Venom 2018

Comic fans have been waiting on this!!!

Venom 2018 is to be the first film where the villain is the main character and possibly becoming an anti-hero as suggested in the comics. We see Eddie Brock as a reporter in San Francisco, questioning the integrity of the infamous Life Foundation. It seems that the Foundation is in possession of multiple symbiotes and somewhat figured out its functions. The trailer exposes a female host, could this possibly be Scream? So if Venom is main character to this film, will we have Carnage as well? Since this film is with Sony Pictures and a standalone film, Venom will not be related to the MCU nor will he have any run ins with Spiderman. What do you think so far? Will this film become big enough to get a movie series or will it fall short after its first release??

Venom will release October 5th 2018. Stay tuned for the future review……

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