Loki vs Dr. Doom

The Asgardian Frost Giant Prince vs The Ruler of Latveria is a topic of speculation… [more]

Loki vs Dr. Doom Loki vs Dr. Doom

Red Lantern Corps: Dark Phoenix

What if.......Atrocitus was able to recruit the Dark Phoenix to his Red Lantern… [more]

Red Lantern Corps: Dark Phoenix Red Lantern Corps: Dark Phoenix

Batman VS Superman

Batman vs Superman has been a hot topic among comic fans for a long time.  Because… [more]

Batman VS Superman Batman VS Superman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is among the strongest heroines in the DC Universe. Her powers were… [more]

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is among the most dangerous female villains in the comic book… [more]

Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is one of many mutants who has used their powers for personal gain… [more]

Emma Frost Emma Frost


Ultron is among the artificial intelligent beings of science fiction thrillers,… [more]

Ultron Ultron

The Uncanny X-Men

The X-Men is a super team in the Marvel Universe, the sector of the Marvel… [more]

The Uncanny X-Men The Uncanny X-Men


As leader of the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron is among the most powerful, cosmic… [more]

Nekron Nekron