Venom 2018

Comic fans have been waiting on this!!!

Venom 2018 is to be the first film where the villain is the main character and possibly becoming an anti-hero as suggested in the comics. We see Eddie Brock as a reporter in San Francisco, questioning the integrity of the infamous Life Foundation. It seems that the Foundation is in possession of multiple symbiotes and somewhat figured out its functions. The trailer exposes a female host, could this possibly be Scream? So if Venom is main character to this film, will we have Carnage as well? Since this film is with Sony Pictures and a standalone film, Venom will not be related to the MCU nor will he have any run ins with Spiderman. What do you think so far? Will this film become big enough to get a movie series or will it fall short after its first release??

Venom will release October 5th 2018. Stay tuned for the future review……

Power Rangers


The Power Rangers will be back on the movie screen Friday March 24th. This film is one of the most anticipated films of 2017 because of its popularity since the early 90’s and fans can see the Rangers in a new visual way never seen yet. This film is a reboot of the original television series with many changes that can be hinted from the trailer. What characters from the TV series do you believe may make a special appearance? Do you think these Rangers will have huge success in the box office granting future films?…

We are excited for this film! Be sure to tune in later for the official movie review!


Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for their most anticipated film, Avengers: Infinity War!  The Infinity War will be a two part film, one releasing in 2018 and the other in 2019. Avengers Infinity War is based upon the Infinity Gauntlet publications of 1991. The films for Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, Spiderman and The Avengers have linked themselves together to create this upcoming mega film. Since Civil War, Black Panther has become an important piece to Marvel’s cinematic universe. Spiderman has his Iron Spider suit, will Captain America wield his energy shield? In the comic publications, the X-Men joined the fight against Thanos as well as the Avengers. Will we see an appearance from Wolverine in this story? How about the Silver Surfer? Wouldn’t he be an important piece when Adam Warlock is introduced to the big screen? This trailer brings so many exciting questions we will have to wait until May 4 2018 to get our answers!! Do you think DC Comics will ever match Marvel Comics in the film industry??


Aquaman 2018

AquaMan featured in his first live film with the Justice League and now will he will have his own solo film this coming December. The DC cinematic universe differs from the MCU because the MCU had a plan to make the Avengers in the past and felt best to make solo films of the prominent members before making the big feature film. This film is filled with CGI much like Avatar but comic fans feel this movie will make a big début. If the solo films of DC Comics continue to succeed, will there be another Justice League film? This time bringing Darkseid?? Stay posted for the movie review!!