Justice League

justice leagueThe Justice League is a superhero team similar to The Avengers. Their role is to protect Earth and its citizens from domestic and universal threats while representing peace. Like the Avengers, the Justice League has a huge roster of heroes that makes up its organization. Its founding members start with the three icons: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Then followed by The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter which now is replaced by Cyborg.

justice league2

The Justice League headquarters is a satellite space station that orbits around Earth, keeping the planet under constant surveillance. Equipped with starships and transporters, the Justice League can face threats with immediate response. These technologies are supplied by Batman, which he stands as the tech genius of the team next to Cyborg. How is it that Batman created technology similarly related to the Star Trek Universe?


DC Entertainment has produced multiple animated films and video games of the Justice League. The Wonder Woman film, Man of Steel ,Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League are huge movies for DC Entertainment, but can these heroes surpass the success of The Avengers??

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite Artwork of The Justice League goes to DeviantART artist JPRart. Excellent Work! Definitely reminds fans of the Jim Lee version of the X-MEN.

justice league fan art


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