Spiderman is one of the most popular characters created in the Marvel Universe by Stan Lee. Spiderman is among a list of characters who acquired powers through a scientific accident. His DNA was reshaped to match that of a spider. Because of his popularity, it stand to reason for Spiderman to have a great number of villains to oppose him, much like Batman. Is this the reason Spiderman and Batman makes a great crossover story? 


“I’m your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!” 

The slogan is true to its meaning. New York City is the central home for most Marvel characters. Spiderman fights crime alone but can be seen fighting along side of the Avengers and X-Men. Which of the super teams would you want to see Spidey cameo with on screen?


Over the years, Spiderman has acquired multiple uniforms. Other than his original costume, fans began to favor the costume made by Tony Stark and the symbiote costume. Both uniforms are to enhance Spiderman’s superhuman abilities. Which uniform do you believe to be the best for Spiderman?


Spiderman is one of the few characters to have a plethora of comic stories, television series then live action appearances. Like the Hulk,  Spiderman became upgraded  with the reboot movie: The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2. Are reboots really necessary if fans get what they want the first time around? Which is your favorite Spidey film?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Spiderman goes to DeviantArt artist el-grimlock. Excellent Work!

spiderman fan art

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