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Storm is an Omega Level Mutant with the primary power of controlling the weather. The magnitude of her powers can be stretch from Earth to outer space. The depths of her powers led her people to believe she was a goddess, sent to help tribes thrive during harsh weather seasons. After being discovered by Professor X, Storm learned to control her powers at a great degree and even joined his X-Men. Her commitment to the team earned Storm the leadership role in Cyclops absence.

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Weather is responsible for shaping the planet and way of life. We have even used the weather to harness energy and feed the population. Unstable weather conditions have taken lives, destroyed homes and cities. If humans could effectively control the weather like Storm, we could change our way of life forever. Humans could even have the ability to make Mars a living planet like Earth. Would Storm be strong enough to control the storms on Jupiter?

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Thor is another character in the Marvel universe that can control the weather. Because of Loki’s need to test his brother, he influenced Storm to wield the StormCaster making her the Goddess of Thunder. If Storm retains her mutant powers while acquiring additional powers with StormCaster, is she stronger than Thor at that point? With the X-Men series making it to the big screen, comic fans got a chance to see the weather goddess in action. Halle Berry portrayed Storm in the majority of the films series, then Alexandra Shipp played a younger Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse. Is this the last we will see of this character or will there be a new Storm if X-Men was ever rebooted?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Storm goes to the DeviantArt artist ArtGutierrez.

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