Lord Beerus

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Dragonball Z is now Dragonball Super, an era where Earth defenders are battling among gods. Lord Beerus, God of Destruction is the new villain who’s purpose is to destroy planets, thus bringing balance in the cosmos. Lord Beerus resembles the appearance of the Egyptian God Set, with destructive power like Sekhmet. The only thing that seems to distract Beerus from his destructive quest is the taste of unique foods. Because of this, Earth is spared as long as Beerus appetite is satisfied.

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Even though Lord Beerus is classified a villain because of his destructive nature, he is responsible for making Goku and Vegeta aware of the saiyan god. Although Beerus is a god, he has a martial arts master named Whis, who is responsible for training Beerus and the saiyans to use their god forms. The saiyans trained immensely to master their new powers but still fall short of Beerus’ might individually. Broly and Omega Shenron are two powerful villans that Earth defenders had to face. Omega Shenron is the negative force of Shenron, created from the over use of the dragonballs. Broly is a saiyan born with abnormal energy reserves that continues to grow rapidly during combat without ever fatiguing. Since both super villains have an overwhelming sense for destruction and with proper training, could Broly or Omega Shenron take on the role as God of Destruction?

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Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Lord Beerus goes to the DeviantArt artist NovaSayajinGoku.

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