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This Movie Review of Star Beyond will also feature Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek: Into Darkness

Paramount Pictures released the third Star Trek film titled Beyond. Its opening weekend brought in $89.6 million, which is higher than the opening weekends of the first two films of 2009 and 2013. Many supporters feel Star Trek is very popular as Star Wars in the sci-fiction film category. Coincidentally, J.J. Abrams is the current director behind the two space franchises. Star Trek is set to have a fourth film in later years. How long will this film series continue or will Star Trek be reinvented once more in the future?

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With J.J. Abrams visionary talent, Star Trek has been rebooted keeping its 50 year essence in tact. New actors resembling the original crew were excellent choices among fans and most importantly the visuals. In each of the films, you notice the progression of Captain Kirk also the rising experience, personality, and family bonding of the crew. With the Enterprise, you will take notice of science theories regarding space travel at light speeds. As you can see, J.J was not shy in having the Enterprise destroyed in each film!

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All three movies featured its on unique villain. What so similar between the villains of each movie is that they all have a revenge mission on the Federation. Nero is a Romulan seeking to destroy Earth with a weapon that can create black holes in space. Nero revenge stemmed from the destruction of his homeworld which he believed could be saved. Khan is the second villain who sought to destroy the Federation for being used to create weapons which would start a war between two worlds. Also Khan was threaten with death along with the last of his people. The third villain is Krall, a once human and a captain. His gripe with the Federation is that Earth became unified with her universal enemies thus the Federation. Krall also felt forgotten about when his ship was disabled out on a mission. These villains see the Federation as an armada that has a vision to control the universe. Which of the three films did you like the most?

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Sadly, the original Spock Leonard Nimoy, and actor Anton Yelchin have passed away. Leonard passed during the pre-production of Beyond and Anton pass in June, a month before the movie’s release. Star Trek Beyond is dedicated to the memory of both actors. Interestingly, Leonard second marriage was to Susan Bay, who is cousins with the famous film director Michael Bay.



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