new ultronUltron is among the artificial intelligent beings of science fiction thrillers, which is a computerized intelligence that rejects its programming after becoming self aware. The system would then eliminate human beings because humans are viewed as a threat to its evolution. Ultron has gone through many upgrades to reach his “perfect form”. Ultron is the first to be completely constructed in adamantium as part of his design enhancements. Ultron can control computer interfaces, the human mind and even the alien race Phalanx. ageultron2013009_molina_02_1Henry Pym created Ultron among his many experiments, but this creation was equipped with Pym’s very own consciousness, enabling Ultron experience human emotion. Choosing hate, Ultron hatred for Pym is because his existence was made possible by an “imperfect ” life form. In the film The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was described that Tony Stark was responsible for the creation of Ultron. Ultron in turn was suppose to be the creator of Vision but on film, it was Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Thor responsible for the creation of the android._3Ultron interface is similar to the Skynet Interface System. When threaten with destruction, the two systems would create robotic soldiers ( terminators / ultronbots) to defend, contain or annihilate the threat to its source. Over time, the Skynet systems upgraded its robotic soldiers to cyborgs, equipping them with human tissue for disguise. This tactic is used to help infiltrate and eliminate the Resistance. Similarly, Ultron wanted to destroy The Avengers from within so he created the android Vision, but just like Ultron’s need to discard his set program, Vision broke free from Ultron’s control to join and help The Avengers take down the corrupted A.I, just like the T-101 or T-H cyborgs joining the Resistance to take down Skynet. ultron transformers

Ultron’s goals is to evolve, gain universal knowledge, destroy humanity, become omnipotent. What if Ultron gained control of Vector Sigma? If this happened, could Ultron then enhanced his robotic armor to transform into vehicles of disguise like the Transformers? Would Ultron be a threat to Cybertron that the two opposing forces must join together to defeat this foe or would they fall victim to Ultron’s new upgrade?..

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Ultron goes to the DeviantArt artist DeyVarah.

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