The Uncanny X-Men


The X-Men is a super team in the Marvel Universe, the sector of the Marvel Universe where humans are born with a gene mutation that causes supernatural powers. These supernatural powers created fear throughout the world, but for good reason. Mutants such as Magneto, feel mutants should be in control of the Earth because of their powers make them godlike over the humans. The X-Men are protectors of the innocent (human and mutants) against the villainous mutants and the government.

the xmen

The X-Men was formed by Professor Xavier, who had a dream to help and protect mutants from the world. After years of study, Professor X turned his home into a school where he could teach mutants to control their powers. His combat team is led by Cyclops and Storm, even Wolverine is found in the forefront of them both, for his combat experience exceeds the whole team and the Professor. Jean Grey is the Professor’s right hand for the fact both are both are omega mutant levels and in the event the Professor is incapable to use his powers at hand, Jean is the telepathic backup. Over the years, the X-Men ranks have changed many times like the Avengers, either through new recruits or old members become solo heroes.

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The X-Men has accumulated a film series that outranks all comic movies. In this film series, fans can see origins of the team and even individual film stories like Wolverine and Deadpool. Bryan Singer is the director responsible for the majority of the films in the series. Even though the X-Men became very popular on screen, many fans feel that a lot of the cinematic timeline of the series was incorrect and not completely congruent with the blueprints of the comic books. Do you think the X-Men movies need a complete reboot or will a reboot taint the established legacy of characters and the actors that play them like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

imageComic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of the X-Men goes to the Deviantart Artist: Pant and David-Ocampo




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