Thor vs Superman

Superman verus thor

Thor vs Superman is a classic battle that has happened in the comic book JLA/Avengers, which is disappointing to fans. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, is a powerful magical weapon giving Thor additional powers of thunder and lightning.  How is it possible for Superman to wield it? Could becoming an officer to the most powerful Lantern Corps ( White and Black) and  team leader to the Justice League make him worthy of wielding Mjolnir?  This is disappointing to fans because one of Superman’s main weaknesses is vulnerability to magic. Superman can barely survive a kryptonite bullet from Metallo, and a fight with Doomsday, so how would he survive the blows from Thor’s mighty hammer?

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As a god, Thor can match Superman’s strength and speed any day. If Thor gets enraged, he enters Warriors’ Madness. In this state Thor’s power  increase tenfold, making him mentally uncontrollable, attacking friends and foes alike resulting in devastation. Warrior’s Madness is similar to Wolverine’s Berserker Rage and a saiyan’s Oozaru form, all increasing the power of the character tenfold.

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Superman’s powers would need supercharging from the yellow sun to battle Thor and  to withstand Mjolnir. But what if Superman used the costume developed by Captain Marvel in the Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics storyline to battle Thor? With magic now eliminated from this battle,  would this make Superman on even terms with Thor? More than likely. Superman is no stranger to fighting god like beings such as his battles with Darkseid.

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 Without that concept Thor would come out as the champion in this fight, due to his magical abilities. Who do you believe is the actual victor of this bout?





  1. Superman is a favorite of everyone, who didn’t grow-up with him. He’s powerful, smart, with scruples. He’s a fighter, a defender, but he’s not a warrior born. Thor is and without the weaknesses of Superman.

    Think of Superman as a husband and father, takes care of him self, exercises, eats right, does karate lessons, is strong, focused and intelligent, he would undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to defend those he cares for. But he’d be no match for a warrior, like a navy seal. And fight as hard as he might, he’d lose. It’s just the difference between a fighter and a warrior…

    Thor is a warrior born who has lived for ions and has battled for ions. He’s fought single battles that have lasted months, nonstop and with Mjölnir to boot, Superman wouldn’t have a chance. It’s just the difference between a fighter and warrior.. ..

    This is one of the main things I have against the movies, with his natural strength (example see Thor Vol 1, #146) Thor would’ve decimated the S.H.I.E.L.D agents easily.. ..

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