The Riddler


  The Riddler is among a list of villains who has experienced abuse as a child, especially from their fathers.( The Red Skull, Sabretooth , Deadshot….) This atmosphere has created a future of people who used their powers and abilities in negative ways. Despite him choosing a life of crime, The Riddler is similar to Bruce Wayne/Batman to some degree. Both characters are wealthy men, genius intellect and even have great detective skills. In various degrees, The Riddler is a worthy foe to Batman. But to Batman, The Riddler is nothing more than a mental challenge to his crime fighting career.

riddler 3

The Riddler has made his way from the comic pages to Batman’s animated series, then unto the movie screen. The Riddler was introduced in main stream films with Batman Forever. This character was portrayed by Jim Carrey. Comic fans can agree that this Riddler is the reigning champion with live appearances. A new version of The Riddler is found in the TV show Gotham, portrayed by Cory Michael Smith. Will a new actor take the role of this mysterious villain, or will this villain ever make it back to the big screen for a second time?

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Could there be truth to The Riddler’s 3D Box, which was shown in the Batman Forever? What if,..the purpose of the box was no different from the purpose of our own televisions and cable boxes…! The purpose to is to capture our mentality. For example, when you watch a thriller movie, certain scenes are equipped with music of suspense, capturing your emotion and mental state of the scene. It feels as if you are the character in danger when in reality,  you’re the one watching a movie!! Now that we have 3D movies and 3D televisions, are our IQs really decreasing while spending more time in front of the television?!

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of The Riddler goes to DeviantART artist TLishman. Excellent artwork!

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