wpid-hawkeye-1.png.pngHawkeye is known as the World’s Greatest Marksmen. He has excellent precision when aiming or randomly throwing or firing weapons. The title of the World’s Greatest Marksmen is challenged by Bulleye, for he has the same uncanny levels as a marksmen. Hawkeye is apart of the super team the Avengers and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hawkeye and Black Widow worked for the same organizations which gave them significant time together to form a romantic relationship.


Hawkeye is similar to Nightwing, mainly due to their backgrounds. Both characters suffered the lost of their parents, they were both members of the circus, then eventually entering the crime fighting world. Clint has also used different identities like Dick Grayson. Clint was once Ronin, then with the Pym Particles became Goliath. Before Dick Grayson became Nightwing, he was known as Robin, the sidekick to the Dark Knight..


Hawkeye has surprisingly made his way to the big screen. Surprisingly because he is among the non popular characters of Marvel Comics. Hawkeye is featured on  Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, then moving to the big screen with The Avengers 1 and 2 and Captain America Civil War. Hawkeye is portrayed by actor Jeremy Renner. What if Hawkeye could wield the Epirus Bow from the 2011 film Immortals? Do you think this could be the perfect weapon for Hawkeye, just to keep him on par with his superhuman team members?

hawk 4hawk6

Hawkeye is very similar to the hero Green Arrow of the DC Universe. One difference between the two characters is style. Hawkeye is outfitted in  tactical unifroms while Green Arrow, member of the Justice League, resembles archers in the times of Robin Hood. Also Green Arrow’s alter ego Oliver Jonas Queen, the CEO of Queen Industries. Oliver is a wealthy businessman much like Bruce Wayne/ Batman. With his cutting edge in weaponry, Green Arrow is able to contend with whatever gadgets S.H.I.E.L.D may provide Barton. If this battle took place, it would be nothing more than a stalemate. Who do you think would win in a match up between the two archers??

hawk 5

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Hawkeye goes to the DeviantART artist anklesnsocks.


Black Widow


 Black Widow is classified as heroine and villain because of her affiliations with Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of her training in the Soviet Union, Black Widow is one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants, and is quite possibly the most skilled espionage agent alive. Much like Captain America, Black Widow’s biology is fused with a variant of the Super Soldier Serum making her superhuman in all body functions and senses. Do you think Black Widow is on the same combatant level as Deathstroke? Do you think her skills in espionage are on par with Solid Snake?

black widow1

Despite being aligned with different world agencies, Black Widow has put her abilities to good use saving the world with The Avengers. In the end, Black Widow is a rogue warrior. Because of this, she has been in a professional and romantic relationship with heroes she’s worked with like Hawkeye and Daredevil. This is similar in the DC Comics with Wonder Woman‘s interest in Batman and Superman.

black widowgg

Black Widow has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man 2, Avengers 12, Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Who do you think would have been a better Black Widow between Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie? Angelina’s roles in Tomb Raider and Salt match perfectly with Black Widow’s combat feats instead of Johansson’s dramatic roles like The Prestige. Are movie producers putting in real effort envisioning actor/character matches or do you think some movies are just rushed into the making without complete visionary research?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork if Black Widow goes to deviantART artist, codename::jamietyndall. Excellent work!



Daredevil is among the vigilantes in the Marvel Universe who’s path to protect the innocent, stemmed from an early traumatic experience. Daredevil’s mental strength and determination comes from his faith within the Roman Catholic Church. Taking on the underworld as a blind crime fighter, means having a strong and fearless mentality. Mixing this with his enhanced abilities, Matt became the living meaning of the word daredevil. As a daytime lawyer, Daredevil can stay connected to the crime world at a great degree. Daredevil chose the symbol of the Devil to help leave a fearful impression on injustice in Hell’s Kitchen. Is Matt Murdock in a constant state of moral confliction, when masking himself as a devil, and being a strong believer in the Catholic faith?


Despite being blind, Daredevil’s training over his remaining four hyper senses allows him to have full body and sensory control. He can do acrobatic feats like Spiderman, with perfect balance and equilibrium. What makes Spiderman better is that his agility is heighten because of his superpowers. With enhanced sense of smell and hearing, Daredevil’s abilities is similar to Wolverine‘s when locating criminals. The difference is, Wolverine’s senses are more animalistic in nature due to his mutation, which makes him completely superior when tracking down targets, especially at great distances.


Daredevil has come to life with the 2003 live action movie. Also, Netflix has created an original series of the character’s beginning in crime fighting. As for the film, casting for characters have received negative views from comic fans. Many feel Ben Affleck is not a perfect choice for a superhero role. What do you think? Did his role as Batman prove comic fans wrong?

What comic fans find interesting about Daredevil is his similarities to Batman. Who do you think would win if they were to battle? To Be Continued….


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Daredevil goes to Deviantart artist isikol. Excellent work!

daredevil fan art



Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is a powerful member of the Justice League and King of The Sea. Much like Wonder Woman, Aquaman can be associated with greek mythology with his use of Poseidon’s Trident. The Trident grants Aquaman more powers outside his Atlantean strength like flight, hydrokinesis and weather manipulation over aquatic areas. This power addition is similar with Thor, who also gains additional powers over the elements with his use of his hammer Mjolnir.

aquaman 2

In the comic world, there are characters with similar powers like The Flash and Quicksilver, Hawkeye and Green Arrow and Aquaman and Namor the Sub-Mariner. These two characters are so similar it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Since both characters are half human, they are stronger than rest of the Atlantean population. Both characters wield the Trident of Poseidon but major difference is without the Trident, Namor has the power of flight while flight would be an addition to Aquaman with the Trident. So can we say this battle would end in a draw?


We have seen an early version of an Aquaman with Kevin Costner in Waterworld. Only difference is that The Mariner was not a metahuman, more of being the first human that has evolve to the world becoming completely water. The vision of an Aquaman will return in the Justice League with Jason Momoa, as the actor portraying the King of Atlantis. Will Aquaman become a big enough feature on the Justice League to receive his solo film or will he become unpopular on film like his popularity in the comics?


Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Aquaman goes to the DeviantArt artist: SebasVishno.


Captain America

new captain america

Captain America is a symbol for courage and justice in the Marvel Universe. The Super Soldier Serum allowed Steve Rogers to become physically stronger than most men of his time on the battlefield. Steve was able to survive being frozen through time only to become leader of the super team The Avengers. Captain America is constantly molding himself to the new ways of the world. His legacy of the past, reminds the people of today, fearless heroism of one’s country. Captain America finds himself at odds with Iron Man on different occasions, leading to a Civil War of ideals.

Scientists across the world are looking for ways to extend life, find cures for diseases, and even creating human enhancements. The Super Soldier Serum may not be fiction as portrayed. We live in the world of science. Human subject research has been going on ever since the medical field has spawned. How else could we have medicines, vaccines, and even deadly biological weapons if they weren’t tested first? Captain America’s origin was based around the timeline of WW2, when Germany was eliminating Jews through scientific testing and/or direct genocide.

The Super soldier serum would benefit a character like Batman, who has no superpowers. Most non super powered heroes have trained their bodies and skills to peak perfection. Before the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers was frail and was considered unfit for duty in the US Army. If such a serum was taken by Batman, his physical condition would be greater than Captain America, since his physical condition is at its peak already….


Like many other characters, Captain America has made his transition from the comic book to major films. Captain America:The First AvengerCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and Civil War brought Steve Rogers to life with excellent stories, matching very similarly to the comics. Actor Chris Evans played multiple roles in the same comic movie universe, as Captain America and Human Torch. Does Chris changing characters distort the cinematic universe??

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Captain America goes to deviantART artist, codename : earache-J. Excellent work!






new spawn

Spawn is an anti-hero in the Image Comics universe because of his violent and dark methods of bringing criminals to justice. Before becoming Hell’s General, Al Simmons was a highly respected government assassin. After years of killing, Al began questioning his purpose and the immoral motives of his superiors. This ultimately led to his own assassination, but Al’s new superior Malebolgia, recruited him to collect souls for his army which would  eventually be used to wage war on the Heavens. Even having powers of demonic origin, Spawn has even proved himself worthy to Heaven that he fights to protect the innocent. Because of this, Spawn began taking on a more angelic form in his armor.

spawn 1

Spawn is one of many comic characters to make it to the big screen with the 1997 New Line Cinema film. The film expressed the comic better than most comic film for they are loosely based on the comic story. What makes the Spawn movie a success, was the creator  Todd McFarlane . Todd insures his fans are getting exactly what was expected from his comic book and not an altered version. STAY TRUE TO THE FANS! This is an important quality Todd McFarlane has. Todd has been actively involved with bringing his character from the drawing paper, all the way to directing and producing the featured film. Todd McFarlane is remaking the film with Jamie Foxx starring as Al Simmons. Do you think Todd should really remake the story on screen or continue with the story he began with in 1997? Why redo a classic??

Spawn has even been involved in a crossover with the DC Universe, battling against Batman. Many comic fans feel despite Batman’s resilient mind, he is no match for a supernatural power of Spawn, or even Dracula. Would Batman stand a better chance against the dark forces with the Sinestro Corps Power Ring at his disposal?? To Be Continued…..

batman spawn

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Spawn goes to DevianArt artist, codename: v2-6 Excellent crossover work!



Spiderman is one of the most popular characters created in the Marvel Universe. Because of his popularity, it stand to reason for Spiderman to have a great number of villains to oppose him, much like Batman. Is this the reason Spiderman and Batman makes a great crossover story?  Spiderman is among a list of characters who acquired powers through a scientific accident.


“I’m your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!”

The slogan is true to its meaning. New York City is the central home for most Marvel characters. Spiderman fights crime alone but he has on occasions, fought along side of the Avengers and X-Men. Any mission Spiderman requires either team is when the Earth as a whole is threaten.


Over the years, Spiderman has acquired multiple uniforms. Other than his original costume, fans began to favor the costume made by Tony Stark and the symbiote costume. Both uniforms are to enhance Spiderman’s superhuman abilities. Which uniform do you believe to be the best for Spiderman?


Spiderman is one of the few characters to have a plethora of comic stories, television series then live action appearances. Like the Hulk, Spiderman became upgraded with the reboot movie: The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2. Are reboots really necessary if fans get what they want the first time around? So far, which was your favorite Spiderman film?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Spiderman goes to DeviantArt artist el-grimlock. Excellent Work!

spiderman fan art



As Son of Odin, Thor is among the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Thor can be compared to the saiyan prince Vegeta. Arrogance, headstrong, battle thirsty and a constant need to prove themselves worthy to be among the greatest warriors. Both characters come from royalty, which creates the arrogance and prideful personality that blinded both characters from their true potential and wisdom.


Thor was exiled from Asgard to Earth to learn lessons in humility. While on Earth, Thor became a founding member of the super team The Avengers. Becoming a protector for the Earth helped Thor gain his respect back from his father and Asgard. Thor is a hero responsible for the citizens of Asgard as well as the people of Earth. Aquaman is also a hero that has dual roles. He is hero of Earth with the Justice League and he is also a King in his underwater kingdom of Atlantis.


Thor is a great leader to his people of Asgard and admired by many. Being destined to become Lord of Asgard over his brother Loki, is what created tension between the brothers. Their rivalry is similar to the story of Cain and Abel  in a sense of brotherly jealousy. Even though Loki is considered one of Thor’s greatest foes, Thor could never destroy his brother. Instead, Thor passes Loki up to Odin for judgement.

thor vs loki

If recruited to the Blue Lantern Corps, how powerful do you think Thor would become? Would he still need Mjolnir? Or would his constructs be more powerful than the weapon?

blue lantern thor

Thor has made his evolution to film like many other characters in the Marvel Universe. The 2011, 2013 and the 2017 film brings Thor to life, with excellent special effects and intense action. Thor is also featured in The Avengers films 1, 2 and Infinity War, adding to his on screen appearances. Did Marvel Studios hit their mark when casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

One of many crossover hot topics is Thor vs Superman. Why? Both characters respectfully are the strongest warriors of their super teams. Who will win this match up or will this fight result in a draw? To be continued……

supes thor

Comic Multiverse favorite comic art of Thor goes to DeviantArt artist : Johnsonting. Excellent artwork! This piece has great detail and second to none!

thor fan art



Goku is the greatest hero in the universe, arguably because he has sacrificed himself many times for his family and friends, but also defeating villains who are considered the worst in the cosmos. Fans across the world have argued on this topic, even debating on who would win in a match up between Goku and Superman. No match is greater than his battles with his once rival and now friend Vegeta. With the power of Vegeta, Goku can become new warriors: Gogeta and VegitoWhich battle of Goku was your favorite? Goku mastered most of the saiyan forms, except for his Oozaru form and has never achieved the Legendary status. Goku would be considered the first saiyan to reach the super saiyan levels without transforming into the Oozaru form, as described in the legendary super saiyan story. Now with his new training, Goku has reached the levels of the Gods. Will this replace the super saiyan 4 level?

Goku always strive to become the best fighter possible. This is one key to his success, not only in a fictional standpoint, but in a realistic view point for us as well. For instance, in the world of health and fitness. Goku’s saiyan heritage allow him to train his body well beyond his limits. Doing several thousand reps of sit ups and push ups under heavy gravity, eating enormous amounts of food and heavy sleeping to nourish and replenish his body. If we were dedicated enough to health and fitness in a similar fashion as Goku, would we push our life expectancy even further to the point of possible immortality?

goku 8

Goku has come from the comic book to television cartoons, thanks to his creator Akira Toriyama. Some comic fans can agree that Akira can be ranked among the top comic book story writers like Stan Lee or Bob Kane. What’s unique about Goku is that the entire series of Dragonball, Dragonball Z , Dragonball Super to Dragonball GT is about his story. Sadly, but very disappointing, fans weren’t able to see their hero in a correct format. Who really enjoyed the live action display: Dragonball Evolution?Are movie producers real fans of such works or was it a failure to have American movie producers create a movie from a Japanese franchise? What could be the best style for a live action film of Dragonball Z? An all CGI movie or real people? Fans around the world must wait for the ” perfect ” Dragonball Z film to hit the big screen, but for how long?…..

goku 6

 Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of Goku goes to DeviantArt artist: superpascoal.



The Incredible Hulk


 Bruce Banner became a green behemoth with incredible power after being exposed by gamma radiation. Like most super heroes, The Hulk is one of the most wanted targets to the US Army. The Hulk’s strength is limitless because he becomes stronger with the level of his rage. Super teams such as The Avengers have a hard time stopping The Hulk head on….

Hulk was exiled from Earth, only to return as a super strong monster with revenge on his mind as the World War Hulk. Despite being viewed as a raging monster, Hulk has also been apart of Marvel’s greatest heroes to battle Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet.

hulk 6

Wolverine and Thor are among many who has battled the Hulk in the comics. These battles later evolved to the animated film Hulk Vs. In the Old Man Logan comic book series, The Hulk finally met his end to Wolverine. The Hulk is a favorite topic of discussion, especially when it comes down to crossover battles such as Hulk vs Superman or Hulk in the Red Lantern Corps. Very popular topics of discussion only to leave comic fans to think what if. Is the Incredible Hulk truly unstoppable?


The Hulk has his two major films, the 2003 The Hulk and the reboot version 2008 The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner was portrayed by Eric Bana. The 2008 film was a reboot with the help of Edward Norton. Now a new variation of the Hulk came in the 2012 , 2015 , and 2018 films of The Avengers which was portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Which Hulk did you like the best on the big screen?

Comic Multiverse fan favorite artwork of The Hulk goes to DeviantART artist, codename: Atzinaghy. Excellent work!

hulk fan art