Spiderman: Homecoming Movie Review!!

How did you like SpiderMan: Homecoming? To date, the film grossed $467.3 million with War for the Planet of the Apes being released a week after. Spiderman is introduced in Civil War by Tony Stark during the attempted capture of Captain America and Bucky. This film expands on the relationship between Peter and Tony, even portraying events that led up to the battle in Civil War. This is not an origin story of Spiderman, more of an origin on his future involvement with the Avengers.

The Spider suit was one of the highlights of Homecoming! As found in the comics, Stark created suits for Spiderman to further enhance his crime fighting abilities. The traditional blue, red and black design was kept, but was upgraded with Stark’s technology. The technology allowed Spiderman to execute the different web abilities we know from the comics. Various combinations such as taser web, rapid fire, web grenades even the famous web wings were utilized during different sequences. The spidey mask was enhanced with thermal mapping, facial recognition, navigation, even a user interface called Karen. Karen functions with the suit like J.A.R.V.I.S does with the Iron Man armors. At the end of the film, Tony created another suit for Peter in hopes of him joining The Avengers. That suit didn’t receive much screen time, for Peter declined Tony’s offer of membership. What type of upgrades does that suit have that we haven’t seen yet on-screen?

What was your take on Michael Keaton playing the Vulture?? This was also a highlight for the film because Batman was an iconic role for Keaton in the cinematic universe of DC Comics. Now crossing into Marvel Comics, Keaton portrays the cinematic version of Vulture, who is a salvage owner in New York City. His team was responsible for the cleanup after Loki‘s attempt to conquer the planet in the first Avengers film. After being put out of business, Toomes and his employees kept some of the alien technology to create weapons for the underground market. The Shocker character was also involved in this film as a member of Toomes’s team. The Shocker was portrayed by actor Bokeem Woodbine. Do you think the Shocker was necessary for this film?

Now, the question that everyone has asked: who do you think was the ultimate Spiderman between Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland?? Toby was able to portray the wall crawler in a 3 movie series which grossed $2.4 billion worldwide. These 3 films were a big hit for the character Spiderman in the cinematic universe and Marvel Comics. Next, Andrew Garfield became web slinger in the Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2. These two films grossed $1.4 billion dollars worldwide. Andrew’s version of Spiderman was to be a reboot trilogy, only to be replaced by Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Instead of another origin story, Tom’s Spiderman is being incorporated with the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe namely with the Avengers. If you read the comics you would know Spiderman is involved in the upcoming war against Thanos. Let us know what you thought of this third installment of Spiderman in the comment section below. Also
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