Red Lantern Corps: Dark Phoenix

What if…….Atrocitus was able to recruit the Dark Phoenix to his Red Lantern Corps?! The Phoenix Force is an entity described as the child of the universe, free-spirited and dangerous if not properly controlled or guided on the right path. With this power, Atrocitus could be on the same power levels as the White and Black Lantern Corps

Atrocitus believes he could attract the Phoenix Force to his will by releasing The Butcher.  An older entity could train the younger power on how powerful an emotion like rage is. This is a similar method Atrocitus learned from observing Sith Lords before recruiting them. To achieve his plan, Atrocitus traveled to the time period in the Marvel Universe right after Dark Phoenix consumed a star, killing billions of people in the process. The destruction left in the aftermath fascinated Atrocitus, believing that such devastation could empower his Lantern Corps greatly. Atrocitus intercepted the Phoenix in space flight, releasing the Butcher from the Red Power Battery. The two entities clashed in a cosmic spectacle, becoming familiar with each other, learning and adapting to one another.

As the two entities dance in a cosmic showcase,  Jean Grey’s body hovers in space, waiting for the Phoenix Force to return to it’s host.  Atrocitus used this time to slip the Red Power Ring onto Jean’s finger, sealing the bond between the two entities. Doing this, Atrocitus believed if he can’t have direct control over the Phoenix Force, he could at least have control over its host.

Sensing bondage, the Phoenix Force lashed wildly like an animal being caged. Anger and rage began to grow rapidly in the entity as it struggled. The energy given off by the Phoenix Force was so tremendous, it’s power funneled down to each power ring of the Red Lantern Corps. Members of the Red Lantern Corps no longer had the weakness of blind rage, now that it was consumed by the Phoenix Force. In exchange, each member developed mental clarity strong enough to create the most powerful constructs among all the other Lantern Corps. The Phoenix Force also grants members immortality, as long as the Phoenix Force remains confined in the Red Power Battery.

Also, there is no longer the need to charge the power ring, for the Phoenix Force keeps the rings charged indefinitely. When realizing that rage is just one of many emotions of the Spectrum, The Phoenix Force gained a curiosity for the other Lantern Corps and vowed to conquer them all. With the power of two cosmic entities, can the Red Lantern Corps be stopped in their quest for domination of the Universe?



  1. There are so many revelations made in this story, besides
    that one, ultimate revelation, that if you have been following the DCAU for over a
    decade then all of it pays off as a nice reward for you.
    Also, the four members of the League we see in this episode are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the
    same four DC heroes that were most prominently featured on Superfriends.
    The House of Money is an Earthy House since the first of
    the Earth signs, Taurus, rules the House of the Cash Cow

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