Star Trek: Beyond

star trek

Movie Review!!

This Movie Review of Star Beyond will also feature Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek: Into Darkness

Paramount Pictures released the third Star Trek film titled Beyond. Its opening weekend brought in $89.6 million, which is higher than the opening weekends of the first two films of 2009 and 2013. Many supporters feel Star Trek is very popular as Star Wars in the sci-fiction film category. Coincidentally, J.J. Abrams is the current director behind the two space franchises. Star Trek is set to have a fourth film in later years. How long will this film series continue or will Star Trek be reinvented once more in the future?

star trek one

With J.J. Abrams visionary talent, Star Trek has been rebooted keeping its 50 year essence in tact. New actors resembling the original crew were excellent choices among fans and most importantly the visuals. In each of the films, you notice the progression of Captain Kirk also the rising experience, personality, and family bonding of the crew. With the Enterprise, you will take notice of science theories regarding space travel at light speeds. As you can see, J.J was not shy in having the Enterprise destroyed in each film!

star trek beyone

All three movies featured its on unique villain. What so similar between the villains of each movie is that they all have a revenge mission on the Federation. Nero is a Romulan seeking to destroy Earth with a weapon that can create black holes in space. Nero revenge stemmed from the destruction of his homeworld which he believed could be saved. Khan is the second villain who sought to destroy the Federation for being used to create weapons which would start a war between two worlds. Also Khan was threaten with death along with the last of his people. The third villain is Krall, a once human and a captain. His gripe with the Federation is that Earth became unified with her universal enemies thus the Federation. Krall also felt forgotten about when his ship was disabled out on a mission. These villains see the Federation as an armada that has a vision to control the universe. Which of the three films did you like the most?

star trek2

Sadly, the original Spock Leonard Nimoy, and actor Anton Yelchin have passed away. Leonard passed during the pre-production of Beyond and Anton pass in June, a month before the movie’s release. Star Trek Beyond is dedicated to the memory of both actors. Interestingly, Leonard second marriage was to Susan Bay, who is cousins with the famous film director Michael Bay.



Deadpool 2 Movie Review!!!

Deadpool is back again! The first film’s huge success quickly ushered the second feature, which grossed $598.2 million to date. The cinematic version of Deadpool is displayed as a spoof movie or a parody to the Marvel films and is closely related to the X-Men franchise. Deadpool still struggles to fight justice in a civil fashion like most heroes. His humorous punch lines and graphic action sequences help draw in big audiences for an R-rated Marvel Film since the Blade movies and Logan. 

What was your take on Josh Brolin playing Cable? Cable coming to the big screen is a great look for the X-Men series, but there were some powers and abilities about Cable that were not explored, which could have made this character just as good as the portrayal of Thanos. For instance, like his mother Jean Grey, Cable is an Omega Level mutant with the power of telepathy and telekinesis. His telekinetic powers seem more remotely used by his cybernetic eye, which in the comics was more used to detect psionic energy. With the heavy use of telekinesis and telepathy in this film, Cable would be mistaken for a Force User! Also, Cable is able to call force fields and make use of his time traveling device but we missed the use of his teleportation mechanism. In the comics, Deadpool makes use of the teleportation gadget where in the movie he uses the time device as his own. This is just one of many things that confused the depiction of Deadpool on-screen. It could also be the reason in the ending credits, Deadpool enters X-Men Origins: Wolverine and kills that version of Deadpool. In DP2, Cable’s mission is to destroy the mutant Firefist before he kills Cable’s family in the future.

In Marvel Comics, X-Force is a team that was created by Cable in efforts to take down mutant terrorists around the world. In Deadpool 2, Wade was responsible for creating X-Force in hopes of saving Firefist from prison and Cable. Much of Deadpool’s recruits didn’t survive and what was left of X-Force eventually consisted of Cable, Deadpool, and Domino. Her feature on this film was excellent and the display of her mutant powers as a luck charm was interesting to see. Question is, if Domino can dominate luck into her favor, wouldn’t she be more deadly than Deadpool and Cable? Wouldn’t she also a difficult target to eliminate?

Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio return to aid Wade in his action packed adventures. A version of Yukio is featured in The Wolverine, which was a character that was heavily mentioned in both films. Yukio in The Wolverine was able to sense impending death on an individual and in DP2 she can wield electricity. Even though Hugh Jackman states that he’s done playing Wolverine, wouldn’t it be cool for him to play the role once more for either possibly the next Deadpool or an Avengers feature? There were other X-Men cameos in this film such as Beast, Cyclops, Quicksilver and Professor Xavier. All characters we’ve seen in the other X-Men movies, Negasonic Teenage Warhead would be a new addition, but why was Colossus created different from his earlier version in X2 and Days of Future Past? Why was this Colossus always in his organic steel form where in the other films, the character was in his relaxed human form, especially in the X-Mansion where no danger was present?

What is your take on the film? Do you think it measures up to the first film or it was completely better? It’s not confirmed whether or not a 3rd film will be made or X-Force will be the next installment to the X-Men franchise. If Wade returns, who do you think should be in it?

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Black Panther Movie Review!!!

Black Panther is one of Marvel Comics most anticipated films of 2018. It pre sold more tickets than any Marvel film, thus placing the movie as the third highest to sell over a weekend. To date, Black Panther has sold $727.9 million dollars worldwide! Captain America: Civil War was the film that ushered the Panther to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Nation of Wakanda was mentioned, as a country rich with Vibranium. Black Panther is a film with great action sequences, excellent African wardrobes, culture and an amazing cast. Let’s get into what made the movie so great….

Black Panther takes place a week after T’Challa turns Helmut Zemo in for his crimes and for the death of his father T’Chaka. T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to assume the role of King. During this time, Captain America and Bucky are fugitives kept in secret in Wakanda.  Wakanda is guarded by a force field which hides the city in plain sight, just like Themyscira in the 2017 Wonder Woman. Wakanda is the only technologically advanced city on Earth. Under the city lies the rich Vibranium mine and the gardens of herbs which is used to give Wakandan kings their powers.

The Vibranium Panther suit was one of greatest features of the movie. The upgraded armor can materialize over the wearer from a special necklace. The user can then mentally command any part of the suit as needed. The vibranium in the suit stores incoming kinetic energy which then can be dispersed out like an explosive wave. This explosion can be used to hurl enemies, destroy vehicles or help catapult the wearer wherever needed. Its major weakness is sonic waves, very similar to the symbiotes of the Venom family. Which character do you think would use Vibranium in their tech more efficiently between Batman and Iron Man?

This film came with not one villain but three. Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan was the major villain followed by the return of Klaue and the Man-Ape M‘Baku. Killmonger turned out to become a favorite villain in cinema because of his connection with the black audience. His goal was to help those of African decent around the world to fight against their oppressors with the advanced technology of Wakanda. When he became King for a brief period, he dawned himself as the Golden Jaguar instead of a Black Panther. He felt that all Africans should share in the wealth of Wakanda instead of just those who reside there. Klaue was last seen retreating for his life after Ultron cuts of his arm in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His arm has since been replaced with a sonic blaster, which has the same destructive power as the Panther suit. Klaue is eventually killed by Killmonger, who uses Klaue’s dead corpse as a pass into Wakanda. M’Baku turned out to be much different on screen than how he portrayed in the comics. Instead of being Wakanda’s major villain, M’Baku turned out to be the savior of T’Challa and even helped him reclaim his throne from Killmonger…

Next film slated for the Black Panther is Avengers: Infinity War. From the preview we can see Wakanda is invaded by, what looks like beings from another world. Some of the Avengers are helping the Black Panther defend his hidden nation. What is the Black Panther’s role in the upcoming Infinity War? Will the Black Panther have a second solo film? Now that Disney has acquired the Marvel Characters from Fox Studios, will we see Storm in future Black Panther films as the Queen of Wakanda? So, what were your final thoughts on the Black Panther film??

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Justice League Movie Review!!

Justice League generated $93.8 million on its opening weekend and to date, has grossed $626 million worldwide. Justice League is a continuation of the story started with the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the Justice League was highly anticipated for DC Comics, it slowly grossed through the month of November compared to Thor: Ragnarok. Justice League is based on the comic stories Death and Return of Superman and Justice League: Origin.

There were many changes made to those two comic stories when entering the live cinematic realm. In the comic Justice League Origins, Green Lantern was the among the starting six members of the League. In the film, Aquaman took place of the Green Lantern with great results, slating a solo film release in 2018. Also, in Justice League Origin, the team coincidentally converged together because of the worldwide invasion by Darkseid. In JL 2017, Bruce Wayne went on his search for the metahumans that was discovered on the computer files of Lex Luthor. With the lost of Superman, Bruce needed a force to save the planet from a pending invasion. After gaining some knowledge of the Mother Box, the technology was then used to resurrect Superman. In The Death Of Superman comic, Superman was rejuvenated in the Fortress of Solitude and even wore the iconic black kryptonian suit that fans wanted to see in the JL 2017 film. There was a glimpse of this suit in Man of Steel when General Zod was explaining to Superman the purpose of the Codex.The Flash and Cyborg made their first appearance in the cinematic realm as well. With what we see of Cyborg, would Iron Man or Ultron be match for him? How about the Flash? Do you think the CG used to display his powers are better than Quicksilver in the X-Men movies?

Batman is technically the leader of the Justice League, even though Superman is the most powerful member. At the ending of the film, Bruce decides to use the old Wayne Manor as a base for the League. Is this idea made to replace the Watchtower concept or will The Tower appear in future films? In JL 2017, you can see different versions of Batman which stemmed from various sources. Elements from the game Arkham City,  was seen in the beginning scenes with Batman baiting in the Parademon. During the battle against the Parademon army, Batman wore the batsuit similarity worn in Arkham Knight. Comic fans felt the presence of Owlman when Batman wore his goggles. JL 2017 is the third film Ben Affleck‘s Batman has appeared without his own solo film. There are rumors back n forth whether or not Ben Affleck will continue his role as the Dark Knight. How much different do you think the Justice League movie would have been with the Christian Bale Batman and Christopher Nolan??

During his time on the kryptonian ship, Lex Luthor learned of the universal worlds stored in its computer archive. Here he probably learned of Apokolips and the owners of the mother boxes. Knowing that S.T.A.R. Labs has a mother box in possession, Lex more that likely informed Steppenwolf of this in the deleted scene “Communion“. Not only this, Lex summons could have been another way to destroy Superman in case his monster failed. In the ending scenes of Batman V Superman, Lex informs Batman of Steppenwolf’s future approach, where he ultimately does. What’s interesting in Steppenwolf’s first failed invasion, he retreated Earth on his ship along with his advisors. In his second failed attempt, boom tubes was the mode of transportation to Earth. Also during Steppenwolf’s defeat, a boom tube was activated on his location, instantly teleporting him and his Parademons back to home base. Is it possible that Darkseid sent the boom tube himself to recall his general from ultimate defeat? Was it fitting to bring Steppenwolf to the big screen before Darkseid? What’s also interesting about the boom tube is that it looks and functions very similarly to the BiFrost Bridge used in the Thor films. Does Asgard and Apokolips share more similarities with each other with only the difference being good and evil?

During Stepphenwolf first assault on Earth, The Green Lantern Corps fought alongside the forces of the planet to put a halt to the general and his forces. These Green Lantern officers perished in battle, sending their power rings in the universe looking for worthy replacements. The cameo of the Corps give fans a glimpse of the next super force to join the Justice League. Ryan Reynolds portrayed Hal Jordan in the 2011 film. Will Hal Jordan’s character return to the cinematic universe or will a different Earth Lantern like John Stewart or Guy Gardner take place among the super team? After the Justice League is completed with a Green Lantern, will Darkseid come to Earth himself to face the League?

Just like Batman V Superman, Justice League also had scenes deleted from the theatrical version. Many of these deleted scenes were visuals fans saw in the collection of previews for the movie. With the lost of these particular scenes, fans started a petition to have Zack Synder create a director’s cut to complete the story. Batman V Superman proved to be a greater film when sold as an Ultimate Edition, so why not have a director’s cut from the beginning? With a budget of $300 million, fans expected this film to bring silence to the recent Thor Ragnarok, but instead fell short by $200 million. Zack Synder left his masterpiece because of the death of his daughter and his vision was carried on by Joss Whedon, who is known for working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Question is, with such low rated reviews, will Justice League have another film in the works? If so, will Jack Synder return and direct once more? What will become of the DC Cinematic Universe? Do you think DC Comics will ever stand a chance against the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Logan Movie Review

Logan is the third film for the character Wolverine, which gave comic fans an graphic, R rated version of a character much like Blade, Deadpool and Spawn. Logan grossed $247.4 million opening weekend, which is a considerable profit from a small budget of $97 million. This Logan story stems from the comic book series Old Man Logan,  but many changes was made to that story, only to fit this film properly in the cinematic universe.

X-23 is introduced in this film as the focal point of the plot. In the cinematic timeline, X-23 is cloned from Logan’s blood, which was taken from Alkali Lake in the ending credits of X-Men Apocalypse. X-23 is among many other children who are born in captivity, bred to become controlled weapons for the government. X-23 escaped captivity with the hopes of living free among other mutants who has survived the times of extinction. X-23 is a high skilled killing machine with an aggressive attitude like her father. Even though X-23 and Logan met under dire circumstances, they formed a strong bond, willing to protect each other with their own lives.

In the flashback of the comic series Old Man Logan, Wolverine is responsible for the brutal death of the X-Men, where the film conveyed it as Charles Xavier who brought his students to destruction. Charles has grows old and gradually loses controls of his powers. Charles accidentally kills the X-Men, in a similar fashion he could have killed them in X-Men United with Cerebro. Similarly in the comic book and film, Wolverine gave up on his life as a hero. His healing factor slows down and he tries to live as a normal human being with no avail. Pain always seems to follow Logan and there is always a need for the Wolverine…

A clone of Weapon X was created in this film as an additional antagonist, who murders Charles Xavier during his mission to retrieve X-23. Charles was the last of Logan’s friends and he perished in attempts in helping a mutant to freedom. Throughout the comics, Charles Xavier suffered many near fatal situations and even has died on different accounts. Do you think Daken would have been a better choice as the special weapon created by Transigen? Not only would the Daken element complete the clawed mutant family on screen but this would also given Hugh Jackman a much grander exit, as this is his final time portraying Wolverine…..

The adamantium coated skeleton did impede the healing factor to a small degree, but not enough to make Wolverine vulnerable to death as suggested in this film. Wolverine’s body adapted to the adamantium to a much greater degree after it was ripped from his body by Magneto, then later reinstalled by Apocalypse. Adamantium eventually took Wolverine’s life during his attempt to stop the creation of any more weaponized soldiers, but this is among the many times Wolverine has died throughout the comics. Is it possible Hugh Jackman would appear one more time for the upcoming Infinity War as the character appeared in the story Infinity Gaunlet?? Let’s only hope!!

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Independence Day: Resurgence

independence day

Movie Review!!

Independence Day: Resurgence is the anticipated sequel to Independence Day. Resurgence brought in 143.7 million dollars opening weekend, much lower than the first film which was a blockbuster hit in 1996. The first film was released on July 2 coinciding with it’s film’s events, unlike Resurgence which was prematurely released from that date. In Resurgence, it took 20 years for the aliens to return to Earth which ran parallel in taking 20 years to make a sequel to the first film. Resurgence received much negative reviews than positive. What was your take on the film?

independence day 5

Twenty years ago Earth was invaded by hostile aliens, which in fact had Earth on it’s sights since 1947. On July 2, 1996, the invading alien forces came to Earth to conquer it, but on July 4th, the aliens were defeated by small collective of survivors before being brought down worldwide. Defeated, the hostiles sent a distress call back to their home world before being captured as prisoners or destroyed. During the 20 year span, Earth was rebuilt and improved by the salvaged alien technology from the two day war in 1996. Earth has accomplish what they always wanted: a space defense against future threats and the means to expand their space exploration within the solar system.

alien independence day

According to the first film, when the alien pilot invaded President Whitmore’s mind, it was revealed that the aliens move to different planets like locust, consuming the planet’s resources which results in the destruction of the planet. In Resurgence, it was explained when the aliens consume planets, they would drill down to a planet’s core to harvest it. Once harvested, the core is used to power all of the alien ships and weapons. The harvested energy is also used to sustain a planetary ecosystem on board of the mega mothership. This way of planetary consumption is very similar to how Galactus replenishes his cosmic power in the Marvel Universe.


Much of the cast returned to the film for the exception of Will Smith, who had the role of US Fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller. Because of his commitment with Suicide Squad, his character Captain Hiller was killed off in Resurgence, with only portrait and photos cameos left of him. Within the 20 years between the two Independence Day films, Will has starred in many blockbuster sci-fi films. Could his developed experience in such a film category been a great influence on Resurgence, thus making it a huge blockbuster like the first film?

independence day 4

The return of Dr. Brackish Okun portrayed by famous Brent Spiner was the most confusing spin of the movie. In the first Independence Day, his character was actually killed after he was used as a voice puppet for the captured alien, brought to Area 51 by Captain Hiller. Resurgence changed Okun apparent death to a 20 year old coma which was uplifted when the alien reinforcements arrived. Not only was Okun able to connect with the aliens, the doctor made a friendly alliance with another extraterrestrial that arrived to Earth to help against the invasion. This alien technology also offered to level up the Earth’s advanced technology even further. The alien tech also set plans to level up Earth’s advanced space travel to interstellar traveling, all in hopes to invade the alien’s home world and end the alien’s reign of the universe. Do you think Independence Day was perfect the first time around without this sequel and the rumored third film, or should the story continue?

AquaMan 2018 Movie Review!!

The Justice League film spawned the solo film for AquaMan with great success! This feature generated $846.6 million dollars so far from the holiday season, beating Bumblebee at the box office. Zack Snyder introduced the character to the big screen, but James Wan brought out the origins of AquaMan. Jason Momoa turned out to be a perfect choice to portray the AquaMan character because Jason and Arthur both originated from people of the water and of the land. The costume designs were perfect for each character because they closely resemble those seen in the comic publications. Some comic fans find the underwater visuals on par with James Cameron’s Avatar. Even though this film used a lot of CGI, it, along with 2017 Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, and the Batman from Christopher Nolan, are the top ranking origin films for DC Comics.

When it comes down to character development on-screen, what fans loved about this film was how producers took time to explain and show visuals of how AquaMan’s powers work, especially during the training with Vulko. Since Aquaman is half human, he is physically stronger than all Atlantians and he has the unique ability to communicate with the animals of the sea. This telepathic ability help prove Arthur’s worthiness to the Trident.  Once wielded, Arthur’s telekinetic abilities were expanded, giving him a full body connection to all sea creatures as King of the Seven Seas. Even the vast amount Trench creatures came under control of AquaMan, a task believed to be impossible because of their savagery. When making a worldwide connection to sea animals, this visually looks similar to Professor Xavier using Cerebro in the X-Men films. In magic, the Trident is similar to Mjolnir by way of controlling lightning and weather. What is confusing between the film and comic book is that the Trident Arthur wielded in Justice League and in the beginning of this film would be considered The Trident of Neptune, and the Trident retrieved from the Karathen would be the Trident of Poseidon. Why change this fact for cinematic purposes?

AquaMan 2018 would be Mera‘s second appearance on film, her first being cameo in The Justice League. In this film, Mera stuck closely to Arthur, helping him along the way to realize his importance as King of Atlantis, then later becoming his Queen to be. Mera is hydrokinetic like the Water Tribe of Avatar the Airbender. On film, we’ve seen Mera extract water from Arthur’s body, even turn wine into sharp, deadly projectiles. One question that was raised among fans is what was the reason for Mera to create an air bubble to speak to Arthur in Justice League, but never used that technique in this film? Was that a correction the producers wanted to make in concerns to Atlantian communication underwater? Or is this a different in style between Zack Synder and James Wan?

The main antagonist of this film was no other than Orm, Arthur’s half-brother. This family rival is similar to Thor and Loki or T’Challa and N’Jadaka. What’s common with these rivals is that the tensions begin for the rights of the throne. The unworthy King would use deception to become ruler but later become defeated by the rightful heir. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis was similar to this film, with the theme that a new King is needed in the underwater kingdom and to stop an impending war on the surface world. There were key differences in the films but both were considered great origins stories of the AquaMan. Orm is imprisoned for his crimes but like most popular villains, its only a matter of time until he returns…

This film was big enough to feature another of AquaMan’s primary villains, The Black Manta. This Black Manta is quite different from the one in the comics. This film showed Manta as a pirate who has a strong relationship with his father. Arthur allowed Manta’s father die while they were on their hijacking mission, and this started the war between these two characters. In comic publications, during his youth, Black Manta was a victim of human trafficking. While at sea, Manta saw AquaMan and signaled for help to escaped his kidnappers but the King didn’t see this signal. Just as depicted in the comics, Black Manta is Orm’s human soldier who helped set up the stage for Atlantis and the surface to engage in war. Orm shared weapon technology with Manta so he could destroy Arthur but was defeated in the process. End credit scenes predict Manta’s return, but this time he may become a bigger threat the he was before….

What are your thoughts on this film? If we are to receive sequels to this film, how will they be incorporated in any future Justice League films? Rumors suggest Ben Affleck will not have his solo movie for Batman, and Henry Cavill is stepping down from playing Superman. DC Comics is down to two characters on-screen: Wonder Woman and AquaMan. Let’s hope the future Shazam movie is just as outstanding as AquaMan 2018 to keep DC cinematic universe alive for the comic fans. Also make sure to Check out these amazing statues provided by SideShow Collectibles!!

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review!!

Ragnarok is the third movie for Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The events of Ragnarok takes place years after the Battle with Ultron, which explains Thor and The Hulk‘s absence from Civil War. Ragnarok produced $427 million worldwide its opening weekend, making it the top Thor movie among the three. The first two films took on a darker tone, with heavy elements of Norse Mythology. Ragnarok looked more like a Guardian of the Galaxy theme, with the bright colors and constant humor.

From different the comic publications to film animations like Hulk vs , a fight between Thor and The Hulk is something the fans love to see. In the first Avengers movie, we see the two characters battle fists before becoming “horseplaying” friends. In Ragnarok, Thor and The Hulk really battle it out in a gladiator style arena. The Hulk ultimately becomes the winner to this bout, finally bringing a mutual respect between the two fighters.

Hela became the film’s main protagonist, followed by Surtur, the bringer of Ragnarok. In the comics, Hela is said to be Loki’s daughter, where in this film, Odin is the father. She fought by his side defeating the nine realms and help built his empire. Odin feared her growing power and locked her away, with his life force as the seal. Upon Odin’s death, Hela was released, destroyed Asgard’s forces, then claiming herself the new ruler of Asgard. In the end Hela was destroyed when Surtur was reborn. Do you think Hela was killed or will she appear for revenge in the Infinity Wars?

The concepts of World War Hulk is used in this film as well. According to the comics, The Hulk is exiled from Earth by the Illuminati.  In the cinematic version, The Hulk left Earth with the quinjet thus coming to the planet Sakaar. It wasn’t fully explained how the jet left Earth’s orbit and traveled across the cosmos to the trash planet. Instead of being treated as a gladiator slave, The Hulk was living like a champion, in such a way he wanted to stay instead of returning to Earth. The Hulk gained more of his intelligence and speech. Even though on a level of a young child, Hulk is able to communicate with Thor and somewhat control his urges for rage. What are your thoughts of this Hulk? Do you think this film took away from his savagery?

Loki makes his return in Ragnarok, after seemingly meeting his end in The Dark World film. Loki fights alongside Thor to save Asgard, even though at times he has the impulse to double cross Thor. Loki is responsible for bringing Surtur back to life with the Eternal Flame, which was locked away in The Vault. Loki caught sight of the Tesseract ( space gem) he once had, do you think he claimed it once again? Dr. Strange made an appearance in this film, connecting with Thor’s cameo appearance in his feature film. Dr. Strange easily trapped Loki in a void where he was seemingly falling forever, but how is this possible? Isn’t Loki much more powerful than Dr. Strange? Being a Frost Giant and Asgardian, Loki physically is close to the gods and his mystic arts would be levels above Dr. Strange. Would do you think would win in a battle between Loki and Dr. Strange??

Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela, having Thor believe he couldn’t channel his power without it. Odin informed Thor that the hammer purpose was to help focus his energy, not the source of his power. He first noticed this with his battle against the Hulk, then later with his last fight against Hela. Raiden is also known as the God of Thunder and Lighting. Some fans believe Raiden may have chance against the Asgardian with his profound martial arts mastery. Raiden trained using his powers without the aid of an enchanted weapons. One major pitfall for Raiden is that his powers are limited depending on the realm he enters, where with Thor, his powers are boundless. His Asgardian anatomy will allow him to heal faster than Raiden in this battle, or even taking little damage. Which warrior do you think will be the victim of a fatality?

What were you thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok? Do you think this was the best Thor film to date? Leave your comments below and share!

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One became another successful movie for Lucasfilms and Walt Disney Studios. Star Wars continually brings in big bucks for their films and merchandise, being among the top sci films of our generation. To date, Rogue One stands at $789.7m grossed from the budget of $200m. This film focuses on the time period where rebel forces are gathering against the Empire. Their mission is to cripple the Empire’s strength, by destroying their new super weapon: The Death Star. The tone and theme of this story appeared more dark in nature without losing the essence and story line of the original  Star War episodes.

What was unique about this film was the use of CGI effects to revive General Tarkin and  Princess Leia to the present day cinema. Cameos of the rebel squadran leaders was also tied in the story, stunning fans on how well this standalone film ties with A New Hope. With new technology that cinema has tapped into, new current actors are able to share a movie screen with actors of the past. Shortly after the release of Rogue One, Carrie Fisher the actress who portrayed Princess Leia passed away from unknown medical conditions. Fortunately, Carrie was able to revive her role once again as an older Leia in The Force Awakens. May her memory stay alive forever in the Force…

Darth Vader making an appearance in this film was a favorite for Star Wars fans across the world. In the film, we see Vader submerging in a bacta tanka, continually treating his body from the extensive damaged he sustained years ago. Vader boarding the Alliance ship was among the favorable light saber fight scenes in Star Wars history. Even though Vader has two small scenes, it was enough to make you fiend for more battles scenes with the dark lord. In that case, will Star Wars have more standalone films in the future that bridge each of the original episodes? So, what was your take on the film? Do you think this film was visually better than The Force Awakens?

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X-Men: Apocalypse

xmen movie apocalpse


Movie Review!!!

X-Men Apocalypse is the ninth film of the X-Men movie series. Its opening weekend worldwide brought in $265.8 million dollars. This is a low, first weekend count compared to 2016’s comic films Batman V Superman, Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. The director of the X-Men film Bryan Singer, is back again to display his vision of the famous super team. Lots of comic fans have mixed opinions on Singer’s work. He can make superpowers look amazing on screen but his cinematic story timelines for the characters don’t match the origins of the comic books or previous films he has created in the series. Star Wars for instance, is a film series that is connected together in a big story that flows. The X-Men films series had that same potential because of its comic book popularity, but because of its notably changes, X-Men films are the least favorite in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Let’s find out what threw fans off with this film.


According to the comics, Apocalypse is a known warrior that outranked all humans because of his incredible strength and size. What defined him as mutant was being born with grey skin, blue lips and nails. No one knew what Apocalypse mutant powers were exactly until he merged himself with Celestial technology. In the post credit of X-Men: Days of Future Past, young Apocalypse is shown building the pyramids with telekinesis, with his four horsemen observing in the background. At this point in time, it was obvious that Apocalypse has yet to merge with the technology of the gods. In X-Men Apocalypse, the super villain was explained as a mutant who amassed his great powers by transferring his conscious mind in different mutants over time, especially superpowers that suits his needs. If Apocalypse was the first mutant, how did he collect powers over his early reign on Earth? This is very different from the comic origins. Days of Future Past and Apocalypse didn’t match up with each other on how the character was brought to the big screen. Some would agree that Apocalypse natural size could have been similar to Xerxes in the film 300. Apocalypse was portrayed by actor Oscar Issac. What was your take of Apocalypse on the movie screen?


Angel/ ArchAngel
This film will be the second appearance for the hero Angel. The vision for this character was lackluster and outside his natural cinematic timeline. Angel’s first appearance was with X-Men: The Last Stand. His story was shown as a young boy trying to hide his mutation from his father by attempting to cut his wings off. When Angel got older and couldn’t hide his wings much longer, his father encouraged the removal but Angel developed a change of heart. At the end of the film, Angel is enrolling himself in Xavier’s school. In X-Men Apocalypse, Angel is also in his teen years as a caged fighter. His left wing was damaged during his fight, then later upgraded by the power of Apocalypse. What’s off about this is in the comics, Apocalypse tricked Angel in believing he could turn him human but instead enslaved him as a horsemen. The process for his enhancements was a very painful, torturous procedure. Angel developed a blue hue to his skin which resembles his master Apocalypse. Why is Angel in his teen years in both films? If the cinematic timeline of X-Men Apocalypse is set before The Last Stand, why is Angel still a teenager? And why wasn’t he introduced in X-Men: First Class as an original X-Men along with Ice Man?


Nightcrawler/ Mystique
This will be the second time comic fans have enjoyed Nightcrawler on screen. Nightcrawler was introduced in X-Men 2 as a tool for William Stryker before his was rescued by the X-Men. Also in this film, he has no knowledge of the X-Men , especially with Storm, Jean Grey or even Mystique. In X-Men Apocalypse, it’s a younger Nightcrawler who is saved from cage fighting by Mystique then later becoming one of the X-Men. What throws the cinematic timeline off is since Nightcrawler is meeting his new friends for the first time in Apocalypse, why does he have no knowledge of them in X-Men 2? In the comics, Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother. This is a result of Mystique’s affair with Azazel, who was introduced in X-Men First Class. Is it possible Nightcrawler was conceived between the First Class and Apocalypse timelines since it was 21 year difference? In Days of Future Past, Mystique came across Trask’s files of mutants that were killed and experimented on. Azazel was among the list. How was this immortal teleporting demon captured and even killed by humans??


Havoc/ Cyclops

There were obvious changes when bringing these two brothers to the big screen. According to the comics, Scott Summers is the older brother between himself and Havoc. In this film, Scott was introduced as the younger brother, and was brought to Xavier for treatment by Havoc. In the comics, these brothers lost their parents in a plane crash and from that crash, Scott lost the ability to control his optic beams from an injury to his head. In this film, Scott Summer began to develop his powers while in regular public school. Also their parents were alive and well, then even allowed Havoc to bring Scott with him to Xavier. What was confusing about the cinematic timeline in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Scott Summers was captured by Sabretooth along with mutants for William Stryker. During his capture, Scott was shown already equipped with ruby quartz lenses. How could he have gotten them if he has yet to meet the Professor? Scott was also later found and led to freedom from Stryker’s base by an older Xavier. This made no sense in the cinematic timeline because Xavier was a older, bald and walking when he rescued Scott. With Havoc, why did Bryan Singer fail to show fans that Havoc could absorb cosmic energy as well as fire optic beams and even fly?? Is Havoc really dead or will his character miraculously reappear in future X-Men films?


Jean Grey/ Wolverine
Jean Grey is among the X-Men once again, with a younger version portrayed by Sophie Turner. Hugh Jackman also made his return as Wolverine for this movie. What was confusing in this movie with Jean Grey was her previous younger form in X-Men: The Last Stand. In the beginning, Xavier and Magneto is visiting her as a child, trying to figure out the extent of her powers. Also, Xavier and Magneto could have been in their mid 40’s in that film, but in X-Men Apocalypse, Xavier and Magneto was not together as friends and they were in their early years while Jean was an older teenager. Jean Grey in this film displayed her inner power as the Phoenix, while in The Last Stand, Jean Grey experienced the Phoenix Force for the first time as an adult. Also what threw comic and cinema fans way off was Jean releasing Wolverine from the Weapon X Program. In any flashbacks shown during the X-Men series or even X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan is shown escaping experimentation on his own. Why was this changed? Was Bryan Singer trying to create a way on how Logan built his attraction for Jean Grey??


Last but not least the cameo for Jubliee. Throughout the X-Men films, Jubliee has made small appearances notably in the first X-Men film and X-Men Apocalypse. If you pay close attention, Jubliee is a student in both films. If she was a student in the prequel films, why is she still a student and not an X-Man? Will she ever graduate or stay a student cameo?