Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a great film! New imagery and vision by a new director brought Star Wars to a new generation. This film has similarities to the New Hope film, lets begin:

  • At the beginning of both films the Empire is searching for information in a invasion type manner against civilians believed to be apart of the Rebellion. In the New Hope, the Empire was searching for plans for the Death Star while in The Force Awakens, the Empire is searching for a map with Luke Skywalker’s location…
  • The main character in this film named Rey also originated on a desert type planet like Luke. Both characters are showcased as excellent pilots. Rey became more in tune with the Force way before Luke..
  • Finn and Rey escape the desert planet in the Millennium Falcon like Luke and Obi-Wan, but this time, the escapees where the pilots of that ship…
  • The ultimate threat of the Empire once again is a planet size weapon capable of destroying other planets. In the Force Awakens, this weapon was the size of an actual planet, with atmosphere and an Earth like landscape. The weapon on A New Hope was the size of a small moon. In both films, the Empire’s weapon is tested on planetary systems connected to the Resistance, a demonstration of their destructive power……

There were differences that left the movie interesting. Interesting enough to leave fans wanting the following films of this trilogy. Let’s begin: 

  • Han Solo is killed by his son, who happens to be the main villain of this film. Rey becomes Chewbacca’s new companion….
  • The villain Kylo Ren is the grandson of Darth Vader. His behavior is that of the early Anakin Skywalker…
  • Finn was apart of the Empire as a Stormtrooper, then later joined the Resistance…

Is the Sith Order gone or is this a new wave of the dark side? Will we ever see Luke Skywalker in action in the future? What will become of Finn?Star Wars The Force Awakens is a great beginning to a new era of Star Wars and a must see for everyone! 



Captain America: Civil War

captain america civil war


captain america vs iron man

Captain America: Civil War is the biggest film among the character’s two films: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier.This film brought in $678.4 million on its first weekend possibly because Civil War felt more of an Avengers film, with for the exception of Thor and The Hulk. Their absence from the film can only suggest that during this cinematic battle, they were on Asgard, a spoiler for the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok. This Civil War film is based on the comic book stories leading up to Captain America battling with Iron Man. What makes this year in comic films exciting is iconic characters in battle with each other thus introducing new characters into the cinematic universe. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is another film in which the iconic characters of DC Comics battle on screen, also heavily based upon comic stories. The cinematic version of Civil War shows how a team of heroes can be split apart by governmental influences and personal loyalties to friends. Which side did you choose? Which live battle sequence did you favor between Dawn of Justice and Civil War?

black panther

Black Panther‘s feature in this film is his big introduction to the cinematic universe. 17 years ago, Wesley Snipes had set his sights on bringing the Black Panther to the big screen. Since its derailment, Wesley’s success for Marvel Comics came with the Blade film series. Actor Chadwick Boseman portrayed the African Prince of Wakanda. His costume design was superior, able to withstand high-caliber bullets without flinching. Could his costume be much stronger than Iron Man’s? The Black Panther’s fighting style and physical feats brought the warrior in a live action sequence perfectly. Battling both Captain America and Bucky took little effort for the warrior. Black Panther was able to damage Captain’s shield with his Vibranium claws and Thor couldn’t dent the shield with his own hammer. Black Panther has his own solo film, released in November of 2017. Was Civil War a perfect introduction for Black Panther or could fans have waited for his solo film?


Spiderman also made a big appearance in this film. Spiderman is portrayed by Tom Holland this time around and is played as Iron Man’s understudy. Fans were able to see Spiderman in action with other heroes other than himself. His adolescent behavior and physical feats, much like in his other films, were a crowd favorite. Iron Man created a new version of Spiderman’s original costume, but with new enhancements, notably the new mechanical eyes on his mask. In the comics, Iron Man created the Iron Spider Armor for Spiderman and not his famous red and blue outfit. Since we have seen this original version of Spiderman’s costume many times in other films, would Spiderman’s entrance in this film have been even monumental if his armor was create instead? Will Tony Stark appear in Spiderman’s upcoming film? Will Tom Holland take the crown as the new Spiderman?

ant man

Another crowd favorite was the return of Ant Man in the cinematic universe. His solo film became a big success for Marvel Comics and his cameo in Civil War help bridge his on screen appearance until his next solo film. In Civil War, Scott learn to manipulate his suit even further thus creating Giant Man. It is confirmed that the Avenger films are leading up to the Infinity War Movies. Ant-Man was not apart of the comic book series Infinity Gauntlet, but will this be one of Marvel’s many changes by including him?



Wonder Woman Movie Review

This 2017 feature of Wonder Woman did $504.9 million in profits, with many mixed reviews which led to the slow-growing sales. Wonder Woman is the second hero of the Justice League to have a solo movie. This film starts out in the present day,  sometime after Superman’s funeral in Batman V Superman. Lex Luthor knew of Diana’s presence and chronological age through a photo taken back in World War 1. This film deals more with that time period instead of the present day.

The original photo was later obtained by Bruce Wayne and given to Diana as a gift of good faith between the heroes. The audience is taken back in time where Diana is growing up on Themyscira. Beginning from an early teen, Diana is secretly training to become a warrior against her mother’s wishes. When this was later found out, Diana was admitted to further training, only on the conditions that her training will be harder than what any Amazon has faced. Later, Themyscira is accidentally discovered by the opposing teams of the current world war. Upon receiving information on the world war, learning the deaths of millions especially woman and children, Diana concluded Ares is the main culprit to the world issues. Diana chose to leave her home hoping to defeat Ares, thus ending world conflicts forever. What Diana learned after Ares’ defeat was mortals could no longer be influenced by the Gods of the past and had the free will to decide peace or war among themselves.

Diana’s mission to defeat Ares was reminiscent of Captain Rogers during his crusade against the Red Skull. In the cinematic timelines of DC and Marvel Comics, Captain Roger’s heroic past was during World War 2 while Diana was in the first World War. Captain America is a biological experiment that was able to dominate the battle field. He turned the tides of the war, seemingly destroying the infamous Hydra, thus spreading his name worldwide. Wonder Woman is a demigod warrior, who easily prevailed during battle because of her powers passed down from the Gods. Her love for the innocent kept her actively involved through the decades protecting the freedoms of the innocent.

After the release of this film, Batman V Superman seemed to flow nicely with the story line of Wonder Woman. Diana took witness of the rise and fall of Superman, an alien with similar strength levels to her own. Batman was someone Diana is impressed by because as a mortal with no powers, his commitment a world hero is common with her core beliefs. More than likely, Batman reminds Wonder Woman of Steve Trevor, a mortal soldier willingly to put his life on the line for the innocent. As such, Diana helped Bruce find the meta humans that were found in Lex Luthor’s computer files. Diana grouped herself with exceptional men once before to take down Ares, now she will do so again. This time the threat is coming from deep space and her band of warriors are standalone heroes like herself that will unite together in the upcoming Justice League movie. Was Wonder Woman educated about universal beings in Themyscira or will this become a whole new experience for the Amazon to face? What are your thoughts for this Wonder Woman release? Leave your comments below and Check Out Side Show Collectibles for exclusive statues of Wonder Woman!!!



UnderWorld: Blood Wars

Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene in UnderWorld: Blood Wars. To date Blood Wars grossed 78.1 million worldwide, pulling in negative reviews from The New York Times and Rotten Tomatoes. UnderWorld is a horror story of the greatest supernatural creatures battling through the centuries for dominance and survival. Van Helsing is another film Kate Beckinsale worked on in which vampire and werewolves share the same script. Let’s review each film leading up to Blood Wars, for this is the fifth film in the series..

The first UnderWorld was released in 2003, in the action/horror category as Blade was closing his film series in 2004. UnderWorld’s impact was big enough to become a solid foundation for the future films. Selene is a death dealer on the hunt for werewolves,  in belief that they  killed her family centuries ago. In this film, the lycans/werewolves, are searching for a human with a unique strain of DNA that will allow the two supernatural species to blend successfully. This union will create a new hybrid immortal, stronger than both the vampires and werewolves. The wanted human is Michael Corvin, who is a direct descendant of the immortal gene. Michael is eventually bitten by both species. He takes on a dark blue appearance with the vampire dominance compared to the next film where his face takes on more of the lycan species.

It was revealed to Selene that it was not the werewolves who slaughtered her family but her coven vampire elder Viktor. Upon killing Viktor, Selene along with Michael are wanted among the UnderWorld.

Evolution is the next movie in the series where Marcus, the first and most powerful vampire is awaken. This movie is a mix between the past and the present for we see the beginnings of the vampire and lycan race. Alexander Corvinus is introduced to the story as the source of the immortal virus. Through the events of the first film, Marcus is mistakely awaken with lycan blood thus transforming him into a hybrid. Unlike Michael’s hybrid form, Marcus is able to take on a batlike appearance, making him more powerful than his normal vampire state. Through the blood memory of the of the lycan and Kraven, Marcus set out to free his brother from centuries of captivity. After witnessing the change  lycan blood did for him, Marcus believed vampire blood could turn his twin brother William into a hybrid as well, with the chance of  him transforming back to human form once again. Evolution reveals the importance on why Selene’s family was killed for they built the prison William was held in along with its location. With these key events, Selene, Michael and Marcus was eventually led to Alexander Corvinus. Marcus seemingly kills Michael, then impaled his own father for the key to his brother’s prison. Before dying, Alexander offers his blood to Selene turning her into a carrier of the original immortal virus. Selene’s strength increased pass any elder and gained the ability to survive in sunlight once again. Upon William’s freedom, the brothers were confronted by Selene and Michael. Michael was able to overpower and kill William because of his hybrid state, a form William failed to receive in time. With her new powers, Selene brought Marcus to his death along with his brother. Selene and Michael are now the last two immortals with the original virus, is it possible that Selene could become a hybrid as well? Is it possible, through his blood, Alexander could have resurrected Lucian, Amelia and Viktor when he was examining their bodies?

The UnderWorld series went into the past with the Rise of the Lycans. This film expanded on the origin of Lucian and the love affair with Viktor’s daughter Sonja .We discovered Lucian was the first lycan, able to revert back and forth from his animal state, unlike the werewolves William created. With this discovery, Viktor used Lucian to create more lycans like himself as daytime guardians for the vampires, in the manner like slaves. As Lucian grows up under Viktor, Lucian also grows close to Sonja. They are secretive lovers for some time, up to Sonja becoming pregnant with Lucian’s child. With this, Viktor ordered Sonja’s death in front of Lucian, for he forbade the blending of the species. With the help of the survived lycans and the werewolf horde, Lucian acted his revenge on Viktor, nearly killing him and destroying his coven. Viktor, the hibernating Marcus and Ameila, and the historian Tanis, were the only survivors of the retreat. One confusing point was Lucian and Sonja is not of the original Corvinus bloodline. Since their blood was mixed within the child, Sonja and the fetus would not have survived either way right? Also, why wasn’t a sequel made for this film? The sequel could have been a backstory of when Kraven misled the coven into believing he slain Lucian. This backstory would also show Viktor eliminating Selene’s family thus making her a vampire. That story didn’t make it to the big screen and could have been a great addition to the series.  Hopefully we will see this film in the future………

Awakening is the next movie to follow Evolution, where the humans became aware of the lycan/vampire species, declaring termination on sight. Selene and Michael is captured among all the other immortals. The importance of their apprehension was confusing for how would anyone know of their increased powers, when all the witnesses were deceased? Awakening revealed that Selene and Michael had a child named Eve, who was the first born, perfect hybrid. Eve is linked to her parents where they can locate one another with mental eyesight. The lycans are studying Eve’s genetics to find complete immunity from all forms of silver. Along the way, a new hybrid lycan is created using the original blood of Corvinus, much like Selene’s transformation to Corvinus blood. Would William have taken on this monstrous hybrid appearance as well if he received blood from his father Alexander? Selene gains a new ally named David, who replaced Michael in the male lead role to Selene. In the ending of the film, the mental link that Selene and Eve saw is believed to be Michael finally escaping his captives.

Blood Wars is next in UnderWorld timeline where the lycans have driven the vampires down to extinction. In Awakening, it was believed both species were suffering extinction but really the lycans had the winning side. Marius is the new lycan leader, with enhanced lycan abilites. In the end of Awakening, the audience believed Michael was escaping his icy prison when really he was being abducted by Marius and his men. Marius gained his new powers by draining the blood from Michael then creating a serum from it. David is revealed to be Amelia’s son, thus making him the heir of the Eastern Coven. Selene gains additional abilities from the Nordiac Coven, in the process killing Marius and avenging Michael. Eve finally is brought in the ending of the film for she was still mentally linked to Selene even though Selene was not linked to Eve. Through all the events of UnderWorld, Selene becomes a powerful elder. Will Michael ever return to the UnderWorld franchise? Producer Len Wiseman claimed there is a 6th film in development, what could be the story plot for this film? Will Selene’s powers increase even further? What will become of the Lycans now that two of their most powerful leaders have fallen? Blade was rumored to become a crossover feature for UnderWorld but was declined. Do you believe Blade could bring back the high interest in the UnderWorld franchise or would he hurt it even further?

Suicide Squad


suicide squad

Movie Review!!

Suicide Squad was released on August 5th, with $267 million made on its opening weekend. When first released, Suicide Squad was set to have a R rating. With various scene cuts, the film was level down to PG-13 like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Why again? Deadpool held no punches back with it’s R rated release and the film became a huge win for Marvel Comics. Many comic fans have mixed feelings for the film, more negative than positive. Many feel the story or threat for the Suicide Squad could have been better. What was your take on the film?suicide squad3

The Suicide Squad is a group of dangerous criminals collected together by Amanda Waller, to take on assignments designed for no return or assignments to place blame on the criminals if spun out of control. These outlaws are individuals brought down by Batman, for the exception of Captain Boomerang, who is a criminal that commonly battles The Flash. The Flash makes an appearance in this film, but only briefly. Will Smith took the role of Deadshot, which is a change in character ethnicity like Laurence Fishburne taking the role of Perry White in Zack Synder‘s Superman. This movie is the reason Will Smith turned down Independence Day: Resurgence. Do you think Will Smith should have done the Independence Day sequel instead of this movie?

suicide squad 2

Batman also had a small cameo in this film, which were flashback memories with DeadShot and Harley Quinn. Even Ben Affleck made his small cameo at the mid credit scene, showing Bruce Wayne on his mission to form his super team of heroes. Affleck’s Batman is the first character to cameo in different films other than his own feature film. Is Batman the center piece for future DC films?


This film introduced the third Joker on film, which was portrayed by Jared Leto. This style of Joker is very different from the previous ones. This Joker has more of a rock star element, with the tattoos, silver teeth and jewelry. It was suggested that this Joker is actually Jason Todd, the former Robin, with few hints mentioned in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s unique about this film is the history and developing relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn. Do you think this was an excellent portrayal of the two lovers? Do you think this is the last we’ll see of the Suicide Squad or will they return in Batman’s solo film?

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suicide squd 4





Spiderman: Homecoming Movie Review!!

How did you like SpiderMan: Homecoming? To date, the film grossed $467.3 million with War for the Planet of the Apes being released a week after. Spiderman is introduced in Civil War by Tony Stark during the attempted capture of Captain America and Bucky. This film expands on the relationship between Peter and Tony, even portraying events that led up to the battle in Civil War. This is not an origin story of Spiderman, more of an origin on his future involvement with the Avengers.

 The Spider suit was one of the highlights of Homecoming! As found in the comics, Stark created suits for Spiderman to further enhance his crime fighting abilities. The traditional blue, red and black design was kept, but was upgraded with Stark’s technology. The technology allowed Spiderman to execute the different web abilities we know from the comics. Various combinations such as taser web, rapid fire, web grenades even the famous web wings were utilized during different sequences. The spidey mask was enhanced with thermal mapping, facial recognition, navigation, even a user interface called Karen. Karen functions with the suit like J.A.R.V.I.S does with the Iron Man armors. At the end of the film, Tony created another suit for Peter in hopes of him joining The Avengers. That suit didn’t receive much screen time, for Peter declined Tony’s offer of membership. What type of upgrades does that suit have that we haven’t seen yet on-screen?

What was your take on Michael Keaton playing the Vulture?? This was also a highlight for the film because Batman was an iconic role for Keaton in the cinematic universe of DC Comics. Now crossing into Marvel Comics, Keaton portrays the cinematic version of Vulture, who is a salvage owner in New York City. His team was responsible for the cleanup after Loki‘s attempt to conquer the planet in the first Avengers film.  After being put out of business, Toomes and his employees kept some of the alien technology to create weapons for the underground market. The Shocker character was also involved in this film as a member of Toomes’s team. The Shocker was portrayed by actor Bokeem Woodbine. Do you think the Shocker was necessary for this film?

Now, the question that everyone has asked: who do you think was the ultimate Spiderman between Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland?? Toby was able to portray the wall crawler in a 3 movie series which grossed $2.4 billion worldwide. These 3 films were a big hit for the character Spiderman in the cinematic universe and Marvel Comics. Next, Andrew Garfield became web slinger in the Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2.  These two films grossed $1.4 billion dollars worldwide. Andrew’s version of Spiderman was to be a reboot trilogy, only to be replaced by Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Instead of another origin story, Tom’s Spiderman is being incorporated with the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe namely with the Avengers. If you read the comics you would know Spiderman is involved in the upcoming war against Thanos.  Let us know what you thought of this third installment of Spiderman in the comment section below. Also
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Star Trek: Beyond

star trek

Movie Review!!

This Movie Review of Star Beyond will also feature Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek: Into Darkness

Paramount Pictures released the third Star Trek film titled Beyond. Its opening weekend brought in $89.6 million, which is higher than the opening weekends of the first two films of 2009 and 2013. Many supporters feel Star Trek is very popular as Star Wars in the sci-fiction film category. Coincidentally, J.J. Abrams is the current director behind the two space franchises. Star Trek is set to have a fourth film in later years. How long will this film series continue or will Star Trek be reinvented once more in the future?

star trek one

With J.J. Abrams visionary talent, Star Trek has been rebooted keeping its 50 year essence in tact. New actors resembling the original crew were excellent choices among fans and most importantly the visuals. In each of the films, you notice the progression of Captain Kirk also the rising experience, personality, and family bonding of the crew. With the Enterprise, you will take notice of science theories regarding space travel at light speeds. As you can see, J.J was not shy in having the Enterprise destroyed in each film!

star trek beyone

All three movies featured its on unique villain. What so similar between the villains of each movie is that they all have a revenge mission on the Federation. Nero is a Romulan seeking to destroy Earth with a weapon that can create black holes in space. Nero revenge stemmed from the destruction of his homeworld which he believed could be saved. Khan is the second villain who sought to destroy the Federation for being used to create weapons which would start a war between two worlds. Also Khan was threaten with death along with the last of his people. The third villain is Krall, a once human and a captain. His gripe with the Federation is that Earth became unified with her universal enemies thus the Federation. Krall also felt forgotten about when his ship was disabled out on a mission. These villains see the Federation as an armada that has a vision to control the universe. Which of the three films did you like the most?

star trek2

Sadly, the original Spock Leonard Nimoy, and actor Anton Yelchin have passed away. Leonard passed during the pre-production of Beyond and Anton pass in June, a month before the movie’s release. Star Trek Beyond is dedicated to the memory of both actors. Interestingly, Leonard second marriage was to Susan Bay, who is cousins with the famous film director Michael Bay.



Deadpool 2 Movie Review!!!

Deadpool is back again! The first film’s huge success quickly ushered the second feature, which grossed $598.2 million to date. The cinematic version of Deadpool is displayed as a spoof movie or a parody to the Marvel films and is closely related to the X-Men franchise. Deadpool still struggles to fight justice in a civil fashion like most heroes. His humorous punch lines and graphic action sequences help draw in big audiences for an R-rated Marvel Film since the Blade movies and Logan. 

What was your take on Josh Brolin playing Cable? Cable coming to the big screen is a great look for the X-Men series, but there were some powers and abilities about Cable that were not explored, which could have made this character just as good as the portrayal of Thanos. For instance, like his mother Jean Grey, Cable is an Omega Level mutant with the power of telepathy and telekinesis. His telekinetic powers seem more remotely used by his cybernetic eye, which in the comics was more used to detect psionic energy. With the heavy use of telekinesis and telepathy in this film, Cable would be mistaken for a Force User! Also, Cable is able to call force fields and make use of his time traveling device but we missed the use of his teleportation mechanism. In the comics, Deadpool makes use of the teleportation gadget where in the movie he uses the time device as his own. This is just one of many things that confused the depiction of Deadpool on-screen. It could also be the reason in the ending credits, Deadpool enters X-Men Origins: Wolverine and kills that version of Deadpool. In DP2, Cable’s mission is to destroy the mutant Firefist before he kills Cable’s family in the future.

In Marvel Comics, X-Force is a team that was created by Cable in efforts to take down mutant terrorists around the world. In Deadpool 2, Wade was responsible for creating X-Force in hopes of saving Firefist from prison and Cable. Much of Deadpool’s recruits didn’t survive and what was left of X-Force eventually consisted of Cable, Deadpool, and Domino. Her feature on this film was excellent and the display of her mutant powers as a luck charm was interesting to see. Question is, if Domino can dominate luck into her favor, wouldn’t she be more deadly than Deadpool and Cable? Wouldn’t she also a difficult target to eliminate?

Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio return to aid Wade in his action packed adventures. A version of Yukio is featured in The Wolverine, which was a character that was heavily mentioned in both films. Yukio in The Wolverine was able to sense impending death on an individual and in DP2 she can wield electricity. Even though Hugh Jackman states that he’s done playing Wolverine, wouldn’t it be cool for him to play the role once more for either possibly the next Deadpool or an Avengers feature? There were other X-Men cameos in this film such as Beast, Cyclops, Quicksilver and Professor Xavier. All characters we’ve seen in the other X-Men movies, Negasonic Teenage Warhead would be a new addition, but why was Colossus created different from his earlier version in X2 and Days of Future Past? Why was this Colossus always in his organic steel form where in the other films, the character was in his relaxed human form, especially in the X-Mansion where no danger was present?

What is your take on the film? Do you think it measures up to the first film or it was completely better? It’s not confirmed whether or not a 3rd film will be made or X-Force will be the next installment to the X-Men franchise. If Wade returns, who do you think should be in it?

Leave your comments below and

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Black Panther Movie Review!!!

Black Panther is one of Marvel Comics most anticipated films of 2018. It pre sold more tickets than any Marvel film, thus placing the movie as the third highest to sell over a weekend. To date, Black Panther has sold $727.9 million dollars worldwide! Captain America: Civil War was the film that ushered the Panther to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Nation of Wakanda was mentioned, as a country rich with Vibranium. Black Panther is a film with great action sequences, excellent African wardrobes, culture and an amazing cast. Let’s get into what made the movie so great….

Black Panther takes place a week after T’Challa turns Helmut Zemo in for his crimes and for the death of his father T’Chaka. T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to assume the role of King. During this time, Captain America and Bucky are fugitives kept in secret in Wakanda.  Wakanda is guarded by a force field which hides the city in plain sight, just like Themyscira in the 2017 Wonder Woman. Wakanda is the only technologically advanced city on Earth. Under the city lies the rich Vibranium mine and the gardens of herbs which is used to give Wakandan kings their powers.

The Vibranium Panther suit was one of greatest features of the movie. The upgraded armor can materialize over the wearer from a special necklace. The user can then mentally command any part of the suit as needed. The vibranium in the suit stores incoming kinetic energy which then can be dispersed out like an explosive wave. This explosion can be used to hurl enemies, destroy vehicles or help catapult the wearer wherever needed. Its major weakness is sonic waves, very similar to the symbiotes of the Venom family. Which character do you think would use Vibranium in their tech more efficiently between Batman and Iron Man?

This film came with not one villain but three. Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan was the major villain followed by the return of Klaue and the Man-Ape M‘Baku. Killmonger turned out to become a favorite villain in cinema because of his connection with the black audience. His goal was to help those of African decent around the world to fight against their oppressors with the advanced technology of Wakanda. When he became King for a brief period, he dawned himself as the Golden Jaguar instead of a Black Panther. He felt that all Africans should share in the wealth of Wakanda instead of just those who reside there. Klaue was last seen retreating for his life after Ultron cuts of his arm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His arm has since been replaced with a sonic blaster, which has the same destructive power as the Panther suit. Klaue is eventually killed by Killmonger, who uses Klaue’s dead corpse as a pass into Wakanda. M’Baku turned out to be much different on screen than how he portrayed in the comics. Instead of being Wakanda’s major villain, M’Baku turned out to be the savior of T’Challa and even helped him reclaim his throne from Killmonger…

Next film slated for the Black Panther is Avengers: Infinity War. From the preview we can see Wakanda is invaded by, what looks like beings from another world. Some of the Avengers are helping the Black Panther defend his hidden nation. What is the Black Panther’s role in the upcoming Infinity War? Will the Black Panther have a second solo film? Now that Disney has acquired the Marvel Characters from Fox Studios, will we see Storm in future Black Panther films as the Queen of Wakanda? So, what were your final thoughts on the Black Panther film??

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Justice League Movie Review!!

Justice League generated $93.8 million on its opening weekend and to date, has grossed $626 million worldwide. Justice League is a continuation of the story started with the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the Justice League was highly anticipated for DC Comics, it slowly grossed through the month of November compared to Thor: Ragnarok. Justice League is based on the comic stories Death and Return of Superman and Justice League: Origin.

There were many changes made to those two comic stories when entering the live cinematic realm. In the comic Justice League Origins, Green Lantern was the among the starting six members of the League. In the film, Aquaman took place of the Green Lantern with great results, slating a solo film release in 2018. Also, in Justice League Origin, the team coincidentally converged together because of the worldwide invasion by Darkseid. In JL 2017, Bruce Wayne went on his search for the metahumans that was discovered on the computer files of Lex Luthor. With the lost of Superman, Bruce needed a force to save the planet from a pending invasion. After gaining some knowledge of the Mother Box, the technology was then used to resurrect Superman. In The Death Of Superman comic, Superman was rejuvenated in the Fortress of Solitude and even wore the iconic black kryptonian suit that fans wanted to see in the JL 2017 film. There was a glimpse of this suit in Man of Steel when General Zod was explaining to Superman the purpose of the Codex.The Flash and Cyborg made their first appearance in the cinematic realm as well. With what we see of Cyborg, would Iron Man or Ultron be match for him? How about the Flash? Do you think the CG used to display his powers are better than Quicksilver in the X-Men movies?

Batman is technically the leader of the Justice League, even though Superman is the most powerful member. At the ending of the film, Bruce decides to use the old Wayne Manor as a base for the League. Is this idea made to replace the Watchtower concept or will The Tower appear in future films? In JL 2017, you can see different versions of Batman which stemmed from various sources. Elements from the game Arkham City,  was seen in the beginning scenes with Batman baiting in the Parademon. During the battle against the Parademon army, Batman wore the batsuit similarity worn in Arkham Knight. Comic fans felt the presence of Owlman when Batman wore his goggles. JL 2017 is the third film Ben Affleck‘s Batman has appeared without his own solo film. There are rumors back n forth whether or not Ben Affleck will continue his role as the Dark Knight. How much different do you think the Justice League movie would have been with the Christian Bale Batman and Christopher Nolan??

During his time on the kryptonian ship, Lex Luthor learned of the universal worlds stored in its computer archive. Here he probably learned of Apokolips and the owners of the mother boxes. Knowing that S.T.A.R. Labs has a mother box in possession, Lex more that likely informed Steppenwolf of this in the deleted scene “Communion“. Not only this, Lex summons could have been another way to destroy Superman in case his monster failed. In the ending scenes of Batman V Superman, Lex informs Batman of Steppenwolf’s future approach, where he ultimately does. What’s interesting in Steppenwolf’s first failed invasion, he retreated Earth on his ship along with his advisors. In his second failed attempt, boom tubes was the mode of transportation to Earth. Also during Steppenwolf’s defeat, a boom tube was activated on his location, instantly teleporting him and his Parademons back to home base. Is it possible that Darkseid sent the boom tube himself to recall his general from ultimate defeat? Was it fitting to bring Steppenwolf to the big screen before Darkseid? What’s also interesting about the boom tube is that it looks and functions very similarly to the BiFrost Bridge used in the Thor films. Does Asgard and Apokolips share more similarities with each other with only the difference being good and evil?

During Stepphenwolf first assault on Earth, The Green Lantern Corps fought alongside the forces of the planet to put a halt to the general and his forces. These Green Lantern officers perished in battle, sending their power rings in the universe looking for worthy replacements. The cameo of the Corps give fans a glimpse of the next super force to join the Justice League. Ryan Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordan in the 2011 film. Will Hal Jordan’s character return to the cinematic universe or will a different Earth Lantern like John Stewart or Guy Gardner take place among the super team? After the Justice League is completed with a Green Lantern, will Darkseid come to Earth himself to face the League?

Just like Batman V Superman, Justice League also had scenes deleted from the theatrical version. Many of these deleted scenes were visuals fans saw in the collection of previews for the movie. With the lost of these particular scenes, fans started a petition to have Zack Synder create a director’s cut to complete the story. Batman V Superman proved to be a greater film when sold as an Ultimate Edition, so why not have a director’s cut from the beginning? With a budget of $300 million, fans expected this film to bring silence to the recent Thor Ragnarok, but instead fell short by $200 million. Zack Synder left his masterpiece because of the death of his daughter and his vision was carried on by Joss Whedon, who is known for working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Question is, with such low rated reviews, will Justice League have another film in the works? If so, will Jack Synder return and direct once more? What will become of the DC Cinematic Universe? Do you think DC Comics will ever stand a chance against the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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