Red Lantern Corps: Dark Phoenix

What if…….Atrocitus was able to recruit the Dark Phoenix to his Red Lantern Corps?! The Phoenix Force is an entity described as the child of the universe, free-spirited and dangerous if not properly controlled or guided on the right path. With this power, Atrocitus could be on the same power levels as the White and Black Lantern Corps

Atrocitus believes he could attract the Phoenix Force to his will by releasing The Butcher.  An older entity could train the younger power on how powerful an emotion like rage is. This is a similar method Atrocitus learned from observing Sith Lords before recruiting them. To achieve his plan, Atrocitus traveled to the time period in the Marvel Universe right after Dark Phoenix consumed a star, killing billions of people in the process. The destruction left in the aftermath fascinated Atrocitus, believing that such devastation could empower his Lantern Corps greatly. Atrocitus intercepted the Phoenix in space flight, releasing the Butcher from the Red Power Battery. The two entities clashed in a cosmic spectacle, becoming familiar with each other, learning and adapting to one another.

As the two entities dance in a cosmic showcase,  Jean Grey’s body hovers in space, waiting for the Phoenix Force to return to it’s host.  Atrocitus used this time to slip the Red Power Ring onto Jean’s finger, sealing the bond between the two entities. Doing this, Atrocitus believed if he can’t have direct control over the Phoenix Force, he could at least have control over its host.

Sensing bondage, the Phoenix Force lashed wildly like an animal being caged. Anger and rage began to grow rapidly in the entity as it struggled. The energy given off by the Phoenix Force was so tremendous, it’s power funneled down to each power ring of the Red Lantern Corps. Members of the Red Lantern Corps no longer had the weakness of blind rage, now that it was consumed by the Phoenix Force. In exchange, each member developed mental clarity strong enough to create the most powerful constructs among all the other Lantern Corps. The Phoenix Force also grants members immortality, as long as the Phoenix Force remains confined in the Red Power Battery.

Also, there is no longer the need to charge the power ring, for the Phoenix Force keeps the rings charged indefinitely. When realizing that rage is just one of many emotions of the Spectrum, The Phoenix Force gained a curiosity for the other Lantern Corps and vowed to conquer them all. With the power of two cosmic entities, can the Red Lantern Corps be stopped in their quest for domination of the Universe?


Superman Vs. Batman

batman vs superman newSuperman vs Batman has always been a hot topic among comic fans for a long time. Because of their popularity, both characters are involved with many crossover battles against foes with similar abilities. Since Batman and Superman are both heroes, a continual battle between the two characters could not exist. Seemingly enough, the only reason for confrontation between Batman and Superman is for dominate leadership over what it means to be a hero.imageMany fans favor Batman because of his dedication to his crime fighting career. Bruce’s determination on becoming the greatest crime fighter he can be, pushed him beyond his physical limits. Wayne’s technology and resources also gives Batman an advantage over Superman / Clark Kent. Batman’s mastery of fear allows him to take on opponents more powerful than himself even if it means certain death. Superman has even considered Batman to be the world’s most dangerous man…batman vs superman2Superman is also a favorite among comic fans because he is one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics history. His superpowers allow him to take on most opponents with little effort. Flight, super speed, invulnerability, longevity, prominent abilities anyone would love to have. Even though Superman is an alien from another world, his values and morals are that of a good humans on Earth. Such great values and morals motivates Superman to use his powers for the good of the people. His normal persona as Clark Kent allows him to live a life as a reporter, keeping him grounded to world issues, thus helping him become a better world hero.batman vs supermanBatman and Superman have many publications where they would battle. Finally, the two characters are featured in the same, live action film: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is Zack Synder‘s take on the battle between the two icons. Who do you think would ultimately win between Superman and Batman?

Comic/Reality Crossover

comicmultiversewallpaperFor years, and many more years to come, comic fans have speculated and debated on who are mightiest heroes and most destructive villains throughout all the comic book universes. Comic Crossovers has come to life with many publications:

crossover publications

The general topic on comic crossovers is the battles between two characters; who’s superpower or resources are more dominant. The Crossover Multiverse will jump into these battles of discussion, exploring the possibilities of the match ups and finding out who is the victor, the defeated or should the bout be an alliance. What is your favorite comic battle?… Let’s come to our world in the multiverse,
Do you think supernatural powers could be real? Are we as humans more than we seem? It could be possible with theories like
Stephen Hawking Universe,

which gives us a perspective on our place in the universe and the knowledge that there are infinite worlds in the cosmos which makes the comic book world very possible. The notion that atoms ( which is our structural make up) and the solar system work so similar, inspires the writer to believe that the solar systems of the universe could be and are the atoms to a greater being…..

Astronomers have sent out radio waves throughout our space exploration history,  in hope of intelligence, which is an inspiration to the film Contact. Scientific facts have shown that the brain is a transmitter and receiver of vibrational frequencies like a radio, but much more powerful than any on our planet. Now think for a moment…. With the thoughts and ideas of comic writers today,  how do we know that their ideas are in fact mental transmissions from real worlds in the universe instead of formulated ideas of fantasy? What if……..

Lets’s look into some sci-fi films. Do you believe, even though most films are fiction, there are movie hinting some truth behind the stories? For example, the film The LawnMower Man. In the clip below the character Jobe explains that the unnaturally phenomenon such as telekinesis, isn’t new but a dormant natural function of man.

We as humans are known only use 10%-15% brain power, so what will happen to use if we use 100% in our daily lives, pushing the brain’s alpha waves to the maximum? Are we returning to our original design? The human body has evolved and still evolving through each generation. Take this news clip of a boy who can see in the dark.

Haven’t we seen this before with Riddick? Movie hints mentioned before, maybe more nonfiction than fiction being portrayed.

Is it human evolution or self-realization? Do we have the dormant genetic codes inside to display feats of power, that people would consider unnatural like the mutant universe X-Men? Or even portrayed in the popular TV Series Heroes?

Or, has true human potential been mentally locked away through the years of developing social structure such as religion, governments, and rationalization? A system of thinking. What if the Matrix trilogy is explaining how to break such mental control on how we view our reality, from a worldly to universal standpoint? And the way to become so much more…..

Just imagine if everyone on Earth could use 100% of their mental and physical potential at once? Immortality could be very possible and the world order would never be the same. Instead of battling each other over resources and power, we must come to realize that we are 1 in the universe among billions of life forms intelligent and unintelligent. How are we to protect ourselves against natural or unnatural universal catastrophes when we are so busy dominating each other? For example, movies such as Knowing and 2012 display natural occurrences that happen throughout the cosmos on planetary systems. Or, movies such as Independence Day or Battleship where there are intelligent life forms in the universe,  that may or may not  come in peace. What real defense do we have against forces like these?

With these known possibilities and facts, comics books is an avenue that fills the void of such possibilities; with heroes that have special gifts, natural or unnatural, that help defend against forces outside of human comprehension, till the day we learn to free our minds….