Darth Vader

Leaving the light side of the Force, then turning to the dark side, Darth Vader became one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy and of all time. As the military general of the New Galactic Empire, Vader enforced the Chancellor’s rule with fear and destruction, eliminating any who opposed the Empire. Darth Vader was used as a tool to eliminate the Jedi Order, the Order, who believed that Anakin would be the one to bring balance to the Force.

vader troops

Vader’s use of fear and rage suggest that he could be inducted in either the Sinestro Corps or Red Lantern Corps. Which Lantern Corps do you think would be perfect for Vader? Either way Vader wouldn’t need his conventional ways of travel or weaponry. This would come from his mental abilities over either power ring. Vader would be among the strongest if inducted in either Corps.


Vegeta’s use of a gravity machine helped enhance his physique and mentality, resulting in master control over his increased power levels. If such machine were created for Vader, how powerful will he become? Outside the intense gravity, Vader can move much faster than before. The weight of his robotic enhancements would no longer hinder him. Confident with his training, Darth Vader wouldn’t hesitate to overthrow Sidious, who would also feel the power of Vader when emerging from such machine.

darth vader training

Even though Darth Vader is a powerful Sith next to his master Darth Sidious, some believe Vader could be outmatched by the Sith Lord Darth Malgus. It’s possible because Darth Malgus mobility isn’t restricted by his armor in combat. Also, Malgus makes use of the Force Lightning technique in his fighting style, which is theĀ same technique that brought Vader to his death. Comic fans even believe Dr. Doom could even rival the Dark Lord. If Dr. Doom learned the ways of the Force in addition to his powers, could he become the most powerful Sith that ever lived?……..

vader vs

Comic fans have shed light on a crossover battle between Darth Vader andĀ Batman. A live action sequence of this bout was featured by Machinima Inc. We’re you satisfied with the results? Or could there have been a different outcome?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Darth Vader goes to DeviantArt artist JakeMurray. Excellent Artwork!



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