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Saiyans are known as the warrior race with an appetite for battle and power. Broly is the deadliest and most powerful saiyan known to history and is also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly’s power level was so enormous at birth, it put fear in King Vegeta. Broly’s power level matched the King’s and it was predicted Broly will eventually surpass the royal bloodline. King Vegeta ordered Broly to be killed. Even though the attempt was fatal, Broly survived. As a result, Broly’s power doubled and at that point in time, he the strongest saiyan alive. The increase in power allowed infant Broly to shield himself and his father from the explosion of Planet Vegeta. Broly grew to become an uncontrolled superpower capable of destroying planets, solar systems and galaxies, all to feed his desire for destruction.

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Lower class saiyan babies are jettisoned into the universe, to selected planets to be conquered. It seems odd to DBZ fans on why Broly was created with a subconscious annoyance with Goku, simply because of his constant crying as an infant. This hatred for Goku remained with Broly into adulthood which is also confusing to readers to how Broly would recognize Goku in adult form. Goku was destined to purge life on Earth and Broly set to be executed. Through many unforeseen circumstances, their destinies changed, Broly turned out to be the destroyer of the universe while Goku became the protector. In all respects, Broly and Goku is the representation of the light and darkness of the saiyan race.


Comic fans often wonder how Broly would fair against the Z fighters’ most difficult opponents: Kid Buu and Omega Shenron. In the DBZ anime, all the Z fighters including Goku eventually tires out in battle. Replenishment of power comes from available senzu beans or borrowed energy, tactics Broly doesn’t need since he wields the legendary form. Broly’s power would increase dramatically during the intense battle and its even possible that in either battle, Broly could jump through the different levels of super saiyan. Kid Buu would need to absorb Omega Shenron to gain an advantage on Broly. Comic fans even discussed fantasy crossover battles between Broly, Superman and the Hulk. Superman and the Hulk have a lack of knowledge on ki manipulation, so how would they able to withstand Broly’s sheer force? Since Broly appeared to be defeated prematurely in the animated movies, DBZ fans refuse to let the idea of Broly die. Broly’s life is extended in the DBZ universe through video game storylines. Will we get a new set of movies welcoming the return of Broly?!..

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Broly goes to DeviantArt artist Wizyakuza. Check out his gallery!

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