Dark Phoenix

dark phoenix 1Dark Phoenix is among the most dangerous female villains in the comic book universe. Dark Phoenix is the evil embodiment of Phoenix Force, with Jean Grey as it’s host. Dark Phoenix wanted to separate everything connecting Jean Grey to her former life so destroying the cosmos would come as first choice. Trying to stop or even battling the Dark Phoenix would be considered suicide for whoever took on the feat. Attacking the mind of the host is the best chance in stopping such a force, as done by Professor X.IMG_20150211_102839The Phoenix Force is similar to DC Comic’s entity: The Parallax. When Hal Jordan became the host, he displayed much of his dark side as Jean did under such power. Cosmic entities merging directly to a humanoid host, amplifies the powers of the host at immeasurable levels, making them god like. The Phoenix Entity was even split apart to inhabit different hosts at once, creating the Phoenix Five. Do you think this Force could take on any of the Lantern Corps??IMG_20150211_100327Dark Phoenix made it to the silver screen with the X-Men 3 The Last Stand. Dark Phoenix is portrayed by Famke Janssen, who played Jean Grey throughout the X-Men movie series. What is your take on the image of Dark Phoenix? She didn’t seem like the out of control Dark Phoenix who reign destruction in the cosmos but more like a darker Jean Grey. Was that the best performance of Dark Phoenix or could movie producers have done more to show the power of such a dark entity…Is it possible that Dark Phoenix can be recruited into the Red Lantern Corps?! What would become of Jean Grey if she harbors the Phoenix Force, then wield the Red Power Ring?! To Be Continued….

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork goes to DeviantArt artist, codename: ArtofTu.

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