Spawn Vs Sinestro Corps Batman

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In the Image and DC crossover comic, we see Batman and Spawn battle it out for a brief time before teaming up. In reality if Spawn and Batman were to fight, Batman would dominate in hand to hand combat, but Spawn would have the edge because of his supernatural abilities. But what if Batman kept the Yellow Power Ring??  If Batman can remove Hal Jordan’s ring under his notice, understanding the power of any ring would come with relative ease for Batman.

batman yellowBatman could become the greatest yellow lantern next to Sinestro, or even replace him as leader of the Sinestro Corps. With the mastery of the Yellow Power Ring, Batman would dominate Spawn. The yellow power ring is ultimately powered from a cosmic entity versus supernatural powers from Hell’s dimension.  Comic writers should make more stories exploring the possibility of Batman becoming a Green or Yellow Lantern Officer… Don’t you think it’s time for Batman to be permanently endowed with superpowers?

spawn batman 1Spawn’s costume works similar a Lantern Ring in the effect that he could shape shift his armor with concentrated willpower. Just imagine if Spawn was apart of the Black Lantern Corps? This could amplify his powers to unmeasurable levels because Spawn’s would never delete if his armor is constantly feeding itself from the darkness and evil the Black Lantern Corps gives off. Now if Spawn was powered with the Black Power Ring, what do you think the outcome would be if he battled the Sinestro Corps Batman? In the comic storyline, Spawn freed his soul and his armor took on an angelic form. Could this mean Spawn could also become recruited into the White Lantern Corps like Batman?

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Heroes will battle each other, only to discover strengths and weaknesses between them. Eventually heroes join together to serve a bigger purpose than their battle. Just imagine if a crossover film were produced with the Sinestro Corps Batman and Spawn. This would excite comic fans visually when seeing Batman wield powers with a supernatural being as his partner.

spawn batman

Since Batman DID rejected the Yellow Power Ring, do you think Nightwing would refuse such power? Even the game Injustice is inspired by such idea. Dick Grayson may have a liking in using superpower than his mentor. Batman on many occasions had chances to be among the superpowered but always turned down the power crunch to rely solely on himself as a human.

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