At Comic Multiverse, comic fans can share viewpoints on favorite comic or video game characters, crossover battles and movie reviews. Who is your top five favorite characters of all time? Are they featured in any major films? If so, how would you rate their authenticity from the comic pages to the silver screen?

Powers and abilities of both heroes and villains has evolved to greater highs since their origins. This happens through time, when new writers bring fresh ideas to character development. Crossover topics became popular among comic fans, making readers wonder which character would rank at the top of his or her class. Live action films and animations will satisfy comic fans perception of powers and abilities, much like Michael Habjan’s Superman vs Hulk.

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Comic Multiverse creates crossover scenarios that will spark interest in comic readers and feature popular crossover battles that have circulated through online blogging or word of mouth. The Blackest Night series is a popular series in the crossover world because the stories introduced the other Lantern Corps in existence. The Lantern Corps are structured around emotions, which are in all living beings throughout many universes, comic and real. This means the Lantern Corps can recruit members from universes such as Marvel, Dragonball, Image, Star Wars, etc….

Comic Multiverse favorite wallpaper of comic crossovers goes to DeviantArt artists: pant and Ivan-NES. Excellent Work!!

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We display artwork from artists who express their love for comics with their amazing talent and vision. We provide imaginative crossover content and art to our readers as well as character profiles that have become popular in TV and film. We aim to make Comic Multiverse a platform where bloggers and artists can support each other through social networking. Every artist, animator and blogger should earn an income for their creativity, imagination and talent. Do you enjoy crossovers scenarios more than the original concepts?

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