Magneto is one of the most powerful and popular of all Marvel villains. Magneto’s quest to protect his kind has brought conflict around the world, gaining the full attention of governmental powers. Even though Magneto is perceived as a villain, is he really? As a child growing up in concentration camps, he saw the deaths of many people under Hitler’s rule. While many prisoners were experimented on, the Nazi was unaware the true prize lied within young Erik Lehnsherr. A prize that is hidden away in the genetic code of many people, potentially to become a threat or hope for the world in the future…

Its only natural for a child who has experienced those harsh conditions, to become rebellious later in life against worldly rule. Rebellious against an oppressor with a plan to control mutants powers for weapons and locking them away from normal humans. Knowing this, is its justifiable for Magneto to become a dictator against normal human beings? Since Magneto outlook on his future world is negative in nature, its fitting to have a good friend such as Charles Xavier to help bring some balance to his point of view even though they have battled many times via The X-Men.


Magneto is among the many characters that have come from the comic book, to television, game and film. Between Ian Mckellen and Michael Fassbender, who portrayed Magneto’s character on film the best?

Magneto has battled many foes throughout his life. Due to the similarities, do you think Graviton has a chance against the master of magnetism?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Magneto goes to the DeviantArt artist LivioRamondelli. Excellent artwork and concept!!

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