Superman Vs. Batman

batman vs superman newSuperman vs Batman has always been a hot topic among comic fans for a long time. Because of their popularity, both characters are involved with many crossover battles against foes with similar abilities. Since Batman and Superman are both heroes, a continual battle between the two characters could not exist. Seemingly enough, the only reason for confrontation between Batman and Superman is for dominate leadership over what it means to be a hero.imageMany fans favor Batman because of his dedication to his crime fighting career. Bruce’s determination on becoming the greatest crime fighter he can be, pushed him beyond his physical limits. Wayne’s technology and resources also gives Batman an advantage over Superman / Clark Kent. Batman’s mastery of fear allows him to take on opponents more powerful than himself even if it means certain death. Superman has even considered Batman to be the world’s most dangerous man…batman vs superman2Superman is also a favorite among comic fans because he is one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics history. His superpowers allow him to take on most opponents with little effort. Flight, super speed, invulnerability, longevity, prominent abilities anyone would love to have. Even though Superman is an alien from another world, his values and morals are that of a good humans on Earth. Such great values and morals motivates Superman to use his powers for the good of the people. His normal persona as Clark Kent allows him to live a life as a reporter, keeping him grounded to world issues, thus helping him become a better world hero.batman vs supermanBatman and Superman have many publications where they would battle. Finally, the two characters are featured in the same, live action film: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is Zack Synder‘s take on the battle between the two icons. Who do you think would ultimately win between Superman and Batman?

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