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the flash

The Flash is the master of the Speed Force, which makes him the fastest human alive in the DC Universe. With his super powers, Barry Allen became the crime fighter for Central City. The Flash is also a founding member of the Justice League and a temporary officer for both the White and Blue Lantern Corps.

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The Flash is in competition with Superman when it comes to speed. Both heroes possess superhuman speed but Barry’s main power lie within the Speed Force where Superman have a list of powers that are not primarily focused using speed. Quicksilver is a speedster in the Marvel Universe that writers have matched up against The Flash, because of their similarities. The difference between the two speedsters is that one was born a mutant with natural abilities of superhuman speed while the other was created by an accident resulting in speed abilities. With such close comparison, who can really tell the winner between the two.

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Just like the Green Lantern recruits of Earth, there are different variations of The Flash. These variations date back to the Golden Era of DC Comics. Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are of The Justice Society of America, then come the younger heroes Barry Allen and Hal Jordan of the Justice league. Since The Flash was apart of the Blue Lantern Corps, could his proteges and predecessor qualify to become the Earth recurits of the Blue Lantern Corps? If so, will they be a match against the Green Lantern recruits from Earth?


The story of The Flash was explored in The Flashpoint Paradox and the TV Series.  His sleek costume style and super moves were displayed in different forms in Injustice. Fans wondered if The Flash would ever appear in a blockbuster film. The film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will show a brief cameo of the Scarlet Speedster according to insider reports. If so, how will The Flash be introduced in this film and will he ever get a solo movie? Most importantly,  who will portray The Flash in the upcoming films for DC Comics?


Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of The Flash goes to the DeviantArt artist Memed. Excellent Artwork!!

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