Spawn Vs Sinestro Corps Batman

In the comic book, we see Batman and Spawn battle it out for a brief time before… [more]

Spawn Vs Sinestro Corps Batman Spawn Vs Sinestro Corps Batman

Superman Vs The Hulk

One of the most popular crossover battles is with Superman and The Hulk.… [more]

Superman Vs The Hulk Superman Vs The Hulk

Spawn vs Ghost Rider

Spawn and Ghost Rider is among many popular crossover topics within the comic… [more]

Spawn vs Ghost Rider Spawn vs Ghost Rider


Vampires exist in the Marvel Universe. From their kind emerged Eric Brooks aka… [more]

Blade Blade


Loki is a villain with many aliases, which all stem around deception. Loki… [more]

Loki Loki


Yoda was widely introduced on film as an old creature training a new Jedi in… [more]

Yoda Yoda


Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. He is villain… [more]

Thanos Thanos

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of many popular characters within the Marvel Universe. As Tony… [more]

Iron Man Iron Man

Red Skull

The Red Skull is a result of a troubled childhood, among the worst in Marvel… [more]

Red Skull Red Skull