Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was born of Earth and the Kree, a technologically advanced race of beings that are military based and the Kree have used their might to conquer planets to form their Empire. The Kree’s military function reminds comic fans of Frieza and his military might in the DBZ Universe. Carol has a large array of super powers that make her one of the most powerful female heroines in the universe.

Carol is apart of the team called the StarForce, a military team that protects the Kree Empire. This strike force is similar to the Nova Corps and the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan, Carol Danvers and Richard Rider are humans that were chosen to become apart of their cosmic military factions. Hal and Richard was chosen by their predecessor because they were near death and a replacement was needed. Since Carol is half Kree, it was easy to have her powers developed with Kree technology. Hal and Carol share a common background as Air Force pilots, while Richard was a common citizen of Earth. The Nova Force is similar to the Central Power Battery on Oa , where power is administered to all soldiers who fight for the Corps. Later through time, Richard became the host to the entire Nova Force thus giving him the ability of the Xandarian Worldmind, which is very similar to the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire. The main weakness between the three characters is their mental stability and focus. If for any reason these two aspects become compromised, the wielder of power have a great chance of becoming defeated. Among the three, who do you think is the strongest to weakest?

The name Captain Marvel originated from Mar-Vell, a male Kree warrior who closely resembled humans on Earth instead of the blue skinned Kree. The Kree Empire and Carol had two major run-ins with the X-Men. The Kree and the Shi’ar developed a peace accord with themselves to help take on the threat of the Dark Phoenix during her rise in the universe. Before Carol was known as Captain Marvel, she went by Ms. Marvel. At this time, Carol battled with Rogue of the X-Men. Rogue absorbed much of Carol’s cosmic powers. Super strength, flight, durability, and even immortality became a permanent part of Rogues powers, where usually any power Rogue acquires is temporary.

Marvel Studios cast Brie Larson to be Captain Marvel. In the cinematic timeline, The Avengers battled Thanos through his process in collecting the Infinity Stones to no avail. Many comic fans have wondered who is the new hero that Nick Fury has called for, and will this hero ultimately save the universe. Do you think the live action film of Captain Marvel will measure up to the other big Marvel Films? Stay tuned for the movie review…

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Captain Marvel goes to the DeviantArt artist NeoArtCore! Excellent Work!


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