Black Panther Movie Review!!!

Black Panther is one of Marvel Comics most anticipated films of 2018. It pre sold more tickets than any Marvel film, thus placing the movie as the third highest to sell over a weekend. To date, Black Panther has sold $727.9 million dollars worldwide! Captain America: Civil War was the film that ushered the Panther to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Nation of Wakanda was mentioned, as a country rich with Vibranium. Black Panther is a film with great action sequences, excellent African wardrobes, culture and an amazing cast.

Black Panther takes place a week after T’Challa turns Helmut Zemo in for his crimes and for the death of his father T’Chaka. T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to assume the role of King. During this time, Captain America and Bucky are fugitives kept in secret in Wakanda. Wakanda is guarded by a force field which hides the city in plain sight, just like Themyscira in the 2017 Wonder Woman. Wakanda is the only technologically advanced city on Earth. Under the city lies the rich Vibranium mine and the gardens of herbs which is used to give Wakandan kings their powers.

The Vibranium Panther suit was one of greatest features of the movie. The upgraded armor can materialize over the wearer from a special necklace. The user can then mentally command any part of the suit as needed. The vibranium in the suit stores incoming kinetic energy which then can be dispersed out like an explosive wave. This explosion can be used to hurl enemies, destroy vehicles or help catapult the wearer wherever needed. Its major weakness is sonic waves, very similar to the symbiotes of the Venom family. Which character do you think would use Vibranium in their tech more efficiently between Batman and Iron Man?

This film came with not one villain but three. Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan was the major villain followed by the return of Klaue and the Man-Ape M‘Baku. Killmonger turned out to become a favorite villain in cinema because of his connection with the black audience. His goal was to help those of African decent around the world to fight against their oppressors with the advanced technology of Wakanda. When he became King for a brief period, he dawned himself as the Golden Jaguar instead of a Black Panther. He felt that all Africans should share in the wealth of Wakanda instead of just those who reside there. Klaue was last seen retreating for his life after Ultron cuts of his arm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His arm has since been replaced with a sonic blaster, which has the same destructive power as the Panther suit. Klaue is eventually killed by Killmonger, who uses Klaue’s dead corpse as a pass into Wakanda. M’Baku turned out to be much different on screen than how he portrayed in the comics. Instead of being Wakanda’s major villain, M’Baku turned out to be the savior of T’Challa and even helped him reclaim his throne from Killmonger…

Next film slated for the Black Panther is Avengers: Infinity War. From the preview we can see Wakanda is invaded by, what looks like beings from another world. Some of the Avengers are helping the Black Panther defend his hidden nation. What is the Black Panther’s role in the upcoming Infinity War? Will the Black Panther have a second solo film? Now that Disney has acquired the Marvel Characters from Fox Studios, will we see Storm in future Black Panther films as the Queen of Wakanda? So, what were your final thoughts on the Black Panther film??

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As Son of Odin, Thor is among the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Thor can be compared to the saiyan prince Vegeta. Arrogance, headstrong, battle thirsty and a constant need to prove themselves worthy to be among the greatest warriors. Both characters come from royalty, which creates the arrogance and prideful personality that blinded both characters from their true potential and wisdom.


Thor was exiled from Asgard to Earth to learn lessons in humility. While on Earth, Thor became a founding member of the super team The Avengers. Becoming a protector for the Earth helped Thor gain his respect back from his father and Asgard. Thor is a hero responsible for the citizens of Asgard as well as the people of Earth. Aquaman is also a hero that has dual roles. He is hero of Earth with the Justice League and he is also a King in his underwater kingdom of Atlantis.


Thor is a great leader to his people of Asgard and admired by many. Being destined to become Lord of Asgard over his brother Loki, is what created tension between the brothers. Their rivalry is similar to the story of Cain and Abel  in a sense of brotherly jealousy. Even though Loki is considered one of Thor’s greatest foes, Thor could never destroy his brother. Instead, Thor passes Loki up to Odin for judgement.

thor vs loki

If recruited to the Blue Lantern Corps, how powerful do you think Thor would become? Would he still need Mjolnir? Or would his constructs be more powerful than the weapon?

blue lantern thor

Thor has made his evolution to film like many other characters in the Marvel Universe. The 2011, 2013 and the 2017 film brings Thor to life, with excellent special effects and intense action. Thor is also featured in The Avengers films 1, 2 and Infinity War, adding to his on screen appearances. Did Marvel Studios hit their mark when casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

One of many crossover hot topics is Thor vs Superman. Why? Both characters respectfully are the strongest warriors of their super teams. Who will win this match up or will this fight result in a draw? To be continued……

supes thor

Comic Multiverse favorite comic art of Thor goes to DeviantArt artist : Johnsonting. Excellent artwork! This piece has great detail and second to none!

thor fan art

Thor: Ragnarok

Well.. well what can we expect from this film?! This will be the third motion picture for the character Thor and it seems with each movie, the tone changes. The first film was an intro for the character in the cinematic universe. Thor becomes a hero for Earth as well proving himself worthy in his realm of Asgard. Thor’s second film had a more darker theme, illustrating the darker enemies of Asgard who seek a destructive weapon for power and control. The film was also a major piece to the upcoming film Infinity War. Â In this trailer of Ragnarok, we see Asgard once again under attack but this time by Hela, ruler of Valhalla. Mjolnir is destroyed and it looks as if Thor is taken captive and shipped to a distant part of the universe. Now the film changes giving off the similar retro feel we get with the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Thor no longer looking as the hero we recognize. He’s taken on the look of a gladiator and to our surprise, we will seen Thor fighting the Hulk once again. We can also see elements of the World War Hulk in play but instantly have fans wondering: how could The Hulk been captured to become a gladiator off Earth? Last we seen of The Hulk was the Age of Ultron, as he left his team behind after their fight with Ultron. This is the first of many trailers to come, Thor: Ragnarok will release in November…..when that time comes who will win in their battle this time: Thor or The Hulk?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The saga continues this Christmas with Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. At the ending of Episode 7, Rey delivers Anakin’s lightsaber to Luke, who seemed surprised that the lightsaber made its way back to him. In this film you can see Rey going through her lightsaber training and the influence she has on the Force with the rising rocks. Kylo Ren continued his training as well, after surviving his near death experience by Rey. Where are his strength levels within the Force and will get a deeper insight on his master Supreme Leader Snoke? We can see Finn still on his path of healing and Poe side by side with his droid BB-8. Not much is revealed in this trailer which means there will be plenty of surprises to come. Many fans would say the The Force Awakens has lots of elements of A New Hope. So will the Last Jedi pick elements from The Empire Strikes Back? If so this could be an interesting film but what is shocking is hearing Luke in the narrative saying the Jedi must end. What does this mean?? In December we will get our answer…

Justice League Movie Review!!

Justice League generated $93.8 million on its opening weekend and to date, has grossed $626 million worldwide. Justice League is a continuation of the story started with the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the Justice League was highly anticipated for DC Comics, it slowly grossed through the month of November compared to Thor: Ragnarok. Justice League is based on the comic stories Death and Return of Superman and Justice League: Origin.

There were many changes made to those two comic stories when entering the live cinematic realm. In the comic Justice League Origins, Green Lantern was the among the starting six members of the League. In the film, Aquaman took place of the Green Lantern with great results, slating a solo film release in 2018. Also, in Justice League Origin, the team coincidentally converged together because of the worldwide invasion by Darkseid. In JL 2017, Bruce Wayne went on his search for the metahumans that was discovered on the computer files of Lex Luthor. With the lost of Superman, Bruce needed a force to save the planet from a pending invasion. After gaining some knowledge of the Mother Box, the technology was then used to resurrect Superman. In The Death Of Superman comic, Superman was rejuvenated in the Fortress of Solitude and even wore the iconic black kryptonian suit that fans wanted to see in the JL 2017 film. There was a glimpse of this suit in Man of Steel when General Zod was explaining to Superman the purpose of the Codex.The Flash and Cyborg made their first appearance in the cinematic realm as well. With what we see of Cyborg, would Iron Man or Ultron be match for him? How about the Flash? Do you think the CG used to display his powers are better than Quicksilver in the X-Men movies?

Batman is technically the leader of the Justice League, even though Superman is the most powerful member. At the ending of the film, Bruce decides to use the old Wayne Manor as a base for the League. Is this idea made to replace the Watchtower concept or will The Tower appear in future films? In JL 2017, you can see different versions of Batman which stemmed from various sources. Elements from the game Arkham City,  was seen in the beginning scenes with Batman baiting in the Parademon. During the battle against the Parademon army, Batman wore the batsuit similarity worn in Arkham Knight. Comic fans felt the presence of Owlman when Batman wore his goggles. JL 2017 is the third film Ben Affleck‘s Batman has appeared without his own solo film. There are rumors back n forth whether or not Ben Affleck will continue his role as the Dark Knight. How much different do you think the Justice League movie would have been with the Christian Bale Batman and Christopher Nolan??

During his time on the kryptonian ship, Lex Luthor learned of the universal worlds stored in its computer archive. Here he probably learned of Apokolips and the owners of the mother boxes. Knowing that S.T.A.R. Labs has a mother box in possession, Lex more that likely informed Steppenwolf of this in the deleted scene “Communion“. Not only this, Lex summons could have been another way to destroy Superman in case his monster failed. In the ending scenes of Batman V Superman, Lex informs Batman of Steppenwolf’s future approach, where he ultimately does. What’s interesting in Steppenwolf’s first failed invasion, he retreated Earth on his ship along with his advisors. In his second failed attempt, boom tubes was the mode of transportation to Earth. Also during Steppenwolf’s defeat, a boom tube was activated on his location, instantly teleporting him and his Parademons back to home base. Is it possible that Darkseid sent the boom tube himself to recall his general from ultimate defeat? Was it fitting to bring Steppenwolf to the big screen before Darkseid? What’s also interesting about the boom tube is that it looks and functions very similarly to the BiFrost Bridge used in the Thor films. Does Asgard and Apokolips share more similarities with each other with only the difference being good and evil?

During Stepphenwolf first assault on Earth, The Green Lantern Corps fought alongside the forces of the planet to put a halt to the general and his forces. These Green Lantern officers perished in battle, sending their power rings in the universe looking for worthy replacements. The cameo of the Corps give fans a glimpse of the next super force to join the Justice League. Ryan Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordan in the 2011 film. Will Hal Jordan’s character return to the cinematic universe or will a different Earth Lantern like John Stewart or Guy Gardner take place among the super team? After the Justice League is completed with a Green Lantern, will Darkseid come to Earth himself to face the League?

Just like Batman V Superman, Justice League also had scenes deleted from the theatrical version. Many of these deleted scenes were visuals fans saw in the collection of previews for the movie. With the lost of these particular scenes, fans started a petition to have Zack Synder create a director’s cut to complete the story. Batman V Superman proved to be a greater film when sold as an Ultimate Edition, so why not have a director’s cut from the beginning? With a budget of $300 million, fans expected this film to bring silence to the recent Thor Ragnarok, but instead fell short by $200 million. Zack Synder left his masterpiece because of the death of his daughter and his vision was carried on by Joss Whedon, who is known for working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Question is, with such low rated reviews, will Justice League have another film in the works? If so, will Jack Synder return and direct once more? What will become of the DC Cinematic Universe? Do you think DC Comics will ever stand a chance against the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Goku is the greatest hero in the universe, arguably because he has sacrificed himself many times for his family and friends, but also defeating villains who are considered the worst in the cosmos. Fans across the world have argued on this topic, even debating on who would win in a match up between Goku and Superman. No match is greater than his battles with his once rival and now friend Vegeta. With the power of Vegeta, Goku can become new warriors: Gogeta and VegitoWhich battle of Goku was your favorite? Goku mastered most of the saiyan forms, except for his Oozaru form and has never achieved the Legendary status. Goku would be considered the first saiyan to reach the super saiyan levels without transforming into the Oozaru form, as described in the legendary super saiyan story. Now with his new training, Goku has reached the levels of the Gods. Will this replace the super saiyan 4 level?

Goku always strive to become the best fighter possible. This is one key to his success, not only in a fictional standpoint, but in a realistic view point for us as well. For instance, in the world of health and fitness. Goku’s saiyan heritage allow him to train his body well beyond his limits. Doing several thousand reps of sit ups and push ups under heavy gravity, eating enormous amounts of food and heavy sleeping to nourish and replenish his body. If we were dedicated enough to health and fitness in a similar fashion as Goku, would we push our life expectancy even further to the point of possible immortality?

goku 8

Goku has come from the comic book to television cartoons, thanks to his creator Akira Toriyama. Some comic fans can agree that Akira can be ranked among the top comic book story writers like Stan Lee or Bob Kane. What’s unique about Goku is that the entire series of Dragonball, Dragonball Z , Dragonball Super to Dragonball GT is about his story. Sadly, but very disappointing, fans weren’t able to see their hero in a correct format. Who really enjoyed the live action display: Dragonball Evolution?Are movie producers real fans of such works or was it a failure to have American movie producers create a movie from a Japanese franchise? What could be the best style for a live action film of Dragonball Z? An all CGI movie or real people? Fans around the world must wait for the ” perfect ” Dragonball Z film to hit the big screen, but for how long?…..

goku 6

 Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Goku goes to DeviantArt artist: superpascoal.



Red Skull

red skull

The Red Skull is a result of a troubled childhood, among the worst in Marvel Comics. Before being known as the Red Skull, Johann Shmidt was nearly killed by his father, who constantly abused his mother. Johann later became a runaway orphan at the age of 7 living on the streets. He grew up desiring to take over the world, an ideal which was from while a protge to Adolf Hitler. The Red Skull became the embodiment of Nazi intimidation, in turn making him the #1 enemy to Captain America.


One of Red Skull’s interest was advanced weaponry, which was created by Hitler’s special scientists. These weapons where used in Red Skull’s ruthless rampage through Europe. His growing force of evil even created fear in Hitler. During this time, a mutant weapon was located in the Nazi prison camps by the name of Erik Lehnsherr. If the Red Skull was aware of young Lehnsherr earlier, would there have been a Magneto?


Red Skull has made cameos on television shows such as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Spiderman. The Red Skull was brought to a live action sequence in Captain America: The First Avenger, portrayed by Hugo Weaving. Did Marvel Studios hit the mark with this live character? Will the Red Skull be later revived in the Infinity War Movies Series of Avengers?
red skull 3

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Red Skull goes to DeviantArt artist; codename: OnlyMilo. Excellent Work!

red skull fan art

Dark Phoenix 2019

Dark Phoenix is coming with her solo film in the summer of 2019! This story continues with the young X-Men after Apocalypse. From the trailer and through movie history, comic fans have witnessed the X-Men films are loosely based on the origin comic stories. One thing that can’t be denied is that with each X-Men film created, the visual effects gets better, really displaying the awesome power of mutants! What mutant cameos may we have in this film?? Dark Phoenix is set to release of June 7, stay tuned for our movie review!!

Superman Vs The Hulk

superman vs hulk

One of the most popular crossover battles is with Superman and The Hulk. It’s common that this fight is based solely on favoritism instead of the physical facts which determines the winner. Primarily, both character could be evenly matched when it comes to strength, durability and longevity to a certain degree. Both characters have evolved in power since their origins but who is really the strongest?

fire supes

Superman has greater speed than The Hulk, along with his additional powers of flight, heat vision and super breath. These powers are manifested by Superman’s cells absorbing yellow sunlight. If Superman were to take this battle into the air or space, the battle would be in favor to Superman. The Hulk’s momentum can only produce results if he is grounded. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite and magic but in this fight neither would be available at The Hulk’s disposal.


The Hulk’s strength is produced through his uncontrollable rage, which is due to Bruce Banner exposure to gamma radiation. The more he gets angry the stronger he becomes. Despite not being able to fly, have x-ray or heat vision, the Hulk’s adaptable durability allows him to withstand these powers that Superman may use against him. Superman’s super speed and strength combined would throw Hulk in a blind rage, for fighting a strong and quicker opponent would frustrate and anger him. The Hulk is most vulnerable when he is in the state of Bruce Banner, where Superman and Clark Kent is one in the same….

clark banner

Over the years, both characters have evolved to different levels of power which respectfully makes both characters the top of their class in the Marvel and DC Universe. When heroes battle each other, it’s a test of strength and honor not winner or loser in most cases. Since this crossover battle is so popular among comic fans, how come  Marvel and DC haven’t created a film adaptation of the comic? Until that time and thanks to Michael Habjan, comic fans can get an excellent perspective of how such a battle could happen…..


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Superman vs Hulk goes to the DeviantArt artist fkaleo. Excellent piece of work! Definitely a classic crossover battle!

superman vs hulk fan art



Prince Vegeta proudly flaunted the ruthlessness of his race. Under Frieza‘s rule, Vegeta destroyed many planets and killed millions of innocence without mercy. Like most villains, Vegeta has failed at many of his self-serving goals which severed his potential to become greater. Throughout the years, Vegeta has grown stronger in power and slowing letting go of his harsh ways. Eventually settling down and raising a family, Vegeta learned the righteous morals in life. Finally ending his rivalry with Goku, Vegeta has also been able to keep up with him in the god levels of the saiyan. With this new power, Vegeta was able to bring his former master Frieza to his knees in defeat…

vegeta 45Vegeta developed his arrogant attitude from his place in royalty. Believing only the royal bloodline holds the key to greatest power ( saiyan of legend), Vegeta looked down upon lower class saiyan warriors like Goku. Even the low-class may have great strength potential to become as great or greater than royalty. If the Saiyans weren’t divided into social classes, then maybe that race would still exist….

vegeta 6Some fans believe Vegeta’s true potential was with his mastery of the Oozaru stage. Vegeta grew up believing a saiyan could only become super in the Oozaru stage. If this was so, Vegeta would have reached the level of Super Saiyan long ago, if his tail regenerated from his battle on Earth. Since Vegeta lost his tail, he had to learn how to acquire the super saiyan stage in humanoid form. There were many battles Vegeta could have used his great ape form. Instead of using the Final Flash on Cell as a desperate need to win, what if Vegeta transforms into a golden great ape?!

vegeta3Vegeta was not featured in Dragonball Evolution, to the relief of many fans. Since Vegeta is a master of the Oozaru form, it only stands to reason that correct visuals would have been needed to capture Vegeta in his transformation stage. Is Dragonball Z too complex to become a movie? Should Dragonball Z become a live action movie or a complete CGI movie like Avatar, Final Fantasy or even Beowulf?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Vegeta goes to the DeviantArt artist Leackim7891. Check out his portfolio!!