Superman vs Thor

thor vs supes 1 Superman vs Thor

The Last Son of Krypton vs The Son of Odin, is a classic battle that has happened in the comic book JLA/Avengers, which is disappointing to fans.
Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, is a powerful magical item able to do many things, how is it possible for Superman to wield it? This is disappointing to fans because one of Superman’s main weaknesses is vulnerability to magic. That automatically means Superman can’t stand a chance. Superman can barely survive a kryptonite bullet from Metallo, so there is no way he can survive the mighty Mjolnir.

thor vs supes 2 Superman vs Thor

Thor is the God of Thunder and Lightning, born in the magical realm of Asgard. As a god, Thor can match Superman’s strength and speed any day. What gives him a great advantage over Superman is Mjolnir, and his greatest weakness; Warriors’ Madness. In this state he would definitely kill Superman because this will increase Thor’s power tenfold, making him mentally uncontrollable, attacking friends and foes alike resulting in devastation. Warrior’s Madness is similar to Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage and a saiyan’s Oozaru form, all increasing the power of the character tenfold.

thor vs supers 4 Superman vs Thor

Here at Comic Multiverse, this battle will get a little twist. What if…… Superman used the costume developed in the Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics storyline to battle Thor? Would he now be worthy to wield Mjolnir? More than likely. Reason being since Superman will now be protected against magic, an officer to the most powerful Lantern Corps ( White and Black), and a great team leader to the Justice League, this could make him worthy of such a weapon.

thor vs supes 5 Superman vs Thor

If this were the case, Superman would stand a chance against Thor or could even come out the winner. Since this on a fantasy basis created here on Comic Multiverse, Thor is naturally the victor. Would you agree? Superman as a mortal leader in the DC Universe worthy of Mjolnir as the mortal worthy Captain America in the Marvel Universe, nice crossover!

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