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Venom is apart of an alien race of symbiotes, when bonded with a host, becomes a powerful warrior taking on the personality and physical attributes of its host. What makes these symbiotes seem villainous is when they bond with a host, the symbiote would feed off the chemicals released from the host’s body, chemicals which are released when emotions like anger is triggered. Adrenaline is the chemical symbiotes primarily feed on. If the adrenaline isn’t released in a desired amount for consumption, the symbiote would find another host or dominate the mind and body of its current host( which is usually a superhuman) causing them to engage in extreme activities that would increase the adrenaline levels, eventually leaving the host depleted. Only way to rid oneself of these parasitic symbiotes is by high pitch sound waves or intense flame.

venom 7Spiderman was a perfect bond for the symbiote because as a hero with superpowers, daily crime fighting keeps his adrenaline levels at a high rate and for extended periods of time. Since Spiderman was Venom’s first host, every host after was able to have the powers of Spiderman. Venom became a nemesis to Spiderman after bonding with its next host Eddie Brock. Eddie had a deep hatred toward Spiderman, a hatred in which the symbiote fed on and acted upon as its own.

IMG_20150114_064904The Venom symbiote also has the ability to reproduce. Its offspring bonded with a serial killer becoming the villainous Carnage. Carnage in turn had an offspring called Toxin, which Carnage despised because it believed Toxin would be more powerful than itself and Venom. Eddie Brock eventually rid himself of the Venom symbiote, but small remnants of the symbiote bonded with Brock’s white blood cells creating the symbiote Anti-Venom. The Anti-Venom symbiote does not dominate its host like other symbiotes but does become active and protects its host when Venom or other symbiotes are present. The Anti-Venom symbiote operates like the white bloods in the human body which help defend and cure the body of viruses and infections.

movie venomVenom was featured in the live action film Spiderman 3, much to the disapproval of comic fans. Most comic fans expected a bulky powerful Venom as seen in cartoon and comic book, but instead received a smaller grade Venom who wasn’t as threatening as comic fans were raised to believe. The Spiderman franchise was rebooted in 2012 with better graphics and story line. Will Venom also get a recreated look? A look that comic fans would love and recognize as the true Venom?….


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Venom goes to DeviantArt artist Scundo. What type of power would Venom have if it did bond with the Spawn armor?





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