Thor vs Superman

Superman verus thor

Thor vs Superman is a classic battle that has happened in the comic book JLA/Avengers, which is disappointing to fans. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, is a powerful enchanted weapon giving Thor additional powers like the manipulation of the fundamental forces of the universes . How is it possible for Superman to wield it? Could becoming an officer to the most powerful Lantern Corps ( White and Black) and team leader to the Justice League make him worthy of wielding Mjolnir? This is disappointing to fans because one of Superman’s main weaknesses is vulnerability to magic. Superman barely survived a kryptonite bullet from Metallo, and a fight with Doomsday. So how would he survive the blows from Thor’s mighty hammer?superman vs thor 7Since Thor is a god, he can match Superman’s strength and speed any day. If Thor gets enraged, he enters Warriors’ Madness. In this state Thor’s power increase tenfold, making him mentally uncontrollable, attacking friends and foes alike resulting in devastation. Warrior’s Madness is similar to Wolverine‘s Berserker Rage and a saiyan’s Oozaru form, all increasing the power of the character tenfold.

thor berseker 4

Superman’s powers would need super charging from the yellow sun to battle Thor and to withstand Mjolnir. But what if Superman used his new costume Captain Marvel developed in the Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics storyline to battle Thor? With magic eliminated from this battle, would this make Superman on even terms with Thor? More than likely. Superman is no stranger to fighting god like beings such as Darkseid.

supes marvel dooms

Without that concept Thor would come out as the champion in this fight, due to his magical abilities. Who do you believe is the real victor of this bout?




Spawn Vs Sinestro Corps Batman

batman spawn comic book

In the Image and DC crossover comic, we see Batman and Spawn battle it out for a brief time before teaming up. In reality if Spawn and Batman were to fight, Batman would dominate in hand to hand combat, but Spawn would have the edge because of his supernatural abilities. But what if Batman kept the Yellow Power Ring??  If Batman can remove Hal Jordan’s ring under his notice, understanding the power of any ring would come with relative ease for Batman.

batman yellowBatman could become the greatest yellow lantern next to Sinestro, or even replace him as leader of the Sinestro Corps. With the mastery of the Yellow Power Ring, Batman would dominate Spawn. The yellow power ring is ultimately powered from a cosmic entity versus supernatural powers from Hell’s dimension.  Comic writers should make more stories exploring the possibility of Batman becoming a Green or Yellow Lantern Officer… Don’t you think it’s time for Batman to be permanently endowed with superpowers?

spawn batman 1Spawn’s costume works similar a Lantern Ring in the effect that he could shape shift his armor with concentrated willpower. Just imagine if Spawn was apart of the Black Lantern Corps? This could amplify his powers to unmeasurable levels because Spawn’s would never delete if his armor is constantly feeding itself from the darkness and evil the Black Lantern Corps gives off. Now if Spawn was powered with the Black Power Ring, what do you think the outcome would be if he battled the Sinestro Corps Batman? In the comic storyline, Spawn freed his soul and his armor took on an angelic form. Could this mean Spawn could also become recruited into the White Lantern Corps like Batman?

spawn batman ff

Heroes will battle each other, only to discover strengths and weaknesses between them. Eventually heroes join together to serve a bigger purpose than their battle. Just imagine if a crossover film were produced with the Sinestro Corps Batman and Spawn. This would excite comic fans visually when seeing Batman wield powers with a supernatural being as his partner.

spawn batman

Since Batman DID rejected the Yellow Power Ring, do you think Nightwing would refuse such power? Even the game Injustice is inspired by such idea. Dick Grayson may have a liking in using superpower than his mentor. Batman on many occasions had chances to be among the superpowered but always turned down the power crunch to rely solely on himself as a human.

yellow lantern nightwing



Superman Vs The Hulk

superman vs hulk

One of the most popular crossover battles is with Superman and The Hulk. It’s common that this fight is based solely on favoritism instead of the physical facts which determines the winner. Primarily, both character could be evenly matched when it comes to strength, durability and longevity to a certain degree. Both characters have evolved in power since their origins but who is really the strongest?

fire supes

Superman has greater speed than The Hulk, along with his additional powers of flight, heat vision and super breath. These powers are manifested by Superman’s cells absorbing yellow sunlight. If Superman were to take this battle into the air or space, the battle would be in favor to Superman. The Hulk’s momentum can only produce results if he is grounded. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite and magic but in this fight neither would be available at The Hulk’s disposal.


The Hulk’s strength is produced through his uncontrollable rage, which is due to Bruce Banner exposure to gamma radiation. The more he gets angry the stronger he becomes. Despite not being able to fly, have x-ray or heat vision, the Hulk’s adaptable durability allows him to withstand these powers that Superman may use against him. Superman’s super speed and strength combined would throw Hulk in a blind rage, for fighting a strong and quicker opponent would frustrate and anger him. The Hulk is most vulnerable when he is in the state of Bruce Banner, where Superman and Clark Kent is one in the same….

clark banner

Over the years, both characters have evolved to different levels of power which respectfully makes both characters the top of their class in the Marvel and DC Universe. When heroes battle each other, it’s a test of strength and honor not winner or loser in most cases. Since this crossover battle is so popular among comic fans, how come  Marvel and DC haven’t created a film adaptation of the comic? Until that time and thanks to Michael Habjan, comic fans can get an excellent perspective of how such a battle could happen…..


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Superman vs Hulk goes to the DeviantArt artist fkaleo. Excellent piece of work! Definitely a classic crossover battle!

superman vs hulk fan art