X-Men: Apocalypse

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Movie Review!!!

X-Men Apocalypse is the ninth film of the X-Men movie series. Its opening weekend worldwide brought in $265.8 million dollars. This is a low, first weekend count compared to 2016’s comic films Batman V Superman, Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. The director of the X-Men film Bryan Singer, is back again to display his vision of the famous super team. Lots of comic fans have mixed opinions on Singer’s work. He can make superpowers look amazing on screen but his cinematic story timelines for the characters don’t match the origins of the comic books or previous films he has created in the series. Star Wars for instance, is a film series that is connected together in a big story that flows. The X-Men films series had that same potential because of its comic book popularity, but because of its notably changes, X-Men films are the least favorite in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Let’s find out what threw fans off with this film.


According to the comics, Apocalypse is a known warrior that outranked all humans because of his incredible strength and size. What defined him as mutant was being born with grey skin, blue lips and nails. No one knew what Apocalypse mutant powers were exactly until he merged himself with Celestial technology. In the post credit of X-Men: Days of Future Past, young Apocalypse is shown building the pyramids with telekinesis, with his four horsemen observing in the background. At this point in time, it was obvious that Apocalypse has yet to merge with the technology of the gods. In X-Men Apocalypse, the super villain was explained as a mutant who amassed his great powers by transferring his conscious mind in different mutants over time, especially superpowers that suits his needs. If Apocalypse was the first mutant, how did he collect powers over his early reign on Earth? This is very different from the comic origins. Days of Future Past and Apocalypse didn’t match up with each other on how the character was brought to the big screen. Some would agree that Apocalypse natural size could have been similar to Xerxes in the film 300. Apocalypse was portrayed by actor Oscar Issac. What was your take of Apocalypse on the movie screen?


Angel/ ArchAngel
This film will be the second appearance for the hero Angel. The vision for this character was lackluster and outside his natural cinematic timeline. Angel’s first appearance was with X-Men: The Last Stand. His story was shown as a young boy trying to hide his mutation from his father by attempting to cut his wings off. When Angel got older and couldn’t hide his wings much longer, his father encouraged the removal but Angel developed a change of heart. At the end of the film, Angel is enrolling himself in Xavier’s school. In X-Men Apocalypse, Angel is also in his teen years as a caged fighter. His left wing was damaged during his fight, then later upgraded by the power of Apocalypse. What’s off about this is in the comics, Apocalypse tricked Angel in believing he could turn him human but instead enslaved him as a horsemen. The process for his enhancements was a very painful, torturous procedure. Angel developed a blue hue to his skin which resembles his master Apocalypse. Why is Angel in his teen years in both films? If the cinematic timeline of X-Men Apocalypse is set before The Last Stand, why is Angel still a teenager? And why wasn’t he introduced in X-Men: First Class as an original X-Men along with Ice Man?


Nightcrawler/ Mystique
This will be the second time comic fans have enjoyed Nightcrawler on screen. Nightcrawler was introduced in X-Men 2 as a tool for William Stryker before his was rescued by the X-Men. Also in this film, he has no knowledge of the X-Men , especially with Storm, Jean Grey or even Mystique. In X-Men Apocalypse, it’s a younger Nightcrawler who is saved from cage fighting by Mystique then later becoming one of the X-Men. What throws the cinematic timeline off is since Nightcrawler is meeting his new friends for the first time in Apocalypse, why does he have no knowledge of them in X-Men 2? In the comics, Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother. This is a result of Mystique’s affair with Azazel, who was introduced in X-Men First Class. Is it possible Nightcrawler was conceived between the First Class and Apocalypse timelines since it was 21 year difference? In Days of Future Past, Mystique came across Trask’s files of mutants that were killed and experimented on. Azazel was among the list. How was this immortal teleporting demon captured and even killed by humans??


Havoc/ Cyclops

There were obvious changes when bringing these two brothers to the big screen. According to the comics, Scott Summers is the older brother between himself and Havoc. In this film, Scott was introduced as the younger brother, and was brought to Xavier for treatment by Havoc. In the comics, these brothers lost their parents in a plane crash and from that crash, Scott lost the ability to control his optic beams from an injury to his head. In this film, Scott Summer began to develop his powers while in regular public school. Also their parents were alive and well, then even allowed Havoc to bring Scott with him to Xavier. What was confusing about the cinematic timeline in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Scott Summers was captured by Sabretooth along with mutants for William Stryker. During his capture, Scott was shown already equipped with ruby quartz lenses. How could he have gotten them if he has yet to meet the Professor? Scott was also later found and led to freedom from Stryker’s base by an older Xavier. This made no sense in the cinematic timeline because Xavier was a older, bald and walking when he rescued Scott. With Havoc, why did Bryan Singer fail to show fans that Havoc could absorb cosmic energy as well as fire optic beams and even fly?? Is Havoc really dead or will his character miraculously reappear in future X-Men films?


Jean Grey/ Wolverine
Jean Grey is among the X-Men once again, with a younger version portrayed by Sophie Turner. Hugh Jackman also made his return as Wolverine for this movie. What was confusing in this movie with Jean Grey was her previous younger form in X-Men: The Last Stand. In the beginning, Xavier and Magneto is visiting her as a child, trying to figure out the extent of her powers. Also, Xavier and Magneto could have been in their mid 40’s in that film, but in X-Men Apocalypse, Xavier and Magneto was not together as friends and they were in their early years while Jean was an older teenager. Jean Grey in this film displayed her inner power as the Phoenix, while in The Last Stand, Jean Grey experienced the Phoenix Force for the first time as an adult. Also what threw comic and cinema fans way off was Jean releasing Wolverine from the Weapon X Program. In any flashbacks shown during the X-Men series or even X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan is shown escaping experimentation on his own. Why was this changed? Was Bryan Singer trying to create a way on how Logan built his attraction for Jean Grey??


Last but not least the cameo for Jubliee. Throughout the X-Men films, Jubliee has made small appearances notably in the first X-Men film and X-Men Apocalypse. If you pay close attention, Jubliee is a student in both films. If she was a student in the prequel films, why is she still a student and not an X-Man? Will she ever graduate or stay a student cameo?

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review!

Marvel Comics has released its grand film Avengers: Infinity War!! In the first weekend, Avengers generated $630 million dollars, a number which would be expected after the big release of Black Panther. Marvel has grown consistently with its characters, resulting in them being brought together to save the universe against the galactic tyrant Thanos. Infinity War is a story where the heroes die and the villain wins. This brought huge interest on who survived because those characters will be the ones who will bring Thanos down and revive the universe.

Thanos has been traveling the universe looking for the Infinity Stones. What motivated Thanos to rid half the universe of its population was the destruction of Titan. From this experience, Thanos believed it was his duty to balance the universe at any cost. Thanos had a gauntlet constructed that could contain and control the powers of the Infinity Stones. Thanos tortured and killed to get the stones and was almost stripped of his power. The character of Thanos seems more passionate on film than in the comics. In the Infinity War events, Thanos was driven by his lust for death and mayhem and most importantly win the heart of Mistress Death. In the Infinity War film, through all the death and destruction, Thanos really wanted the divine power to create universal balance. In a certain point of view, Infinity War was a movie about Thanos and his quest to become omnipotent.

Captain America has returned out of hiding with Black Widow and Falcon. Black Widow has been on the run since Civil War for allowing Steve to escape capture. Falcon is also wanted for his escape from General Ross custody. Captain America was later joined by War Machine , who risked being court marshalled by helping Steve protect Vision from Thanos. Bruce Banner made contact with Steve, then later joining forces with him in Wakanda. Steve and Banner was last seen together in battle against Ultron. Captain America brought his Avengers to the Black Panther and the Wakandian forces to help protect Vision and his Mind Stone. At the end of the Black Panther film, it’s revealed Bucky is being rehabilitated from his Winter Soldier programming by Shuri. Bucky’s arm was also replaced, more than likely constructed with Vibranium. Speaking of creations and assuming Shuri lived, could it be possible that she will also create an energy shield for Captain America in a similar fashion like the Border Tribe?

Thanos forces located the stone in Wankanda and began their invasion. The fight in Wakanda was an incredible battle. The Wakandian forces were over ran by the Outrider army but then the tables turned with the arrival of Thor, Groot and Rocket. Ultimately, the Avengers failed in protecting Vision as he perished along with Black Panther, Bucky, Groot, Wanda, Falcon and many others on that battle field.

Iron Man has upgraded his armor as he does in each film. This time his armor is based upon nanotechnology just like the black panther suit. With his nanotechnology, he can create different weapons at will, which take on an extraterrestrial appearance. After the invasion in New York, its safe to assume that Tony prepared his armors to be well equipped to combat threats outside of Earth. Do you think Tony’s genius compares to Shuri? How much do you think they could do if they worked together on a particular project like his armors? Once again, Tony Stark found himself in space on a fading phone call to Pepper. This time, Tony doesn’t expect to come back, more than likely overcoming his fears to save the universe. This anxiety plagued Tony in Iron Man 3, the fact of learning that the universe has alien races that could be hostile to Earth. Even with the upgrade, Tony was no match for Thanos and found himself stranded on Titan with Nebula. Tony and Nebula was among the lucky ones who was spared from Thanos purge.

The Hulk played an interesting role, In the comic version of Infinity War, it was the Silver Surfer who crashed landed in Dr. Strange’s sanctum and warned Strange of the pending threat to Earth. Also, Thanos quest for the stones was complete, as he was just merely killing for amusement with his god like powers. In this Avengers film, The Hulk was sent to Earth through the BiFrost by Heimdall, before he was killed. When the war on Earth began, Bruce was unable to transform into the Hulk, so Bruce was forced to use the Hulk Buster Armor. Why do you think the Hulk didn’t fight? Was he in fear of Thanos from his first defeat? Neither The Hulk or the Hulk Buster Bruce Banner was a match for Thanos. Even though badly defeated, Bruce is among the survived heroes.

SpiderMan plays the sidekick to Iron Man once again. In SpiderMan Homecoming, Tony created an iron version of Peter’s costume in hopes he would join the Avengers. Peter did decline the team membership and the iron suit, but kept the upgraded spandex costume. The Iron Spider suit made but made an explosive return in this film. Tony constructed the mechanical spider legs within the suit as seen in the comics. Much like Tony’s armor, the Iron Spider also has the ability to survive space. Peter became apart of the rescue to save Dr. Strange from a ship headed to Titan. Because of Peter’s decision to stay and fight, Tony appointed SpiderMan as an official Avenger. He fought well against Thanos and almost succeeded in removing the gauntlet from his hand. Peter fell short of his goal and perished a painless death. This put Tony in complete shock and grief because he knew Titan was a one way ticket and a mission he thought was too big for his apprentice.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is another great addition to Infinity War. They rescued Thor from the aftermath of Thanos onslaught. Gamora became an important piece on retrieving the Soul Stone . She knew of this so she requested StarLord to end her life when the time comes. Groot and Rocket joined Thor on his mission to kill Thanos while the rest of the Guardians formed their plan to retrieve the Reality Stone before Thanos could. Thanos was a few steps ahead of the team as he already had the stone. He later tortured Nebula to have Gamora show the location of the Soul Stone. To get the Soul Stone, Thanos must take the life of a loved one and Gamora was his choice. StarLord, Drax, Mantis and Nebula joined Tony, Spiderman and Dr. Strange on Titan to battle Thanos. The only survivors on the Titan battle was Nebula and Iron Man.

Infinity War picks up at the end of Ragnarok when the Asgardian ship is met by Thanos. Everyone aboard Thor’s ship were slaughtered, leaving Thor and Hulk sole survivors. Thor believed the only way to defeat Thanos is to create a new hammer. His hammer was constructed as StormBreaker, with the sole purpose of killing Thanos. The weapon also had the power of the BiFrost. With this combination, Thor can reach any part of the universe and realms at will. To use the Bifrost, wouldn’t Thor need the eyes of Heimdall to guide his destinations between time and space?Image result for thor stormbreaker gif

So fans ask, why did producers cut this scene out the film? This would have taken place after Groot completed the hammer, then we could see Thor activate the BiFrost to arrive in Wakanda.Related image

However, StormBreaker gave Thor immense power. Thor arrives on Wakanda to aid his Avengers, causing the opposing army to flee in fear. Thor was able to seriously injure Thanos even after the Gauntlet was complete. Could this mean that StormBreaker is stronger than the Gauntlet? Or if on the same level, could the difference in power really depended on the wielder? In the movie, Thanos retreated from the lethal blow before sending his command to rid half of the universe of life. Thor was able to stand among the survived heroes of the purge.

Loki played the Master of Mischief to the end. In Ragnorak, there was a moment where Loki catch sight of his old prize, the Tesseract. After his defeat in the Thor film, Loki allied himself with Thanos for greater power. His task was to retrieve the Cosmic Cube from Earth. Loki was severely sidetracked when collecting the Cube for Thanos but in this film, the mission comes full circle when Thanos storms the Asgardian ship looking for it. What’s also interesting about the Tesseract is that it didn’t kill the Red Skull , but teleported him to Vormir to become the keeper of the Soul Stone. Loki in his last act, tries to kill Thanos to save Thor and avenge Asgard. Thanos chokes Loki until his neck breaks. Thanos seemed aware of Loki’s ability to escape death, so he insured it wouldn’t be the case this time around.

Vision and Wanda’s relationship has grown since Age of Ultron. Vision has developed the technique to make his appearance more human. It could be for the reasons to blend into society when on the run and to make Wanda feel more comfortable in her feeling for an android. Since Vision has the Mind Stone integrated in his head, he could sense the impending invasion by Thanos. Vision entrusted Wanda to destroy the Mind Stone if Thanos could not be stopped. Wanda was forced to destroy the stone and as a result Vision was vaporized. This was undone seconds later by Thanos with the power of the Time Stone. Thanos pulled the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead, causing his deactivation and Wanda dies as many others by disintegration. During the surgery, Shuri was nearly complete removing the stone from Vision. Is it possible that Shuri has done just enough to have Vision revived without the use of the Mind Stone?

Doctor Strange is an important player to this event because he was the protector of the Time Stone. He is able to fight off Thanos forces with his complex powers but later gave away the Time Stone to spare the life of Tony Stark. Some fans believed Dr. Strange gave the stone away because he explored the future where Thanos could be defeated and that future required Thanos to have the gem. The role of Dr. Strange is different on-screen then the comic book event. In the comic event, Dr. Strange didn’t engage in battle but more or less assisting Earth’s heroes from a safe location. After handing Thanos the stone in Infinity War, Strange dies without worry as if he know he made the right decision and it was up to Tony to pull himself together and defeat Thanos.

This film was loosely based on the comic books Infinity War and Infinity Gauntlet. In both issues, there are many more characters involved in this epic war than we seen in the film. The Black Panther was in neither comic story but made a great addition to the cinematic universe. Also in the comic books, Adam Warlock is the Guardian of the Soul Stone and he is to be the leader for Earth’s heroes against Thanos. Adam was mentioned at the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, will he make an appearance in this galactic battle? In the credits scene of Infinity War, Nick Fury was seen sending a distress signal to what appears to be Captain Marvel. Will she along with Adam Warlock battle Thanos in the next film? What about the Celestials? Will the gods of the universe band together on a cosmic scale and fight Thanos as we seen in the comics? Disney has bought the rights to some Fox Marvel characters such as the X-Men. Could they make an appearance in the next film? With a lot of Earth’s population gone what will be the premise of the next movie? So, how do rate Avengers Infinity War?

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Power Rangers Movie Review!!

What were your thoughts on this film?? This version of Power Rangers is a reboot story based on The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers television series. The visual effects used for the movie brought the Rangers up to date with the other super teams in cinema. There were some changes made in character profiles, only to separate this film as a new entity to the franchise.

Instead of being the creator of the Power Rangers, Zordan was the original Red Ranger. He died protecting the Zeo Crystal by sending a meteor shower to Earth. This incident was the “so-called” reason for the death of the dinosaurs. The consciousness of Zordon was preserved within his spaceship, only to be reawaken as a three-dimensional projection of his facial likeness. Uploading his consciousness within a computer interface is a similar method used by Jor-El in Man of Steel or Dr. Will Caster in Transcendence. Once the teenagers open the Morphin Grid, Zordon would be able to be restored in a physical body. Was there a body for him to put his consciousness in or would he have taken one of the new Rangers as a host? The new armor designs were sleek, very reminiscent of the Iron Man armors. We get to see for the first time how the Rangers morph into action. We see the armor coming out of the body in an electrical silhouette, which is pretty cool! The armors worn by these Power Rangers seem to work similar to the armor found in the movie Max Steel.

The Zords were also upgraded in appearance and function. In the original TV series, the Zords are controlled with the Power Crystals of their Ranger and weren’t seen fighting individually. These Zords of the 2017 version, are designed to link with the armor of the Ranger, connecting them as one being. We didn’t see how the Zords  combine into the MegaZord exactly like on the television series but the way the Megazord maneuvers in action reminds fans of the Jaegers in Pacific Rim. Thoughts of Transformers arouse, but do you think the MegaZord would stand a chance against a robotic life form like Megatron? Highly unlikely…..

This film portrayed Rita as the original Green Ranger, who betrayed her team for gain greater power through the Zeo Crystal. Zordon attempted to destroy her with the meteor shower shown in the beginning, but she survived only to continue her mission for power. Goldar is introduced as a giant molten gold behemoth, which served like a MegaZord for Rita. In the original tv series, Goldar was an ape like humanoid that wore golden armor and resembled a smaller version of Oozaru. In the ending credits, its suggested that a new Green Ranger will take Rita’s place. Will the franchise stretch far enough to get a White Ranger as well? Who are the others that Rita spoke of that will come for the crystal as she did?

To date Power Rangers grossed $117.8 million dollars from a budget of $100 million. There were many mixed reviews about this film, leaning more negative than positive. This could be due to the changes made to the character profiles as stated in this post. Minus these alterations, this film was action packed with elements of humor and thriller. It’s stated that the Power Rangers could have multiple films in the future.  Is this still possible after just 17 million grossed on this feature??

Venom Movie Review!!!

Venom 2018 has exceeded expectations bringing in over $208 million dollars opening weekend! Many popular movie critics gave Venom negative reviews, mainly because origins of the character was altered for cinematic display. Despite the alterations, Venom is an action packed film and Tom Hardy‘s performance as Eddie Brock was nothing less than perfect. Let’s break down the different aspects of this film that stood out to comic fans the most and what could happen for this film in the future..

According to the comic blueprint when the Venom symbiote arrived on Earth, Spiderman was it’s first host. What the symbiote fed on the most with Peter was the special abilities he gained from the radioactive spider. The Venom symbiote retained Spiderman’s abilities and costume design by the time it attached to Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote incorporated Brock’s deep negative feelings toward Spiderman making them it’s own. Brock had a obsession to take down Spiderman, for he blamed Spiderman for the lost of his job and the end of his relationship with his girlfriend. In turn, Spiderman and Venom are always at odds, even though in rare occasions they would join forces. In the movie release of Venom, Eddie lost his job and girlfriend by overstepping boundaries when interviewing the Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake. Eddie was determined that Drake was guilty of his accusations of human experimentation and was willing to do what it took to prove his story. This film featured other symbiotes such as Riot, who’s mission was to bring more of its species to Earth. Is it possible the symbiotes were fleeing their planet because it was near destruction by Galactus like in the comics? With eliminating Spiderman from the film origins of Venom, do you think that ruined Venom’s chances to encounter the wall crawler in future films? Would this version of Venom been a great new villain for The Amazing Spiderman film series or was this standalone film a good move for Sony?

Venom was featured as the main villain in Spiderman 3. This storyline of Venom was slightly changed as well. The Venom symbiote arrived on Earth through a small meteor and not from the shuttle return as shown in the comics and Venom 2018. In the comic story, the symbiote attached to Peter Parker becoming the black suit Spiderman. Peter discovered the suit enhanced his abilities and even began to turn his personality into a darker side. This began to jeopardize his relationships at work and with Mary Jane so Peter expelled the symbiote, thus making Eddie the new host. Once Eddie gained the symbiote, it became a creature not seen with Spiderman. The Venom symbiote was short lived in Spiderman 3, as it was disintegrated along with Eddie Brock. What threw the appearance off with Venom was that his size was comparable Spiderman, not making him much of a threaten menace. In Venom 2018, Venom was almost triple the size of Brock, easily towering over most humans. Since Eddie encounter the symbiote first, Venom was without his famous white spider across his torso and back. Venom was unable to cling to walls like Spiderman or create webbing, so the unique powers of the symbiote made up for the missing elements. Venom was seemingly destroyed like in the Spiderman 3 film, but returned to Eddie to help combat crime in his town. Another notable difference between the two cinematic Venoms was that the new version has a personality of its own while the other was a mindless creature under control of Eddie.

At the end of film, Eddie arrives at a prison facility to interview Cletus Kasady, an infamous serial killer who is portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Cletus lets Eddie know that when he gets out of prison there will be carnage. This hints that the murderous Carnage will be the next villain that Venom must face. What if Venom’s apparent destruction is what forces the symbiotes’ pregnancy in hopes to survive extinction? What if in this Venom story, Carnage and Venoms indifference stems from the passed down knowledge of Riot’s death and the disruption of the mission to invade Earth with symbiotes? What were your thoughts on 2018 film for Venom? Should producers continue with this storyline or will this movie become short lived?

Deadpool 2016



This film is made for Ryan Reynolds. Placing Ryan as Green Lantern made that film seem more of a Marvel film. In the Deadpool film, that was made fun of with the beginning scene car wreck, the picture in the wallet! Also this version of Deadpool was different than what we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This also was made in a funny reference as a figurine. It was like the film of Deadpool was showing spoofs of the other Marvel films in this one. This Deadpool was closer to his comic origins than on X-Men Origins Wolverine. Deadpool is the second Marvel film to receive a R rating next to Blade, so no kids allowed!! The film started off action packed, then later slowed down to explain Deadpool’s origins. The film would have been even more interesting if Wolverine was used in this film instead of Negasonic Teenage Warhead. If Wolverine was in this movie then we can see him R-rated as he should be. It is projected at the end of the film that Cable will be brought into the sequel. The film was an hour and 48 minutes. Comic Multiverse recommends this film to all comic fans who love Deadpool. This film was made with a budget of $58 million and sold $783.1 million dollars! Big success!!

Dislikes for the Film: NONE!!

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Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange made his first live appearance on the movie screen with big success, racking in $496.7 worldwide. The movie is a modern day version from the original comic book timeline. With a few story changes and excellent computer graphics, this movie brought reminiscent of the films Inception and The Matrix. Actor Benedict  Cumberbatch was chosen to play the Sorcerer Supreme. How well do you think Benedict played his role?


Dr. Strange is similar to Dr. Fate of DC Comics. Their roles normally consist in aiding their world heroes against enemies from supernatural dimensions. The film Dr. Strange has come apart of the path leading to Infinity War movies. In the comics, Dr. Strange is among the major players in the war against Thanos.


Thor made his cameo in the mid credits of the film, aligning himself with Strange to help find his father with the aid of his scheming brother Loki. This could be a hint that Strange maybe a possible cameo in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. If so, how will Dr. Strange be utilized? Do you think Dr. Strange is ready to take on the forces of Loki?


One major change in the Dr. Strange story was having the time stone embedded as the Eye of Agamotto. Comic films have become different from their comic book blueprints over time, all to make the cinematic world a whole new universe. Five stones down, one more to go. What upcoming film will hold the last stone? Has the last stone been in plain sight the entire time? We will wait and see…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review!!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the biggest movie of 2017 with total worldwide sales over 1.2 billion. The Force Awakens had similarities to A New Hope and the Last Jedi wasn’t too far from having the same theme as The Empire Strikes Back. For example, Rey going to Luke on a secluded planet to train in the Force was similar with Luke’s and Yoda‘s relationship. Leia was making breakthroughs in her understanding of The Force in both movies. A battle scene surrounded in an icy environment with AT-AT Walkers are in both stories. Most importantly, the main premise of each film was to pull the new Force user into the fold of the dark side. Despite the similarities between the older episodes and the new, The Last Jedi turned out to be an amazing film!

At the end of The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker makes his cameo, hinting that Rey will be his next and last student. Just as the Jedi of the past, Luke lived in solitude on a distant planet, fine tuning his powers in the Force. In this film, we’ve seen Luke’s growth in power since Return of the Jedi. Luke could manipulate the Force in such a way, he could astral project himself across the galaxy. In the battle with Kylo Ren, the audience believed Luke was actually there fighting against his former student and his forces. Obi Wan Kenobi was Luke’s mentor in life and death for three films. Now that Luke has become one with the Force, will he appear as a Force Spirit in the next films?

Supreme Leader Snoke has appeared in the flesh for this film! From what we have seen, Snoke’s power rivals Darth Sidious. Snoke’s relationship with Kylo Ren is much different than Vader and Sidious. Snoke is a master who is verbally abusive to Kylo, whereas Sidious had a friendship with Vader since his youth, before the dark side. In the end, both students slayed their masters but Kylo, stayed alive only to take the place as the new Supreme Leader. This was something that Vader wanted; to slay his master and make himself head of the Empire. Why did Snoke have a short screen time? With the big mystery on his character since The Force Awakens, fans expected to at least get the origins of this character and where he lands in the timeline during the reign of Sidious and Vader. Rey began her training with Luke with surprising results. Rey’s skills with the lightsaber improved, she split cliffs apart and even levitated multiple boulders at once. Rey became an important asset the Dark Lord wanted to get his hands on. Her effect on the Force is among the strongest of that time. Because of this, much like Vader did with Luke, Kylo offered Rey a place by his side as an apprentice to rule the galaxy…

Since the Empire Strikes Back, Leia was able to sense the ones she cared about through The Force. In this film, the bridge of Leia’s ship was destroyed, hurling everyone into space. Using the Force, Leia awakened from her rapidly freezing state and glided through space back to her ship’s airlock. This is a power never before seen in film. Finn has returned from his injuries he sustained from Kylo Ren and finds himself ultimately battling against his former commanding officer Captain Phasma. Phasma still has the objective to end Finn’s life for betraying the Order, only to meet her seemingly demise. What is unclear in the previous film was what happened to Phasma after Han and Finn used her for information?  Anakin grew up with his droid companions R2-D2 and C3P0 during his time with The Jedi. These droid played the same role in Luke’s life when he entered into the ways of the Jedi. The bond between man and droid continues strong with BB-8 and Poe Dameron. They are not among the Jedi though, Poe just happens to be the best pilot among The Resistance. Who do you this is the best pilot among Poe, Anakin and Luke?

The film was exciting and action packed for the most part. The question will always remain: Would the Star Wars franchise be any different if George Lucas stayed on board? What were your thoughts for this film? Will this be the last of the Star Wars episodes or will more movies come into creation only to bridge the episodes together like Rogue One?

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Logan will be the third standalone film for Wolverine in a live action sequence and the 9th movie Hugh Jackman has portrayed the feral mutant. In the X-Men timeline, Wolverine when is an old man, no longer living as an active hero like in the comic series. From the preview we see that X-23 is making her first appearance in live action along with Charles Xavier, once again showing his partnership with Wolverine since the first X-Men film. What is exciting about this film is the R rating that fans wanted for such a long time with Wolverine. Will this actually be Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Logan?

2019 Captain Marvel Movie Review!!

In the ending credits of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury realized the Earth was in danger and The Avengers were not available to face this threat. Nick sent out a signal to Captain Marvel, a new hero fans have yet to see on-screen. 2019 Captain Marvel grossed over $550 million dollar so far, overshadowing any doubt that Captain Marvel will perform well among the latest Marvel releases. Was Captain Marvel everything you expected?

Carol Danvers is apart of the StarForce, a team which is similar to the Nova Corps in the MCU. In fact, The Nova Empire and the Kree Empire have a peace treaty with one another, which created an uproar among many. We get to see this how life was during this treaty and the conflict it created with the help of the cameo appearances from Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer. Their appearance in this film help express their importance in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Why do you think Captain Marvel is used in the cinematic universe instead of Nova, when Nova was in the original story when Earth heroes fought Thanos for the Gauntlet? What of Adam Warlock? Adam was mentioned at the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. He had a major playing part in the fight against Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Will he make an appearance in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame film?

The Skrulls made an appearance in this film but their début was not as expected. Know as a villainous, devious warrior race in the comics, this version of the Skrulls turned out to be the victims of the Kree Empire. Mar-Vell was responsible for creating an engine which has lightspeed capabilities, an engine to help the remaining Skrulls evade the war and find a new home far away in the cosmos. Mar-Vell was killed for her secret project and the power core it has, which turned out to be the Tesseract. The likeness of Mar-Vell was then taken to become the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree, and this is where Carol uncovered the Kree’s true intentions which were completely hostile. In the comics, Mar-Vell was a male warrior and was known as Captain Marvel for quite sometime in comic publications before changing that role to a female. Do you think it the change for Mar-Vell was just or was it nothing more than a unnecessary change producers made to the comic story?

The Stones that power the Gauntlet are from cosmic origins and they ultimately control the fundamentals of the universe. In the comic story, Thor was the strongest Avenger to battle Thanos. In the cinematic universe, Thor’s powers have doubled when fighting against his sister Hela, then increasing to greater heights after receiving Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker was specially designed by Eitri to combat the controlling power of the Gauntlet. This means that the full might of these weapons are determined by the will of the wielder. Are producers trying to convey that Captain Marvel could be perhaps stronger than Thor in the upcoming Endgame or will she just become another team player? Avengers Endgame will release April 26, 2019 answering all questions on were this story of the Infinity Gauntlet could be headedRelated image
What were your thoughts on Captain Marvel? Do you think she measures up to the universal threat laid before the Avengers?

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a excellent movie among many superhero films! This is the first time that these two characters have met live on film. Critics slammed this movie so much it made comic fans even more intrigued to see it. The weekend total sales for this movie was 424.1 million dollars which shows that movie critics cannot figure out the outcome for such a film. This movie was a mixture of the Frank Miller story of Batman v Superman, Superman: Doomsday, and Justice League War.

The total sales for the film is $873.6 million million dollars.

Likes:  Comic fans were not sure if Ben Affleck could pull of this role because of his previous role as Daredevil, who is among the Marvel Universe. This Batman was very brutal compared what we’ve seen on screen before. This Batman made use of guns and didn’t killing off goons trying to kill him. Since Man of Steel, Clark Kent has become an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet. He takes notice of news reports in Gotham City, of a vigilante spreading fear and chaos throughout the underworld. As for Superman, Clark sees how the world is having a divided opinion about him. In the Man of Steel, Jor-El lets Superman know he is unique and with his powers, he must lead the human race to become better through his example. Clark’s Earth father Jonathan Kent advised Clark the world wasn’t ready for him. No matter how much good Superman does for the planet, some people feel that his presence is making the natural order of the world become disrupted. These lessons are what Clark had to face as Superman in this film…

batman vs superman1

The best part of the film is the showdown between the two heroes. What’s interesting about this showdown is that Batman viewed Superman as a threat because of the destruction in Metropolis. Before Superman, humans thought they were alone in the universe. Now an alien from space is now the savior of the planet?? Batman had a vision of a possible future Earth, where Superman decided to use his power for control. Superman viewed Batman as a criminal, and working outside the law goes against what Superman stands for. In the end, Superman can easily destroy Batman with brute force. Batman, on the other hand could outwit Superman and defeat him. So the conclusion is that both characters realized they are better together than against each other. That’s what heroes do!


Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor!!!! This is the most common dislike among most comic fans. If anything, Jesse could play a perfect Riddler. That’s only if The Riddler is featured in any future Batman movies. This is the ONLY dislike Comic Multiverse has rated for this film.


Marvel comics has the “one up” on DC Comics with their costume design. Black Panther and Spiderman of Captain America: Civil War, have eye covers for their masks. Batman did have that feature but only for his armored suit. In this film, we couldn’t see Batman’s vision behind the armored helmet. Its possibly that the appearance of his vision would be similar to Iron Man’s helmet in the MCU. But if Batman’s regular costume was equipped like Black Panther’s, we could see Batman switch through his different visions as shown in most animated films or video games such as Arkham Knight. 

This deleted scene has comic fans speculating. Lex is seen in communion with Steppenwolf. Is it possible that Lex summoned Darkseid to Earth?

batman vs superman review

In the comics when Superman return from his death, he was outfitted in a black and silver version of his costume. In the Man of Steel, when Zod was explaining to Clark of his intentions for the Codex, you can see Superman wearing his all black Kryptonian attire. Superman is rumored to return in the Justice League film in his black attire. Some speculate how he may acquire this version. It’s very possible that more suits are aboard the Genesis Chamber Ship, which is still in Metropolis. At the end of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller is giving Bruce Wayne files on metahumans. Is it possible that Bruce will also get access to the ship like Lex did? With this possibility, Bruce could learn of the ship’s technology to improve his own as Batman. He could then learn to repair it for flight to make it as a base for the Justice League. Of course this would create the tension between Bruce and Amanda because it would be theft of government property. Most importantly the ship’s computer would have the knowledge on Kryptonian biology to let Bruce know how to heal Superman. How do you think Superman will return?