As leader of the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron is among the most powerful, cosmic beings of the DC Universe. Nekron is the most powerful because he is the cosmic entity of death, the supreme ruler of the undead. All living beings face their end in death for the exception of those who posses immortality. If anyone is far dangerous than Atrocitus, it would be Nekron. If Nekron was able to recruit the Justice League to his Corps, what do you think would happen if he crossed into the Marvel Universe and recruited the zombies? Is it possible that Nekron could control Dracula just the same as his other undead hoards?


 Comic fans suggest that Spawn be apart of the Black Lantern Corps. Spawn and Nekron would be in battle for the rights to the Black Lantern Corps for Spawn also has supernatural powers over the undead as king of hell. Would Spawn be more powerful than Nekron since he is now at Omega Level? What type of power would Spawn wield with the combined strength of a black power ring and his necroplasmic based armor?


 Nekron and Mistress Death share similar roles in their own universes. Mistress Death showed a liking to Deadpool and rare occasion Thanos. Do you believe Nekron is worthy of Mistress Death complete attention? What would be the story of the cosmos if these two powerful entities joined forces?

mistress death

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Nekron goes to the deviantART artist; codename: meganagod. Excellent work!


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