Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is the first human to become apart of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan then became one of the greatest Green Lanterns next to Sinestro, who later became his biggest rival. Hal Jordan is also a member of the famous super team the Justice League. The Green Lantern Corps is similar to the Nova Corps of Marvel Comics, for both groups are police force militia created to protect life in the universe. Which Corps do you think is greater between the two?..

green lantern 6Hal Jordan was worthy of the Green Lantern ring because of his willpower and fearlessness. These qualities helped him overcome his father’s death to become an excellent pilot in the Air Force himself. Fighter Pilots in today’s world would also need such willpower to overcome fear in combat situations. The fear of heights, high speeds, and even the possibility of death during missions.

green lantern 1Those who experience success in any field can be compared to the concept of a Green Lantern officer. Willing a dream into existence takes concentrated focus and overcoming the fear of failure. Look around in our daily lives. Everything is a idea ranging from one individual to several. For instance, a vehicle, bridge, or whichever device used to read THIS blog post, is a physical construct of a designer’s imagination. His or her willpower is needed to take action to make the idea come to fruition. The officer of the Green Lantern Corps must keep his or her concentration at peak performance so that the energy constructs of the power ring will remain strong and unbreakable…

green lantern 9The Green Lantern transitioned from the comic books to different media. This includes the crossover video game: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe,  the cartoon : Green Lantern the Animated Series, and animated films such as Green Lantern First Flight. Do you think the live action movie was a success? The film gave comic fans fantastic CGI visuals of the character’s powers at play, but was the actor Ryan Reynolds a good choice? Let’s consider Ryan has played in four Marvel Comic films: X-MEN Origins WolverineBlade Trinity, Deadpool 1 and 2. Will Ryan’s comedic style fit in with the newly established dark theme DC Comics has brought to the movie screen?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite crossover artwork of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern goes to the DeviantArt artist: PatC-14.

green lantern favorite artwork


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