Venom Movie Review!!!

Venom 2018 has exceeded expectations bringing in over $208 million dollars opening weekend! Many popular movie critics gave Venom negative reviews, mainly because origins of the character was altered for cinematic display. Despite the alterations, Venom is an action packed film and Tom Hardy‘s performance as Eddie Brock was nothing less than perfect. Let’s break down the different aspects of this film that stood out to comic fans the most and what could happen for this film in the future..

According to the comic blueprint when the Venom symbiote arrived on Earth, Spiderman was it’s first host. What the symbiote fed on the most with Peter was the special abilities he gained from the radioactive spider. The Venom symbiote retained Spiderman’s abilities and costume design by the time it attached to Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote incorporated Brock’s deep negative feelings toward Spiderman making them it’s own. Brock had a obsession to take down Spiderman, for he blamed Spiderman for the lost of his job and the end of his relationship with his girlfriend. In turn, Spiderman and Venom are always at odds, even though in rare occasions they would join forces. In the movie release of Venom, Eddie lost his job and girlfriend by overstepping boundaries when interviewing the Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake. Eddie was determined that Drake was guilty of his accusations of human experimentation and was willing to do what it took to prove his story. This film featured other symbiotes such as Riot, who’s mission was to bring more of its species to Earth. Is it possible the symbiotes were fleeing their planet because it was near destruction by Galactus like in the comics? With eliminating Spiderman from the film origins of Venom, do you think that ruined Venom’s chances to encounter the wall crawler in future films? Would this version of Venom been a great new villain for The Amazing Spiderman film series or was this standalone film a good move for Sony?

Venom was featured as the main villain in Spiderman 3. This storyline of Venom was slightly changed as well. The Venom symbiote arrived on Earth through a small meteor and not from the shuttle return as shown in the comics and Venom 2018. In the comic story, the symbiote attached to Peter Parker becoming the black suit Spiderman. Peter discovered the suit enhanced his abilities and even began to turn his personality into a darker side. This began to jeopardize his relationships at work and with Mary Jane so Peter expelled the symbiote, thus making Eddie the new host. Once Eddie gained the symbiote, it became a creature not seen with Spiderman. The Venom symbiote was short lived in Spiderman 3, as it was disintegrated along with Eddie Brock. What threw the appearance off with Venom was that his size was comparable Spiderman, not making him much of a threaten menace. In Venom 2018, Venom was almost triple the size of Brock, easily towering over most humans. Since Eddie encounter the symbiote first, Venom was without his famous white spider across his torso and back. Venom was unable to cling to walls like Spiderman or create webbing, so the unique powers of the symbiote made up for the missing elements. Venom was seemingly destroyed like in the Spiderman 3 film, but returned to Eddie to help combat crime in his town. Another notable difference between the two cinematic Venoms was that the new version has a personality of its own while the other was a mindless creature under control of Eddie.

At the end of film, Eddie arrives at a prison facility to interview Cletus Kasady, an infamous serial killer who is portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Cletus lets Eddie know that when he gets out of prison there will be carnage. This hints that the murderous Carnage will be the next villain that Venom must face. What if Venom’s apparent destruction is what forces the symbiotes’ pregnancy in hopes to survive extinction? What if in this Venom story, Carnage and Venoms indifference stems from the passed down knowledge of Riot’s death and the disruption of the mission to invade Earth with symbiotes? What were your thoughts on 2018 film for Venom? Should producers continue with this storyline or will this movie become short lived?

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