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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a excellent movie among many superhero films! This is the first time that these two characters have met live on film. Critics slammed this movie so much it made comic fans even more intrigued to see it. The weekend total sales for this movie was 424.1 million dollars which shows that movie critics cannot figure out the outcome for such a film. This movie was a mixture of the Frank Miller story of Batman v Superman, Superman: Doomsday, and Justice League War.

The total sales for the film is $873.6 million million dollars.

Likes:  Comic fans were not sure if Ben Affleck could pull of this role because of his previous role as Daredevil, who is among the Marvel Universe. This Batman was very brutal compared what we’ve seen on screen before. This Batman made use of guns and didn’t killing off goons trying to kill him. Since Man of Steel, Clark Kent has become an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet. He takes notice of news reports in Gotham City, of a vigilante spreading fear and chaos throughout the underworld. As for Superman, Clark sees how the world is having a divided opinion about him. In the Man of Steel, Jor-El lets Superman know he is unique and with his powers, he must lead the human race to become better through his example. Clark’s Earth father Jonathan Kent advised Clark the world wasn’t ready for him. No matter how much good Superman does for the planet, some people feel that his presence is making the natural order of the world become disrupted. These lessons are what Clark had to face as Superman in this film…

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The best part of the film is the showdown between the two heroes. What’s interesting about this showdown is that Batman viewed Superman as a threat because of the destruction in Metropolis. Before Superman, humans thought they were alone in the universe. Now an alien from space is now the savior of the planet?? Batman had a vision of a possible future Earth, where Superman decided to use his power for control. Superman viewed Batman as a criminal, and working outside the law goes against what Superman stands for. In the end, Superman can easily destroy Batman with brute force. Batman, on the other hand could outwit Superman and defeat him. So the conclusion is that both characters realized they are better together than against each other. That’s what heroes do!


Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor!!!! This is the most common dislike among most comic fans. If anything, Jesse could play a perfect Riddler. That’s only if The Riddler is featured in any future Batman movies. This is the ONLY dislike Comic Multiverse has rated for this film.


Marvel comics has the “one up” on DC Comics with their costume design. Black Panther and Spiderman of Captain America: Civil War, have eye covers for their masks. Batman did have that feature but only for his armored suit. In this film, we couldn’t see Batman’s vision behind the armored helmet. Its possibly that the appearance of his vision would be similar to Iron Man’s helmet in the MCU. But if Batman’s regular costume was equipped like Black Panther’s, we could see Batman switch through his different visions as shown in most animated films or video games such as Arkham Knight. 

This deleted scene has comic fans speculating. Lex is seen in communion with Steppenwolf. Is it possible that Lex summoned Darkseid to Earth?

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In the comics when Superman return from his death, he was outfitted in a black and silver version of his costume. In the Man of Steel, when Zod was explaining to Clark of his intentions for the Codex, you can see Superman wearing his all black Kryptonian attire. Superman is rumored to return in the Justice League film in his black attire. Some speculate how he may acquire this version. It’s very possible that more suits are aboard the Genesis Chamber Ship, which is still in Metropolis. At the end of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller is giving Bruce Wayne files on metahumans. Is it possible that Bruce will also get access to the ship like Lex did? With this possibility, Bruce could learn of the ship’s technology to improve his own as Batman. He could then learn to repair it for flight to make it as a base for the Justice League. Of course this would create the tension between Bruce and Amanda because it would be theft of government property. Most importantly the ship’s computer would have the knowledge on Kryptonian biology to let Bruce know how to heal Superman. How do you think Superman will return?

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