Dragonball Super: Broly

Akira Toriyama is back with his third anime film Dragonball Super: Broly! Dragonball Super: Broly is the highest ranking film created around the Z Fighters and this film is a retold story of Broly and Bardock. This story takes place after the Tournament of Power, Goku and Vegeta are at new levels of power and are unaware there is another fighter in their own universe that is strong enough to challenge their refined saiyan god powers……

Broly of the non canon story,  grew up hating Goku because of the internal memory of Goku constantly crying in the saiyan nursery. Broly’s power was so great, it had an adverse effect on his personality and mental stability growing up. Paragus grew fearful of his son to the extent of controlling the saiyan through artificial means. This control later turned on Paragus in the form of hatred, thus losing his life to his son. In the canon story, Broly  grew up with a dislike for Vegeta, which was trained in him by Paragus. Just like the non canon version of Broly, King Vegeta didn’t accept Broly’s extraordinary power because the child was labeled as a lower class saiyan and Broly’s power challenged all those of royal blood. Broly and his father was exiled from the planet instead of going through a failed execution attempt. Paragus vowed to take revenge on the King for his oversight, with the extinction of the saiyan race, Vegeta was the next best option for revenge since Vegeta is the survivor of the Saiyan throne. The story of Bardock was retold as well, thus making Goku’s origin to Earth even more like Superman. In Bardock’s story, fans were also introduced to Goku’s mother Gine, a character never expressed in history until this movie.

Dragonball Super: Broly satisfied fans this time around with visuals of Vegeta as the super saiyan god. This form was introduced in the film Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods, which was a form attained by absorbing the power of 5 pure hearted saiyans. This is important among DBZ fans because this was the second time Vegeta was observed catching up to Goku in power but not displaying his work to attain each level as Goku did. Then the stage moved to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, otherwise known as Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta amazed fans becoming super saiyan blue in the Resurrection of Frieza, completely skipping over the super saiyan god level. Then Vegeta learned to evolve the super saiyan blue form into a new power level. Dragonball Super Broly has also made Gogeta an official character in the canon series. Not only that, Gogeta is able to become super saiyan god just like his fusion counterpart Vegito. Fusion is an extremely powerful card to play on the battle field and it was surprising to fans that Broly could withstand the power of the fusion before Gogeta went Blue. If this is the case, would Broly be in fact stronger than all the saiyans in the Tournament of Power?

Comic sites have theories on how the Super Saiyan Four could become canon. Sites such as Comicbookmovie suggest that the road map to Super Saiyan Four is through Broly.  Whis, being a witness to the entire battle, could give Goku and Vegeta new training methods to fully bring out their saiyan potential as Broly did. So far, Whis trained the Vegeta and Goku to master their ki to god levels but never taught the saiyans how to unlock the power aspects their race could wield. Or, is it possible Whis already knows the full potential of the saiyan race and could show the saiyans how to use the legendary stage as well…

Even with Broly eliminated in the non canon Dragonball Z story, that was something anime fans could not accept for the character. Dragonball Super gave fans the idea of Broly with the introduction of Kale. Her outstanding power amazed the Gods in the tournament and she was ranked among the top 5 strongest fighters. During the seasons of Super, fans can see that Goku, Vegeta, Caulifla and Cabba has similarities that make them parallel with each other.  Now that Broly is made canon, will he apart of surviving saiyans, even becoming a mentor with his parallel counterpart Kale? What was your overall feel for this movie? Do you think this Broly is the best we have seen or do you think his previous version was better left untouched?

ComicMultiverse fan favorite poster of Dragonball Super: Broly goes to the DeviantArt artist: Limandao! Excellent work!



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