Lady Deathstrike

lady deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike is a combination of adamantium and futuristic robotic cybernetics infused into a trained Japanese assassin. Her father Lord Dark Wind is a brilliant scientist/crime lord responsible for discovering the process of bonding adamantium to human bones. Yuriko’s loyalty to her father is similar to the relationship between Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia. She serves her father or battles against him as she sees fit, eventually taking over the father’s vision of domination.

thalia and ra's

Wolverine became a primary enemy to Lady Deathstrike because of his adamantium skeleton. The blueprints for fusing adamantium to bone was stolen from Lord Dark Wind in earlier years,  then later used on Wolverine in the Weapon X Program. His healing factor was the key to the survival of the procedure, resulting in an indestructible super soldier. This creation Deathstrike felt belonged her family and will kill Wolverine to get that honor back even though she fails many times. Despite the tension between the two characters, it was once believed Yuriko and Wolverine was once in a romantic relationship and even married, but this was merely confused with his relationship with Mariko.

lady deathstrike vs wolverine

Lady Deathstrike is among Marvel’s least popular villains but was able to make a live action appearance in X2: X-men United. She is a bodyguard assassin to William Stryker, the sergeant responsible for the Weapon X program. Do you think Deathstrike was portrayed well in that film or could she had a better role in either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or The Wolverine?

lady deathnn

Comic fans suggest that Warblade could be more than a match for Lady Deathstrike. They have many concept similarities that make them an interesting battle. But if you compare these characters to the T-1000 vs T-800 bout in Terminator 2, liquid metal is a more powerful killing machine than robotics.

lady deathstrike warblade

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Lady Deathstrike goes to DeViantArt artist CrimsonArtz.




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