immoral motives of his superiors which led to his own assassination. Al Simmons was transformed into a hellspawn general by his new superior Malebolgia, to led Hell’s Army against Heaven. Despite his previous role to Malebolgia, Spawn has even proved his honor and humanity to Heaven, thus taking on a hero image instead of his dark form.

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Spawn is one of many comic characters to make it to the big screen with the 1997 New Line Cinema film. Do you think this movie needs a reboot? Become more updated with our time period? Will we ever get another Spawn film?!

What makes the Spawn movie successful among the other comic films is the creator himself: Todd McFarlane . Todd insures his fans are getting exactly what was expected from his comic book and not an altered version. STAY TRUE TO THE FANS! This is an important quality Todd McFarlane has. Todd has been actively involved with bringing his character from the drawing paper, all the way to directing and producing the featured film.

Spawn has even been involved in a crossover with the DC Universe, battling then teaming up with Batman. Many comic fans feel despite Batman’s resilient mind, he is no match for a supernatural power of Spawn, or even Dracula. Would Batman stand a better chance battling Spawn with the Sinestro Corps Power Ring?? To Be Continued…..

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Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Spawn goes to DevianArt artist, codename: v2-6 Excellent crossover work!


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