Wonder Woman

new wonder womanWonder Woman is among the strongest heroines in the DC Universe. Diana’s powers are granted to her from the Gods of Olympus, thus becoming a form of demigod. Wonder Woman is very similar to Thor; for the reason both characters stem from mythology. They use their godly powers to help humanity as heroes of a super team. Who do you think is more powerful between Thor and Wonder Woman?wonder woman thorWonder Woman’s home of Themyscira is dominated by only women. This could be the major reason why Wonder Woman doesn’t have solid intimate relationships with men, like Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman finds Superman to be a match for her based on his leadership and the superhuman abilities that are similar to her own. Diana is bred to be an elite warrior of Amazon, her involvement in World Wars gives her a strong sense of field experience when entering battle with the Justice League. This experience outclasses Superman, for he must train his special powers to help benefit his role as a hero…wonder woman 1.5Wonder Women finds interest in a lone warrior like Batman, because of his dark, mysterious and strategic ways as a hero. Not only that, Wonder Woman would give a mortal man much respect for his battle prowess against foes 10 times stronger than himself, without the use of any superpowers. A man putting his life on the line against the odds probably reminds Diana of Steve Trevor in some ways. This also builds enormous amounts of love and compassion in her heart for mortals. This type of love is more than enough to have the Star Sapphire Ring summoned to her every call.wonder woman 3.5Wonder Woman made her way from the comic book, to various DC anime and cartoon series, up to the big screen. Her first appearance was in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by her solo film of 2017, then the Justice League. Wonder Woman was portrayed by Gal Gadot.  What was your take on Gal playing Wonder Woman? Do you think she made a good displayed of the fierce Amazon warrior or what actress do you think could have done a better role?wonder woman nwComic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Wonder Woman goes to deviantart artist; codename: artgerm. Excellent work!wwfa


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