Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for their most anticipated film, Avengers: Infinity War!  The Infinity War will be a two part film, one releasing in 2018 and the other in 2019. Avengers Infinity War is based upon the Infinity Gauntlet publications of 1991. The films for Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, Spiderman and The Avengers have linked themselves together to create this upcoming mega film. Since Civil War, Black Panther has become an important piece to Marvel’s cinematic universe. Spiderman has his Iron Spider suit, will Captain America wield his energy shield? In the comic publications, the X-Men joined the fight against Thanos as well as the Avengers. Will we see an appearance from Wolverine in this story? How about the Silver Surfer? Wouldn’t he be an important piece when Adam Warlock is introduced to the big screen? This trailer brings so many exciting questions we will have to wait until May 4 2018 to get our answers!! Do you think DC Comics will ever match Marvel Comics in the film industry??


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