Wonder Woman 2017

DC Comics is at a good pace creating feature films for their iconic characters. This 2017 feature of Wonder Woman will be the first major female role in the comic universe and she will be the second member of the Justice League to bring a new visual of her history on-screen. The costume design and visual effects created for Woman Woman will bring this character to life, really portraying to the audience how she is a valuable hero and how she measures equally with her male companions.  From the preview we see how the Amazons are separated from the world conflicts on the secret island of Themiscyra.  In the Justice League trailer , the Amazon warriors are at battle with what could be Darkseid’s legion of Parademons. Will these two movies tie in with one another in some way? Are the Amazons, one of the sole keepers of a Mother Box? Just like in her comic book history, Diana will choose to enter man’s world, putting her training to use fighting for,, well on June 2nd, we will see the details of the conflict!

Spiderman: Homecoming


This will be the sixth Spiderman film to date since 2002. Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel heroes out there and it seems with this film, this could be the greatest Spiderman. This version of Spiderman is a younger hero than the others and he will be the protegé of Iron Man. The Avengers is the top respected team in this cinematic universe and Peter seems to do what he can to impress and be accepted by Tony Stark. Tony in this film is responsible for the creation of the Spidey suit which in fact is the best version to date. With Tony’s tech, we can see the all the upgrades made to the costume, thus bringing out the full potential in the wall crawler. Vulture is the primary villain of this movie and there is possibly another not yet mentioned. Are you ready for this Spiderman? Will he become an official member of the Avengers? July 7th is when Spiderman: Homecoming hits theaters. STAY TUNED!!

Justice League 2017


Finally, DC Comics is catching up to Marvel Studios with their super team The Justice League! This film is following up to the 2016 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where Bruce and Diana are searching for the meta humans found in Lex Luthor computer files. Bruce believes he could form a team to help defend Earth against an upcoming galactic threat ( Darkseid). So far we see Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman working alongside Batman and Wonder Woman battling Parademons, who seem to be on a mission to collect Mother Boxes on Earth. It is rumored that Superman will return even though we haven’t seen him in this trailer. Will Green Lantern make an appearance in this film or will there be another film that will present him? These questions will be answer this upcoming November when the film is release. With the special effects and action packed sequences seen in this trailer, The Justice League may give the Avengers a run for their money in the box office! We’ll see in 7 more months!!

Black Panther 2018


Black Panther will finally get his solo release February 16 2018. Black Panther made his intro to the cinematic world in Avengers: Civil War. In the end of that film, T’Challa brought Captain America and Bucky back in his home of Wakanda.This film appears to be focused in Wakanda where the conflict presides. Andy Serkis will replay his character from Age of Ultron, which will have a more significant role in the Black Panther, bringing his story full circle between the two films. Will this 2018 feature be the beginning of a possible standalone series or will this character somehow be involved with the upcoming threat that awaits Marvel heroes in the Infinity War?



SpiderMan: Far From Home

SpiderMan is back again! The last time fans saw the wallcrawler was when he died in the hands of IronMan in Infinity War. This film has fans wondering: When does this movie fit in the MCU timeline? From what we see in the footage, SpiderMan has two new suits, and it appears he has three villains to content with: SandMan, Mysterio and HydroMan. This films looks exciting and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for them! Stay tuned for the movie review!

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame has released another trailer!!! This movie has been rumored to last over 3 hours, so this trailer is a very small fraction of what we will see in April. If you’ve noticed we haven’t seen Thanos appear in any trailers yet, but it was exciting to see Captain Marvel among the Avengers! So many questions need answering like: how did Tony return to Earth? Where was Hawkeye during the first battle wave against Thanos? How many heroes did survive the purge worldwide? Will Captain Marvel become Thor‘s love interest? Will the Hulk decide to face Thanos again or will he lay dormant once more? What is to become of Vision? Did the removal of the stone kill him? On April 26 we will have our answers, stay tuned for the movie review!


Deadpool 2

Deadpool is back at it again, this time with much more action!!

It was surprising the first time around for Deadpool to produce big numbers from its small budge. Now with the full attention of comic fans around the world, Deadpool 2 will become a huge hit for the character once again, maybe even bigger! Reports even suggest that since Disney acquired more rights to the Marvel characters, it could be possible that ol Deadpool could run into many other of his Marvel counterparts himself! It seems Deadpool is on the same mission to protect mutants but this time he will have Cable to content with. Will Deadpool battle then become partners with the futuristic mercenary? What’s interesting about Cable is that he is portrayed by Josh Brolin, who also is playing Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War!!!

Deadpool begins his mission on May 18th 2018!! Stay tuned for future review!!


Venom 2018

Comic fans have been waiting on this!!!

Venom 2018 is to be the first film where the villain is the main character and possibly becoming an anti-hero as suggested in the comics. We see Eddie Brock as a reporter in San Francisco, questioning the integrity of the infamous Life Foundation. It seems that the Foundation is in possession of multiple symbiotes and somewhat figured out its functions. The trailer exposes a female host, could this possibly be Scream? So if Venom is main character to this film, will we have Carnage as well? Since this film is with Sony Pictures and a standalone film, Venom will not be related to the MCU nor will he have any run ins with Spiderman. What do you think so far? Will this film become big enough to get a movie series or will it fall short after its first release??

Venom will release October 5th 2018. Stay tuned for the future review……

Power Rangers


The Power Rangers will be back on the movie screen Friday March 24th. This film is one of the most anticipated films of 2017 because of its popularity since the early 90’s and fans can see the Rangers in a new visual way never seen yet. This film is a reboot of the original television series with many changes that can be hinted from the trailer. What characters from the TV series do you believe may make a special appearance? Do you think these Rangers will have huge success in the box office granting future films?…

We are excited for this film! Be sure to tune in later for the official movie review!


Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for their most anticipated film, Avengers: Infinity War!  The Infinity War will be a two part film, one releasing in 2018 and the other in 2019. Avengers Infinity War is based upon the Infinity Gauntlet publications of 1991. The films for Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, Spiderman and The Avengers have linked themselves together to create this upcoming mega film. Since Civil War, Black Panther has become an important piece to Marvel’s cinematic universe. Spiderman has his Iron Spider suit, will Captain America wield his energy shield? In the comic publications, the X-Men joined the fight against Thanos as well as the Avengers. Will we see an appearance from Wolverine in this story? How about the Silver Surfer? Wouldn’t he be an important piece when Adam Warlock is introduced to the big screen? This trailer brings so many exciting questions we will have to wait until May 4 2018 to get our answers!! Do you think DC Comics will ever match Marvel Comics in the film industry??