Iron Man

newironman7Iron Man is one of many popular characters within the Marvel Universe. As Tony Stark, he is CEO of Stark Industries. This aids Tony’s crime fighting persona with advanced technology and weaponry. Tony has created suits of armor able to adapt to harsh environments such as space and deep-sea. Tony has even created armors strong enough to battle The Hulk and Thor. With his technological and intellectual dominance, Iron Man is second in command within the Avengers.

iron man 3Tony Stark manages to maintain control over his creations to prevent any war and political conflicts. On the other hand, the armor would be of good uses as well. NASA for instance, could use the armors to replace the space suit. Modern day space suits impedes the progress of astronauts to certain degrees. For example, lack of head and body mobility along with limited life support and jet pack fuel.

astronironmanIron Man is special to Comic Multiverse because of its crossover with Green Lantern in the amalgam universe: Iron Lantern. What are your thoughts on this crossover story? Do you think Tony’s technology could benefit perfectly in another universe like Star TrekWhat type of impact would the armors have on Starfleet? Or what future would S.H.I.E.L.D have with Star Fleet’s technology? To be continued……

iron man 4Iron Man has made its début from comic book to movie screen like many other films, giving fans an excellent insight on its evolution in imagery. The Iron Man movies are a big success in the Marvel Universe, with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Robert and Huge Jackman are two actors that has continuously played their characters throughout the years since their first films. Do you think all actors should do the same, or do you believe change is sometimes a good thing in character development, as its done in the comics?

Many comic fans have debated on who is the best hero between Iron Man and Batman. Both characters have many similarities and differences that could weight in the true victor. Who do you think would win in that match up?  To be Continued...

iron vs bat

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Iron Man goes to DeviantART artist, codename: BossLogic. Excellent Work and crossover concept! Also follow Boss Logic at the website :



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