As Son of Odin, Thor is among the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Thor can be compared to the saiyan prince Vegeta. Arrogance, headstrong, battle thirsty and a constant need to prove themselves worthy to be among the greatest warriors. Both characters come from royalty, which creates the arrogance and prideful personality that blinded both characters from their true potential and wisdom.


Thor was exiled from Asgard to Earth to learn lessons in humility. While on Earth, Thor became a founding member of the super team The Avengers. Becoming a protector for the Earth helped Thor gain his respect back from his father and Asgard. Thor is a hero responsible for the citizens of Asgard as well as the people of Earth. Aquaman is also a hero that has dual roles. He is hero of Earth with the Justice League and he is also a King in his underwater kingdom of Atlantis.


Thor is a great leader to his people of Asgard and admired by many. Being destined to become Lord of Asgard over his brother Loki, is what created tension between the brothers. Their rivalry is similar to the story of Cain and Abel  in a sense of brotherly jealousy. Even though Loki is considered one of Thor’s greatest foes, Thor could never destroy his brother. Instead, Thor passes Loki up to Odin for judgement.

thor vs loki

If recruited to the Blue Lantern Corps, how powerful do you think Thor would become? Would he still need Mjolnir? Or would his constructs be more powerful than the weapon?

blue lantern thor

Thor has made his evolution to film like many other characters in the Marvel Universe. The 2011, 2013 and the 2017 film brings Thor to life, with excellent special effects and intense action. Thor is also featured in The Avengers films 1, 2 and Infinity War, adding to his on screen appearances. Did Marvel Studios hit their mark when casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

One of many crossover hot topics is Thor vs Superman. Why? Both characters respectfully are the strongest warriors of their super teams. Who will win this match up or will this fight result in a draw? To be continued……

supes thor

Comic Multiverse favorite comic art of Thor goes to DeviantArt artist : Johnsonting. Excellent artwork! This piece has great detail and second to none!

thor fan art



Goku is the greatest hero in the universe, arguably because he has sacrificed himself many times for his family and friends, but also defeating villains who are considered the worst in the cosmos. Fans across the world have argued on this topic, even debating on who would win in a match up between Goku and Superman. No match is greater than his battles with his once rival and now friend Vegeta. With the power of Vegeta, Goku can become new warriors: Gogeta and VegitoWhich battle of Goku was your favorite? Goku mastered most of the saiyan forms, except for his Oozaru form and has never achieved the Legendary status. Goku would be considered the first saiyan to reach the super saiyan levels without transforming into the Oozaru form, as described in the legendary super saiyan story. Now with his new training, Goku has reached the levels of the Gods. Will this replace the super saiyan 4 level?

Goku always strive to become the best fighter possible. This is one key to his success, not only in a fictional standpoint, but in a realistic view point for us as well. For instance, in the world of health and fitness. Goku’s saiyan heritage allow him to train his body well beyond his limits. Doing several thousand reps of sit ups and push ups under heavy gravity, eating enormous amounts of food and heavy sleeping to nourish and replenish his body. If we were dedicated enough to health and fitness in a similar fashion as Goku, would we push our life expectancy even further to the point of possible immortality?

goku 8

Goku has come from the comic book to television cartoons, thanks to his creator Akira Toriyama. Some comic fans can agree that Akira can be ranked among the top comic book story writers like Stan Lee or Bob Kane. What’s unique about Goku is that the entire series of Dragonball, Dragonball Z , Dragonball Super to Dragonball GT is about his story. Sadly, but very disappointing, fans weren’t able to see their hero in a correct format. Who really enjoyed the live action display: Dragonball Evolution?Are movie producers real fans of such works or was it a failure to have American movie producers create a movie from a Japanese franchise? What could be the best style for a live action film of Dragonball Z? An all CGI movie or real people? Fans around the world must wait for the ” perfect ” Dragonball Z film to hit the big screen, but for how long?…..

goku 6

 Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Goku goes to DeviantArt artist: superpascoal.





Prince Vegeta proudly flaunted the ruthlessness of his race. Under Frieza‘s rule, Vegeta destroyed many planets and killed millions of innocence without mercy. Like most villains, Vegeta has failed at many of his self-serving goals which severed his potential to become greater. Throughout the years, Vegeta has grown stronger in power and slowing letting go of his harsh ways. Eventually settling down and raising a family, Vegeta learned the righteous morals in life. Finally ending his rivalry with Goku, Vegeta has also been able to keep up with him in the god levels of the saiyan. With this new power, Vegeta was able to bring his former master Frieza to his knees in defeat…

vegeta 45Vegeta developed his arrogant attitude from his place in royalty. Believing only the royal bloodline holds the key to greatest power ( saiyan of legend), Vegeta looked down upon lower class saiyan warriors like Goku. Even the low-class may have great strength potential to become as great or greater than royalty. If the Saiyans weren’t divided into social classes, then maybe that race would still exist….

vegeta 6Some fans believe Vegeta’s true potential was with his mastery of the Oozaru stage. Vegeta grew up believing a saiyan could only become super in the Oozaru stage. If this was so, Vegeta would have reached the level of Super Saiyan long ago, if his tail regenerated from his battle on Earth. Since Vegeta lost his tail, he had to learn how to acquire the super saiyan stage in humanoid form. There were many battles Vegeta could have used his great ape form. Instead of using the Final Flash on Cell as a desperate need to win, what if Vegeta transforms into a golden great ape?!

vegeta3Vegeta was not featured in Dragonball Evolution, to the relief of many fans. Since Vegeta is a master of the Oozaru form, it only stands to reason that correct visuals would have been needed to capture Vegeta in his transformation stage. Is Dragonball Z too complex to become a movie? Should Dragonball Z become a live action movie or a complete CGI movie like Avatar, Final Fantasy or even Beowulf?

Comic Multiverse Fan Favorite artwork of Vegeta goes to the DeviantArt artist Leackim7891. Check out his portfolio!!



The Incredible Hulk


 Bruce Banner became a green behemoth with incredible power after being exposed by gamma radiation. Like most super heroes, The Hulk is one of the most wanted targets to the US Army. The Hulk’s strength is limitless because he becomes stronger with the level of his rage. Super teams such as The Avengers have a hard time stopping The Hulk head on….

Hulk was exiled from Earth, only to return as a super strong monster with revenge on his mind as the World War Hulk. Despite being viewed as a raging monster, Hulk has also been apart of Marvel’s greatest heroes to battle Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet.

hulk 6

Wolverine and Thor are among many who has battled the Hulk in the comics. These battles later evolved to the animated film Hulk Vs. In the Old Man Logan comic book series, The Hulk finally met his end to Wolverine. The Hulk is a favorite topic of discussion, especially when it comes down to crossover battles such as Hulk vs Superman or Hulk in the Red Lantern Corps. Very popular topics of discussion only to leave comic fans to think what if. Is the Incredible Hulk truly unstoppable?


The Hulk has his two major films, the 2003 The Hulk and the reboot version 2008 The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner was portrayed by Eric Bana. The 2008 film was a reboot with the help of Edward Norton. Now a new variation of the Hulk came in the 2012 , 2015 , and 2018 films of The Avengers which was portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Which Hulk did you like the best on the big screen?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of The Hulk goes to DeviantART artist, codename: Atzinaghy. Excellent work!

hulk fan art





Superman, known as the Man of Steel, is a cultural icon in America and one of the most famous and powerful superheroes in comic book history. Superman’s power has evolved over the years, when moving from writer to writer. Each creator had the wish to increase the abilities of the character from worldly to universal levels. Superman seems invincible, except to characters such as Batman and Lex Luthor, who has knowledge of Superman’s weaknesses. Along with the power changes, Superman has went through costume variations as well…. superman3 What do you think about the latest Superman costume? Is the Kryptonian biotech armor the best look for Superman? Or, can we say more convenient? With this bio tech armor, it would make more sense on how Clark Kent could change into his costume at a quick rate, instead of the old school phone booth technique…….superman2 Many fans grew up believing the emblem on Superman’s costume stood for his name but in fact it stands for hope in the House of El. This being the case, do you believe it to be more suitable for Superman to become a Blue Lantern Corps officer? Could Superman become the greatest if recruited? How would the battle turn out if Superman and Thor both wielded the power of hope?blue lantern superman Dedicated to fighting crime, Superman is leader of the super team the Justice League. This team established to protect the people of Earth from all threats foreign and domestic. Superman feels he has a better place in the world when joined with other heroes that have special abilities like himself. Superman highly respects his second in command for his courage and intellect, which Batman uses in place of having no superpowers.


Superman has evolved from the comic books to many television series and movies. Many fans feel that no actor can compare to the first Superman: Christopher ReeveBrandon Routh was next up to put on the red cape in Superman Returns. With the director Bryan Singer, the film felt more of a Marvel creation than that of DC. This is mainly because of his famous works with Marvel like the X-Men franchise. Now that Superman has been rebooted into the Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, will Henry Cavill become Christopher’s new successor or will he also fail in comparison? With the advancement in computer graphics since the first films, and Zack Snyder as his new creator, it’s a good possibility.superman 6

With Superman’s powers expanding throughout the years, this creates match ups against other characters within and of other universes. Comic Multiverse will features its addition of Superman VS, covering some of these battles in-depth, in result, to end speculation and debate. The most popular battles with Superman are: Superman Vs BatmanSuperman Vs Goku, Superman Vs Hulk Superman Vs Thor. Is Superman the greatest comic book superhero? superman 7 Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Superman goes to deviantArt artist: BrianFajardo. Excellent work and style! superman fan art

Captain Marvel / Shazam

captain marvel

Billy Batson became a living dream to most lost children, a symbol of hope and power like a superhero. With the shout of  “SHAZAM!!”, Billy transforms into an adult demigod, similar to Goku transforming into an adult to become Super Saiyan 4. As Captain Marvel, Billy is aligned with such heroes as the Justice League to fight and protect the planet. Because Captain Marvel’s human form is young, his adult super form has adolescent behavior, severing his maximum potential.


The wizard Shazam imprisoned demons that represent The Seven Deadly Sins of Man, which would plague humanity if unchecked. These seven sins are similar to the ones told among religions of the real world, which are the cause for war, destruction and indifference among people. Anyone appointed to become apart of the Shazam Family is responsible for protecting the Earth of such elements. Black Adam was among the Shazam family until he was corrupted by his power and need to rule, much like Sinestro

superman vs shazam

Superman vs Captain Marvel is another popular crossover battle. With physical power and natural abilities, its hard to tell the different between the two in battle. Superman outwits Captain Marvel in battle because of the Captain’s childlike mentality. When their superpowers collide, Captain Marvel dominates Superman. Magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses, which is also the source of Captain Marvel’s superpowers. In DC vs Mortal Kombat ending for Superman, Captain Marvel used knowledge of ancient Krypton to design a costume which repels magical attacks against Superman. Do you think these two characters are strong enough to battle Goku and Vegeta at god levels?….


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Captain Marvel goes to the DeviantArt artist: MarcWasHere!

shazam fan art


Ghost Rider

ghost rider55

Because of Ghost Rider‘s dark means of justice, he is classified an anti-hero. Some anti-heroes like Ghost Rider are created by dark supernatural forces, usually in exchange for service and one’s soul. Ghost Rider was an agent of evil but later broke free of his hellish servitude. The Ghost Rider uses his dark powers to battle evil to protect the innocent, becoming a soul punisher.

ghost riderhh

Ghost Rider’s supernatural force is among the most powerful in the Marvel Universe. His dark powers allows him to burn the souls of his victims with hellfire or Penance Stare. This power is used to inflict pain on criminals, vengeance for inflicting pain on the innocent. Ghost Rider is karma in physical form. Besides his powers, Ghost Rider’s physical strength is enough to battle a raging Hulk.

ghost rider 2
Ghost Rider has come to the big screen with the 2007 film Ghost Rider and second film Spirit of Vengeance. Excellent imagery on both movies, but which one was better to you? Do you think Nicholas Cage was an excellent choice to become Johnny Blaze? Since Ghost Rider is a dark character, do you agree that those films should have pushed for an R-Rating?

Ghost Rider and Spawn has many similarities to their origins of power. This brought interest among comic fans on which one of this characters would win in battle against each other. Which character do you stand with in this battle? To be continued…

ghost rider vs spawnkk

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Ghost Rider goes to the deviantArt artist, codename: TovMauzer. Excellent Work!



Dr. Manhattan

dr. manhattan

There many god-like beings within the comic universes. Some of these beings are either a helpful guide or a destroyer for both heroes and villains. Some gods are observers like the Watcher and/or on rare occasions engage in battle like The Celestials vs Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet series. With the way Dr. Manhattan was designed as a character, could he be the physical embodiment of the bio-electrical energy that powers our human body?

Dr. Manhattan was a human being before the accident that turned him into the luminous god like being. This what makes Dr. Manhattan unique and separates him from other cosmic entities. Dr. Manhattan is similar to the stories of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man and Nathaniel Adam aka Captain Atom. Each of their origins started from scientific experiments gone wrong resulting a being with cosmic powers.

Dr. Manhattan is a member of the superhero team called The Watchmen. This graphic novel transformed into The movie displays to comic fans that if such power like Dr. Manhattan is created here on Earth, such power who be taken advantage of for negative purposes. Dr. Manhattan was used as a military tool to bring fear to other nations. His mentality evolved where he soon realized his place was no longer on Earth but in the cosmos creating. Do you think The Watchmen film was a great adaptation of the comic book or could it have been better?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Dr. Manhattan goes to the DeviantArt artist; codename: IRLGZZ. Excellent Work!

dr. manhattan d




The Avengers

the avengers

The Avengers is one of Marvel Comics prominent teams with governmental support: S.H.E.I.L.D agency. The Avengers purpose is to defend the world against treats that could destroy it. This superteam is similar to the squad Lex Luthor created while acting as President in Public Enemies. The Justice League is different because they work outside government control, which makes them a constant target on a global scale….

Even though The Avengers is a team of heroes, they can find themselves at war with other super teams such as The X-Men, or battle with themselves in the Civil War Series. Do you think The Avengers is the ultimate super team of Marvel Comics?


The Avenger’s popularity has grown from the comics to television with Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, then has moved to the big screen with the smash hits: 2012 The Avengers. Age of Ultron, and Infinity War. Even though the team has gone through many changes within the roster; Thor, Captain America and Iron Man has remained the team’s main characters. Since the film and TV show, the team roster consists of  Black Widow, Hawkeye, and The Hulk.

After knowing the complete list of heroes that was or is now part of the Avengers, which hero would you have loved to see in the movie as part of the team or a cameo? How about Wolverine? The Avengers has many more movies in store for the future so will get many more surprises from Marvel Comics.

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork goes to DeviantART artists, code names: logicfun and ratkins. Excellent work!





new batman

Batman, also known as The Dark Knight, is a crime fighter of Gotham City. Despite being known as a hero, Batman is viewed as a vigilante and even a criminal in the eyes of law enforcement. Batman public persona Bruce Wayne, is a multi billionaire and polymath. Using his resources, Bruce Wayne can successfully manage being a crime fighter with use of special made gadgets, vehicles and costumes, much like Iron Man.


Batman is one of many heroes with no superpowers. But what if he did? What if Batman was a daywalker vampire like Blade or vampiric powers manifest at night like Nina Price? This would make sense for Batman to have these supernatural powers since he battled Dracula himself. Having powers could magnify the fearful image of Batman a thousand fold. Would comics fans accept a new and improved Batman? Just imagine the Dark Knight with powers of Dracula, as shown in the film Dracula Untold. Do you think Batman could take on Superman more effectively this way?

Being a strong-willed and fearless warrior is what makes Batman one of the greatest heroes to enter in the world of crime fighting. Dedicating his life to fight injustice, Batman uses his resources to help form and support the Justice League. As second in command, Batman is in charge of global surveillance and communications. Batman is the third most important member of the Justice League next to Superman and Wonder Woman. batman ff

Batman has become a master of his mind, body and emotions. Having considerable willpower and using fear against injustice, Batman is an excellent candidate for both the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps. Even though Batman was believed to have perished by Darkseid , the false Batman was recruited to the Black Lantern Corps. Later revealed to be among the living, the real Batman was recruited to the The White Lantern Corps. Which Lantern Corps do you think best suits Batman?

sinestro corp batman

The greatest asset that Batman has is his mind. Because of his development over the years, comic fans would believe that Batman could pretty much beat all superheroes and villains in a battle if enough research was completed. Because of this, you would find Batman in crossover battles against Spawn, Superman, Iron Man and even Dracula. Is Batman really the greatest crime fighter throughout all comics?


Like many characters, Batman has evolved from the comic book to movie screen. Which was your favorite Batman film? Batman has been portrayed by many actors by none have stayed to keep Batman flourishing in cinema. Which actor do you think was the best Batman?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Batman goes to DeviantART artist Dave-Wilkins. Check out Dave-Wilkins complete portfolio!