Captain Marvel / Shazam

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Billy Batson became a living dream to most lost children, a symbol of hope and power like a superhero. With the shout of  “SHAZAM!!”, Billy transforms into an adult demigod, similar to Goku transforming into an adult to become Super Saiyan 4. As Captain Marvel, Billy is aligned with such heroes as the Justice League to fight and protect the planet. Because Captain Marvel’s human form is young, his adult super form has adolescent behavior, severing his maximum potential.


The wizard Shazam imprisoned demons that represent The Seven Deadly Sins of Man, which would plague humanity if unchecked. These seven sins are similar to the ones told among religions of the real world, which are the cause for war, destruction and indifference among people. Anyone appointed to become apart of the Shazam Family is responsible for protecting the Earth of such elements. Black Adam was among the Shazam family until he was corrupted by his power and need to rule, much like Sinestro

superman vs shazam

Superman vs Captain Marvel is another popular crossover battle. With physical power and natural abilities, its hard to tell the different between the two in battle. Superman outwits Captain Marvel in battle because of the Captain’s childlike mentality. When their superpowers collide, Captain Marvel dominates Superman. Magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses, which is also the source of Captain Marvel’s superpowers. In DC vs Mortal Kombat ending for Superman, Captain Marvel used knowledge of ancient Krypton to design a costume which repels magical attacks against Superman. Do you think these two characters are strong enough to battle Goku and Vegeta at god levels?….


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Captain Marvel goes to the DeviantArt artist: MarcWasHere!

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  1. […] Shazam has now entered into the DC Cinematic Universe, with great success and minimal criticism from comic fans! To date, the film has generated $332.8 million worldwide and with Rotten Tomatoes rating of 90%, Shazam gains popularity like his cinematic counterparts the Justice League. This 2019 feature is a comedy action adventure for it emphasizes Captain Marvel’s adolescent behavior. This superhero film brings out children’s fantasies of having superpowers, plus displaying the importance of responsibility and family. […]

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