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Batman, also known as The Dark Knight, is a crime fighter of Gotham City. Despite being known as a hero, Batman is viewed as a vigilante and even a criminal in the eyes of law enforcement. Batman public persona Bruce Wayne, is a multi billionaire and polymath. Using his resources, Bruce Wayne can successfully manage being a crime fighter with use of special made gadgets, vehicles and costumes, much like Iron Man.


Batman is one of many heroes with no superpowers. But what if he did? What if Batman was a daywalker vampire like Blade or vampiric powers manifest at night like Nina Price? This would make sense for Batman to have these supernatural powers since he battled Dracula himself. Having powers could magnify the fearful image of Batman a thousand fold. Would comics fans accept a new and improved Batman? Just imagine the Dark Knight with powers of Dracula, as shown in the film Dracula Untold. Do you think Batman could take on Superman more effectively this way?

Being a strong-willed and fearless warrior is what makes Batman one of the greatest heroes to enter in the world of crime fighting. Dedicating his life to fight injustice, Batman uses his resources to help form and support the Justice League. As second in command, Batman is in charge of global surveillance and communications. Batman is the third most important member of the Justice League next to Superman and Wonder Woman. batman ff

Batman has become a master of his mind, body and emotions. Having considerable willpower and using fear against injustice, Batman is an excellent candidate for both the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps. Even though Batman was believed to have perished by Darkseid , the false Batman was recruited to the Black Lantern Corps. Later revealed to be among the living, the real Batman was recruited to the The White Lantern Corps. Which Lantern Corps do you think best suits Batman?

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The greatest asset that Batman has is his mind. Because of his development over the years, comic fans would believe that Batman could pretty much beat all superheroes and villains in a battle if enough research was completed. Because of this, you would find Batman in crossover battles against Spawn, Superman, Iron Man and even Dracula. Is Batman really the greatest crime fighter throughout all comics?


Like many characters, Batman has evolved from the comic book to movie screen. Which was your favorite Batman film? Batman has been portrayed by many actors by none have stayed to keep Batman flourishing in cinema. Which actor do you think was the best Batman?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Batman goes to DeviantART artist Dave-Wilkins. Check out Dave-Wilkins complete portfolio!




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