Iron Man vs Batman

batman vs ironmanThe showdown between Batman and Iron Man is a popular topic among comic fans. Both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are leaders in their own worlds as businessmen and fearless warriors as heroes. But which character reigns supreme? Let’s start with the comparison of both companies: Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries. Not only are both companies giants in the technology and weapon industries, Wayne Enterprise has monopolies in agriculture, media and commodities. Having influence on the economic flow throughout the world creates astonishing wealth for Bruce Wayne. With his technology and resources, Bruce Wayne has created the Watchtower for the Justice League. With this, Wayne Tech has more in common with the Star Trek technology than the fantasy Enterprise Space Armor concept for Iron Man…watchtowerAs heroes, both have created suits and tech to help them with crime fighting. Both characters have many villains that range from universal, supernatural and domestic levels.  Which man do you think can take on both hero personas effectively? Is it Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?iron man vs batman 10What if Bruce Wayne used The Bleeding Edge Armor concept for himself? How convenient it would be for Bruce Wayne to shift into his batsuit like Tony Stark, Black Panther and even Superman. Tony Stark’s R.T Tech has enhanced his body, making Tony superhuman. This would also be a great addition to Bruce if he were to use it help aid him as Batman. But ask yourself this: has the batsuit become similar to the Iron Man armors with the Batwing Armor? Isn’t Wayne’s tech not too far from Tony’s potential?

batvironIn cinema, both characters made big production in sales, with Batman in the lead. This is because Batman has been on the movie screen since 1989. Fans prefer the Christian Bale Batman over the others mainly because of the vision from Christopher Nolan. Was Robert Downey Jr an excellent choice for Iron Man? How exciting would it be to have a live action sequence of these two characters at their full potential….batman vs ironman

In the film Avenger: Infinity War, was the Russo Brothers paying homage to the battle between Batman and Iron Man in this scene with Thanos? If Batman could somehow send a flock of bats at Iron Man like this, what could Tony do to outwit the Dark Knight? What if Batman’s character profile was changed to where he wielded the power of Dracula?
Image result for iron man slams building on thanos gif
Both Iron Man and Batman has experienced greater power in their own universes with the Infinity Gauntlet and the Lantern Power Rings. As powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet is, would the combination of the white, green and yellow power ring be enough for Batman to take on Iron Man? With the use of universal power, who do you think is the best wielder of cosmic power as a mortal?iron man vs batman 11Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Iron Man vs Batman goes to the DeviantArt artist DeemonProductions!fanbatvsiron


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