Black Panther Movie Review!!!

Black Panther is one of Marvel Comics most anticipated films of 2018. It pre sold more tickets than any Marvel film, thus placing the movie as the third highest to sell over a weekend. To date, Black Panther has sold $727.9 million dollars worldwide! Captain America: Civil War was the film that ushered the Panther to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Nation of Wakanda was mentioned, as a country rich with Vibranium. Black Panther is a film with great action sequences, excellent African wardrobes, culture and an amazing cast.

Black Panther takes place a week after T’Challa turns Helmut Zemo in for his crimes and for the death of his father T’Chaka. T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to assume the role of King. During this time, Captain America and Bucky are fugitives kept in secret in Wakanda. Wakanda is guarded by a force field which hides the city in plain sight, just like Themyscira in the 2017 Wonder Woman. Wakanda is the only technologically advanced city on Earth. Under the city lies the rich Vibranium mine and the gardens of herbs which is used to give Wakandan kings their powers.

The Vibranium Panther suit was one of greatest features of the movie. The upgraded armor can materialize over the wearer from a special necklace. The user can then mentally command any part of the suit as needed. The vibranium in the suit stores incoming kinetic energy which then can be dispersed out like an explosive wave. This explosion can be used to hurl enemies, destroy vehicles or help catapult the wearer wherever needed. Its major weakness is sonic waves, very similar to the symbiotes of the Venom family. Which character do you think would use Vibranium in their tech more efficiently between Batman and Iron Man?

This film came with not one villain but three. Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan was the major villain followed by the return of Klaue and the Man-Ape M‘Baku. Killmonger turned out to become a favorite villain in cinema because of his connection with the black audience. His goal was to help those of African decent around the world to fight against their oppressors with the advanced technology of Wakanda. When he became King for a brief period, he dawned himself as the Golden Jaguar instead of a Black Panther. He felt that all Africans should share in the wealth of Wakanda instead of just those who reside there. Klaue was last seen retreating for his life after Ultron cuts of his arm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His arm has since been replaced with a sonic blaster, which has the same destructive power as the Panther suit. Klaue is eventually killed by Killmonger, who uses Klaue’s dead corpse as a pass into Wakanda. M’Baku turned out to be much different on screen than how he portrayed in the comics. Instead of being Wakanda’s major villain, M’Baku turned out to be the savior of T’Challa and even helped him reclaim his throne from Killmonger…

Next film slated for the Black Panther is Avengers: Infinity War. From the preview we can see Wakanda is invaded by, what looks like beings from another world. Some of the Avengers are helping the Black Panther defend his hidden nation. What is the Black Panther’s role in the upcoming Infinity War? Will the Black Panther have a second solo film? Now that Disney has acquired the Marvel Characters from Fox Studios, will we see Storm in future Black Panther films as the Queen of Wakanda? So, what were your final thoughts on the Black Panther film??

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